Top 12 Business Name Generators For 2023: Tips On Building A Premium Brand Name

Updated 12 Jan 2023

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How important is the name for your future company? Well, it depends on the services you plan to provide future customers with, but anyway, the name means a lot generally. Your potential customers should be attracted by a good name, that is why you simply cannot regard it carelessly. If you are not a creative person, then online business name generators can come to the rescue. It doesn't matter whether you plan to engage in eCommerce mobile app development or software development, this article will be useful for you and spell everything out.

Steps to consider when creating business name

First, if you want to test your potential, and create company name by yourself, you need to follow some key important rules that are immutable for today. Let's check them out to find out how to create a business name.

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Think over a semantic load of your name

For a start, it is highly necessary for you to understand what your name should bring to the public when you ask yourself 'how should I name my business?'. Of course, it should be associative and relate to the type of your business. What do you plan to offer other people? Tell them about it in the company's name. If you manage to do it, you won't need to spend a lot of time explaining what your brand is and what product you sell. Experts note that major part of the name should sound familiar to people. If they understand what you wanted to tell - it is a start of success.

But also keep in mind to create an interesting combination of words, turning them into nonexistent but memorable and engaging word. Therefore, don't be afraid to experiment. One more tip - think twice before using the type of product you sell in the brand name. If you decide to broaden product range one day, this name will mislead customers. And don't make it too long.

Make a list of keywords

You should conduct a web research to find catchy names of other companies and make a list of creative business name ideas. Of course, choose companies that are engaged in the same business field. Then, determine those ones you like most of all and study their construction, how these names were formed.

In the process of your study, don't forget to write down all ideas of names that come up to your mind. When you have a list of good business names, use them to search something similar on the web. Your name should be unique and has no any intersections with already existing names. If you need to find some synonyms, there are many available websites that will provide you with a full list of synonyms for any word.

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Let your audience make a decision

To make sure your success and provide yourself with a solid base, you need to perform A/B testing when you want to know how to create a company name. You should test all names you consider the most acceptable using the opinion of your main target - your potential audience.

You can find web services that make it possible to create a landing page. Many of them offer free trial period, so you can do everything without additional expenses. Thus, create a few landing pages and give each of them good company names you chose. Also, it would be better to create an individual logo for each name. Then you can run traffic to all your landing pages.

But make sure that you have a targeted traffic on all of these pages.

This is an issue concerning legal part of your business. Even if you didn't find similar brand name suggestions on the web, you should make sure your name won't affect already existing trade names. You can appeal to lawyers that will help you register your trademark and not to duplicate the trademark of other company.

In fact, this is one of the most important issues since you put your business at risk when you generate the name of the company that infringes the existing trademark. Consequently, you can lose your business. So please don't ignore a high-quality approach to this issue.

create a name for my business

Steps you need to undertake when you search for a good company name

These are the main steps you need to perform when you creating your name. But if you are out of ideas, brand name generator can help you solve this issue then. Let's check some of the available solutions on the market.

12 top business name generators and their capabilities

Let's check the most popular domain name and business name generators that can help you enhance your business. By the way, if you want to create an app and choose an attractive name, you first need to find out app development cost.


Oberlo business name generator is a free tool that helps entrepreneurs come up with business name ideas. This tool allows you to enter a keyword or phrase related to your business or niche, and it will generate a list of creative and unique name ideas based on that keyword.


GetSocio is a social commerce platform you can use to create e-commerce websites. In addition, it has many auxiliary tools, and online business name generator is one them. Moreover, GetSocio is free to use and it offers you to create name both for your startup and brand name or website name.

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Panabee tool is the business name maker that allows you find a domain name or app/company name. If you need to make your search wider, Panabee will use related terms and separate words from your keywords to suggest you some alternatives to give you a hint on how to make a business name wisely. Panabee has one interesting advantage - it can search across many social media platforms, so if your name is used by somebody on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc., you will know about it. Besides that, you can choose a domain by country. Panabee is free to use as well.

business name generator free

Panabee business name maker


Probably, Shopify isn't the service that is associated with a name generator in your mind, do you agree? I think you know that Shopify is known as a software developer for retail and online shops. But also Shopify has a brand name generator as one of the additional tools on it's website and it can work as an IT company name generator.

tech business name generator

Shopify service is an IT company name generator

When you find a business name or domain name you specifically need, you can sign up for Shopify account and start creating your online store if you need one. That is the great advantage for anybody who starts his or her business related to e-commerce. By the way, Cleveroad developers can offer you mobile app development services.


FreshBooks is a small business name generator can offer users get a cool name for their business. Also, this service makes it possible to sort out all names accurately, besides that users can choose the name of the future company by industry. 

it business name generator

FreshBooks service 


Namerific service is a tool that has a wide range of domains - both free and paid. Users can select their niche, and get name ideas with a logo pattern. So everybody can see how their brand will look like. It is possible to select the number of letters, keywords and the money amount you plan to spend for buying a domain. Also, users can choose the font of the brand name. 

name your business ideas

Namerific service 

Name Find

Name Find is a tech company name generator that is specialized in premium domain names. Most of all brand names you find here cost a few thousand of dollars. This service is oriented on entrepreneurs that ready to invest a quite large amount of money in their future name. Also, you can contact experts that will give you a piece of advice if you need one. 

Name Find tool

Name Find tool is a tech company name generator

Brand Bucket

Brand Bucket service is full of firm names suggestions that are offered only on a fee basis, but there are only unique and attractive names. When you buy a specific domain, it comes with a logo that can be modified upon request for free. 

Brand Bucket name generator

Brand Bucket tool to create a brand name with logo 

Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler tool makes it possible to choose the name only by keywords, or add some new words to your keywords. In addition, your keyword can be matched with some popular and catchy words in an advanced way. All selected domains can be matched with each other as well. Then, if you choose one, you can buy it. So you can create business name from words Domain Puzzler offers you. 

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choosing a business name generator

Domain Puzzler service to choose a brand name with a three ways

Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business let you answer all necessary questions to provide you with a more targeted brand name. It works similarly to Cool Name Ideas, but it also has some additional questions. You can choose company names for new business easily and buy domains you like. Fit Small Business has a detailed guideline on how to deal with it. 

Fit Small Business tool

Fit Small Business generator to find a targeted brand name


And the last but not the least Namesmith service makes it possible to create a future business name with up to five keywords. Whether you need new IT company names or you are engaged in the restaurant business, this service will find the right name for you.

Namesmith tool

Namesmith generator creates your name using 5 keywords

Main pitfalls you may face when coming up with a business name

When you use business name generator tool or you create the brand name by yourself, try to avoid common mistakes that will nullify all your attempts to make a business prosperous with an attractive name. So check the following items you need to get rid of.

Geographic names

Even if you are going to develop your own business on your domestic market only, you shouldn't name it using some local geographical particularities. The brand name is coming into people minds very quickly, especially if it sounds captivating and interesting. It will be very difficult to change the name when your business will become prosperous and you will obtain a large customer database since the new name can mislead people. Thus, if you plan to expand your business one day to another country, the geographic name will not help you attract a new audience even if you use a catchy business name generator.

Obscure and absurd names

I told you previously that your name shouldn't be trivial and common. But it doesn't mean that you need to excogitate some fancy names that will sound quite unnatural and unclear. Your customers want to see the sense in your name, it should bring some associations to their mind. Therefore, never try to make your name as extraordinary as possible, you'd better keep a golden mean - a bit of queerness, a bit of sense when you make a business name.


When you create new company name, some widespread similar names can come to your mind first, but not to be led by them! The world is full already of cliche names that are too tame for people and cannot inspire them to choose a specific brand. Also, don't use widespread metaphors in your name - the result will be the same. Otherwise, your brand will be accepted by the audience without a great enthusiasm. Moreover, forget about generic names that tell nothing specific to the customer.

Refusal to change name

The problem is that many entrepreneurs face this problem but they try to deny it. You give your company a name using enterprise names ideas and start your business. But then you see that it doesn't meet completely the type of your business and misleading people. Well, the business has just started, but you don't see any positive feedback from people, so it is necessary to change the name immediately to fix the situation. But some business owners think they will lose much more if they change the name, and they hope that people will accept this name eventually. It is a big mistake. The name should be accurate and show everything your business can bring.

Don't chase short-term trends

How to make a good company name? Well, one is the way is not to follow short-term trends. Trends can change every year, and it will be tricky for your business if you name it following short-term trends. This trend will become a history in a while, and once a catchy name will turn into an obsolete term that can make people feel that your company is living it's dreams. So even if you want to choose a trend that will exist in your brand name, choose the trend that will stay in everybody's A-list for many years.

how to get a good business name

What mistakes you shouldn't do when creating the name for your business

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Well, that is what we wanted to share with you today. You can see that a clever approach to the process of choosing your brand name is very important, and your own research will not worsen the situation even if you plan to use online company name generators as well to get new business name ideas. Both these ways will help you enhance your brand name and make it really competitive and attractive. The main thing is not to rush and not to create the name as soon as possible. Haste makes waste. But if you are out of ideas - drop us a line and we will help you come up with it. And don't forget to click a Subscribe button on the right side.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I come up with a catchy business name?

To come up with a catchy business name, you can get creative and invent it on your own. Otherwise, you can use a business name generator. With the help of keywords, it can come up with several options for your business name. Then, you can choose the one you like the most.

What should I name my business?

Actually, you should name your business as your heart tells you. Come up with a catchy phrase that relates to your business and go with it. However, if you experience some troubles with naming, you can seek help from business name generators.

How to get business name ideas?

Business name generators can help you come up with a name for your business. Based on the keywords you enter to the generator, it will create different options. Then, you can choose the one you like the most.

How do I create a unique business name?

Here are 10 tools that will help you to generate a catchy business name:

  • Oberlo
  • Panabee
  • Shopify
  • Namerific
  • Name Find
  • Brand Bucket
  • Domain Puzzler
  • Cool Name Ideas
  • Fit Small Business
  • Namesmith
What are the best name generators?

We've made a list of top tier business name generators. Here they are:

  • Oberlo
  • Panabee
  • Shopify
  • Namerific
  • Name Find
  • Brand Bucket
  • Domain Puzzler
  • Cool Name Ideas
  • Fit Small Business
  • Namesmith
What steps to take while thinking over a business name?

Here are 4 essential steps to take while thinking over a name for your business:

  • Think over a logical meaning of your name
  • Make a list of keywords
  • Let your audience make a decision
  • Conduct trademark search
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