How To Create a Betting App Like William Hill and Take Your Company Global

05 Jul 2018
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When businesses started to go online massively in 2002, the biggest betting companies were afraid that it could be the end to their huge corporations. But that was just a new step in their evolution to the market of online bettors around the world with low entry barriers.

The online betting becomes more popular among the sports fans day by day. It looks like the online gambling market is immune to any instability. It has shown a steady growth of about 10% each year from 2009 to 2015 and it's expected to rise at the same rate.

Size of the online gambling market from 2009 to 2020

The Gambling market grows by about 10% annually, according to Statista 

By the way, sports betting is the largest segment of online gambling that took 37% of it as of 2016, according to the EGBA research. That's why development of a mobile app for sports betting can bring your business significant profit. The William Hill app is one of the top sports betting apps that raised ~$2.37 billion in the 2015 year alone.

Online gambling industry market shares by sector

Sports betting is the largest sector of online gambling, according to the EGBA research

The best sports betting apps on the market have different features, a variety of sports and betting models. But there's one thing they have in common -- they tend to improve the user experience of the sports fans. The betting apps help them not only to bet, but to watch the sports matches live, discuss their opinions with other fans and receive the detailed statistics about the game. And these capabilities are available anywhere and anytime on their mobile devices.

What are the basic features of a sports betting app?

It goes without saying that the best betting apps should contain a wide range of sports, players and betting models to choose from. And to demonstrate the features you might not have known about, we bring you this comprehensive overview:

Instant payments

Making payments anytime anywhere via mobile devices has rapidly become popular. So if you want your mobile sports betting app to compete with others, it should save the time of the users by offering a way to make instant payments.

Strong security

Betting is always a costly operation so the safety of the money placed as a bet is a headache of many users and app owners. So providing impenetrable security that convinces the users that they can trust you should be one of your top priorities.


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All money operations ought to be secure and the payoff withdrawal should be clear and simple. How to improve your betting app security?

How to improve the cyber protection of your sports betting app

The security of a betting app is very important aspect since users will not make bets until they consider it as reliable

  • Analyze what data in your app is valuable and have to be protected. E.g., William Hill app has a Thawte SSL web server to encrypt all the financial transactions data;
  • Ask your software development company to implement security standards and protection frameworks for this data.
  • Consider regular maintenance and updates for your app. If your betting app uses out of date technologies and servers, then it becomes more vulnerable to the hacker attacks.

A source of information about the current games

The basic source of info which your betting app should have

The best betting apps combine various sources of game information to engage a user

Betting odds

In order to make a bet, users must be sure that they're betting on the right team or player. Your bettors also don't have just to guess whom to bet on. Your app should provide them with the info about game odds. They should be computed by the acknowledged professionals in the gambling industry.

Watching the games live

Watching the games live brings more convenience and is essential for a typical betting app. It helps to increase app engagement instead of sending a user to a third-party app that allows doing that. Providing real-time scores is great, but watching live delivers the best user experience ever.

Sports news

Another point to consider is adding sports news to your betting app. It's normal that your customers want to know every piece of sports news because it may completely change their betting decision. The perfect scenario is to embed pop-up notifications about the important events that will keep your bettors informed related to the selected games.

Summary of the game

After the game has ended, the bettors will be excited to receive a summary of the game. It will help them to do a thorough review of the efficiency of each player. The summary should also include the game-changing moments if the user hasn't watched it live.


Often betting is performed globally. Thus, If you want to reach the audience worldwide, multi-language is what you should consider in the first place. The more languages your betting app supports, the more convenient, native impression it will deliver to users from every country.

User engagement

Tips on how to engage users with your sports betting app

User engagement is crucial for any app if you want to make it popular and successfully monetize it

Improve the initial experience

The first in our list is 'how to bet' manual. That is how you make the first impression of your app. Also, that's where the decision whether to use the app or not is made. Your betting app should contain a comprehensive info about how to place a bet and must ensure that making them through your app is easy and reliable.

Build an app community

If you care about the user engagement, no matter if it's betting or any other app, creating a community is vital. Some bettors devote more of their time in betting apps debating with each other than on Facebook. Your app should allow to leave comments and reviews for every match and popular bets as well as to share photos with other users, etc.


Have no idea how to engage your app users? Let's fill this knowledge gap with this article.

Embed push and in-app notifications

You should also engage your users directly by enabling regular notifications. They can contain promotions for beginners as well as constant bettors. If you offer interesting content, the bettors will use your app more often. In such a way, every bet in your app will look like 'the best offer ever'.

Work offline

If the internet connection was suddenly terminated, users may lose their money. They won't be able to receive real-time scores and important news about the current game. Either way, some users may want to save their mobile traffic. So offering at least some of your app features to work offline is important too.

What features do the best sports betting apps contain?

Let's review what aces up their sleeves do the top sports betting apps have? It will help you to use them when developing your own software.

Sun bets

Sun bets mostly focus on valuable content to engage their bettors. But there also some productivity and monetary features:

  • Best odds guaranteed. Have you ever made your wager and after some crucial occurrence, the odds have been raised? Therefore, Skybet enables players to win more money as the odds change throughout the game.
  • Live Radio and Chat shows. For those bettors who like detailed sports debates, Sun Bets has live radio shows called Talk Sport and Talk Sport 2 that they can listen to while making their bets. These radio stations offer a fun and useful way to find out about the current sports news.
  • Forthcoming schedules. To enhance the user capabilities even more, Sun Bets provides a convenient way to plan their betting activity in advance. Thus, the bettors can discover what betting markets with forthcoming bets will show up soon and even make bets on some of them.
  • Sun Bets Blog. To supplement their betting app, Sun Bets also provide exciting and informative articles focused on major sports events like Winter Olympics, NBA Finals and the US Open. The articles offer the sports knowledge needed for every sports fan to bet smarter.

William Hill

It's recognized as one of the biggest and the most trusted UK bookmakers. One of their best decisions was to make some of the features accessible only in the mobile version. Among them is the betting insurance that motivates users to install the William Hill mobile app betting app to use it.


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Along with the live streaming and daily odds updates, William Hill offers these significant features:

  • Your Odds. You can tweet your own odds forecast directly in William Hill and it may affect the actual odds in the app.
  • Cash Out. After placing a wager, William Hill betting app allows receiving a certain amount of cash out if your bet has at least a remote chance to win. If the user's wager is expected to obviously lose, no cash out is available. Cash out feature allows to successfully retain the interest of users all along their betting lifecycle.


What's great about Coral is it isn't just one app. There're separate apps for various gambling activities, e.g. sports betting app, casino app, etc.

  • Coral Connect. This feature allows users to utilize the same deposit in each Coral app and to contribute or withdraw money using Coral's physical betting shops.
  • Football jackpot. Once a week the users can try to win a share of 100,000 prize pool. To do that the bettors have to guess the results of 15 football matches.

How much does it cost to create a sports betting app?

According to our practice, an average betting app may cost you about 30,000-35,000$. But William Hill mobile app includes more advanced features that will take more development hours. Let's have a look how much time is needed on each stage of development for a William-like betting app. We should stress out that we've used a 50$ hourly rate to calculate the total cost as an average rate for Western Europe.

How much does it cost to make a betting app like William Hill

How much finance and time does it takes to make a betting app like William Hill

So the summary is 1825 hours in total. It's important to note that it's a rough estimate. Depending on your project, you can add or remove some of these features that will result in different total development time.

Another important matter is choosing a reliable software development company with a value-to-cost hourly rate. The development of a William Hill-like betting app at a middle sized-company like Cleveroad may cost you $60,000 on average. And if you order it from a large U.S. software vendor, app development may cost from $250,000 and above.

Cleveroad is ranked among the top 10 outsourcing app development companies in Ukraine. We have successfully developed hundreds of apps, explored a wide range of technologies and made numerous clients happy. Make a first step towards creating your sports betting app and contact our managers to discuss any detail of your project.

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