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Updated 20 Jan 2023

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Gambling business has changed due to the digital revolution. There are a lot of solutions like online casinos and betting apps. According to the latest report, the gambling industry is expected to reach approximately $565 billion by 2022.

Betting app development can be challenging and time-consuming. The main reasons for that are a gambling license and app store restrictions.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the challenges of creating a betting app and basic features. Also, there is a ready-made estimation and comparison of prices in different regions.

How to Create a Betting App: Challenges to Consider

There are several obstacles that you may bump into even before betting app development. You have to think through several points to make a gambling application that works legally and is allowed to be used by the public.

#1. Getting a License

The primary task is to get an online gambling license. It’s the only way to enter the gambling industry. It’s impossible to promote the gambling application and gain users without a license.

The following data is for informational purposes only. We’re not experts in online gambling laws. We’re providing a brief overview of laws by countries to inform you about possible obstacles.

Every country has different rules and regulations for getting an online gambling license. You have to study the jurisdiction of a particular country or state. You can speed this process up cooperating with a qualified lawyer.

Below you can find general information about getting an online gambling license in various countries.


In the US, it’s legal to have sports betting business only in several states like Nevada and New Jersey. In other states, online gambling is illegal.

Get a gambling license in the USA

Where is online gambling legal in the USA?


Australia isn’t as strict as the USA with gambling laws. It’s legal to own a betting business, so you can apply for a license and nothing stops you from making a gambling app after you get one.


There are a lot of countries with different regulations for online betting business. Most European Union countries allow at least some types of online gambling games. For example, the German government prohibits almost all types of online gambling. However, in Italy, it’s possible to get a license in a specific committee. It’s better to study the regulations of a particular country or consult with a lawyer.

Getting a license for a betting business can be quite challenging and cost a lot. You need to look through all the rules and restrictions of a particular country beforehand and notify your developers if they have to follow some specific guidelines.

#2. Publishing to the App Store and Play Market

Play Market

In July 2017, Google announced that developers can publish gambling apps on the Play Market. Though, there are still strict regulations to prevent young users from downloading apps of this type. For example, it’s required to have a gambling license from the targeted country. Also, the Play Market insists that publishers should make their betting apps free.

App Store

To publish your betting app to the App Store, you need to follow the set of rules provided by Apple. They’re pretty similar to Google’s. For example, any betting app should be connected to a business with a license and have a geo-fence.

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#3. Integrating Payment System

Making a betting app, you need to implement several payment methods to make the transactions fast and comfortable.

A lot of payment system providers are ready to cooperate with online gambling platforms. Among the most popular ones are Stripe, NETELLER, and Skrill.


The Stripe payment system offers fast and secure transactions. It’s common to integrate this payment solution since it’s easy to use for newbies. However, there are some regulations about using Stripe for betting apps.


NETELLER is one of the most widespread payment services with millions of users from all over the world. The main advantages of this system are high level of security and fast, anonymous transactions.


This payment provider offers flexible services for the gambling business. Skrill offers it's users anonymity along with a comfortable way to cash out their winnings.

Betting app development: payments

Payment systems for betting apps

#4. Considering UI/UX Design

How to make a betting app that brings a lot of users? You need to pay attention to user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX design.

According to the latest trends, applications should have a simple interface without unnecessary elements that can distract users. However, it’s common to integrate small animations. For example, you can add motion or animated transitions among the screens.

People are visual creatures, so you need to pay attention to design to deliver value to end users. It’s better to cooperate with qualified designers who can create a quality interface.

Betting App Development: Must-Have Features and Their Cost

How to create a betting app? These apps require a lot of features. It’s better to start with the MVP version of the application. MVP stands for a minimum functionality that can satisfy users. Having developed an MVP of a gambling app, you can release it on the market and get some feedback from users. After that, you can upgrade your solution and implement advanced features.

The app functionally is the most significant factor that affects the final cost. Let’s discuss a set of MVP features for a betting app and cost to implement them.

Login and registration

Users start interacting with an app from registration or login. The basic option is to offer players register with email and password. After signing up, users need to log in. Also, it’s necessary to provide ‘Forgot password’ and ‘Log out’ features to make a gambling app user-friendly.

Create a wager

The ability to make a wager is crucial for any betting app. For example, players should see the list of categories and events. It’s good to integrate a flexible search system to help them navigate through these events. Also, you need to allow users to set picks and bet amount.

List of wagers

Users see the list of their wagers and sort them according to various filters like date, status, and more. Betting app developers can implement a suggestion system. So the app could offer to see the list of recommendations depending on users’ previous activity.


Are you still wondering how to make a betting app user-friendly? Try to integrate a convenient wallet feature. It allows users to add their credit card credentials and top up the account. It’s also necessary to provide an opportunity to delete cards and add several ones.


The menu bar has to consist of several points. It’s better to create a ‘Rules’ screen for users to see the gambling policy. The betting app requires an ability to contact managers if necessary.


This feature is quite useful to give users a heads-up about new wagers and any other changes. Additionally, push notifications drive better engagement making users spend more time with the app.

Betting app development: Features

Core features of a gambling app

All the estimations provided below are based on the average rate in our region (Eastern Europe, Ukraine) — $50 per hour. We’ve calculated only core features. However, there are additional expenses that we’ll discuss later.

Time and cost of developing basic features

FeatureBack-end development, hoursiOS development, hoursAndroid development, hours

Login & registration

35 h

68 h

68 h

Create a wager

88 h

128 h

128 h

List of wagers

32 h

52 h

52 h


31 h

62 h

62 h


14 h

30 h

30 h

Push notifications

15 h

17 h

17 h

Total time

215 h

357 h

357 h

Total price




As for advanced features, there are some ideas:

  • customer support 24/7
  • bonuses
  • several languages support
  • real-time messaging
  • several currencies support

How to Create a Betting App: Team and Technologies

Betting app development requires a joint effort of various specialists. Here come the team members (they can vary depending on your project requirements):

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • 1 or 2 iOS developers
  • 1 or 2 Android developers
  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer

Want to know more about team members? Discover the application development team roles and responsibilities at Cleveroad.

To create a mobile app, you need to choose a suitable tech stack. The most popular ones are Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android). Below you can find an approximate tech stack needed to create a betting app.

The tech stack of your gambling app depends on your project requirement. It’s better to consult with professionals to pick the right one.

How to create a betting app: tech stack

Technologies to create a betting app

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Betting App?

To find out the final cost of betting app development, you need to consider several factors that can affect the final price. Among the most significant ones are:

  • design
  • admin panel
  • development team’s location

Admin panel

The betting app should have an admin dashboard to manage users and the platform. It also allows handling transactions done via the app. Creating two mobile apps for iOS and Android, you will only need one admin panel that works for both of them. To build a basic solution, developers would need at least 105 hours.

Betting app development: Admin panel

Admin panel concept (Source: Dribbble)


Design is essential for any mobile application, especially for a gambling one. You need to hire a qualified specialist that can create a user-friendly design. To make a good-looking UI/UX design, specialists need approximately 130 hours for one mobile platform.

How to make a gambling app: design concept

Design concept (Source: Dribbble)

Team's location

It’s common to cooperate with outsourced development companies to make betting apps. Depending on the location, vendors offer various hourly rates. For example, software builders from Eastern Europe provide affordable rates along with high-quality code.

Developers rates (Source: Codementor)

RegioniOS ($/hour)Android ($/hour)Web ($/hour)

North America




Latin America




Western Europe




Eastern Europe












Final Estimate

Betting app development for two mobile platforms (iOS and Android) may cost about $83, 600. This number is APPROXIMATE and is based on a $50/h rate (Ukraine).

We’ve calculated the MVP features of an app, design, and admin panel.

How much does it cost to make a betting app? (MVP version)

Type of workBack-endiOSAndroid


215 hours

357 hours

357 hours

Admin panel (one for all platforms)

105 hours

Frameworks and libraries integration

57 hours

19 hours

24 hours

UI/UX design

140 hours

150 hours

120 hours

Quality assurance

240 hours

180 hours

180 hours

Project management

120 hours

90 hours

90 hours

Total time

877 hours

796 hours

771 hours

Total price




How to calculate the final cost? You need to multiply the number of hours by hourly rate. We’ve counted the final price for different regions.

  • Eastern Europe. $83,600 (based on $50/h)
  • North America. $167,200 (based on $100/h)
  • Western Europe. $150,480 (based on $90/h)
  • Australia. $167,200 (based on $100/h)

How much would a betting app cost?

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Frequently Asked Questions

As software engineers are the main price factor here will depend on their rates and, respectively, location.

  • Eastern Europe. $83, 600 (based on $50/h)
  • North America. $167, 200 (based on $100/h)
  • Western Europe. $150, 480 (based on $90/h)
  • Australia. $167, 200 (based on $100/h)

There are several steps to follow:

  • Step 1. Get a gambling license.
  • Step 2. Cooperate with experienced developers
  • Step 3. Consider must-have features.
  • Step 4. Create a user-friendly design.
  • Step 5. Test the app to avoid bugs.
  • Step 6. Release the betting app and update it regularly.
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