Top 5 Ideas to Increase Your Online Sales Using Real Estate Live Chat

30 MAR 2017


The Internet has changed our lives forever. It seems like with the emergence of online chats - live communication has taken a back seat. Some people might say it is silly to communicate through devices rather than chatting with friends over coffee. Nonetheless, it is a fact that in many situations people prefer typing over talking

Such preferences open up new opportunities for entrepreneurs to provide their customers with more accurate support and help to make a decision buying something. So, we have prepared for you 5 interesting examples of live chat usage that will to improve your digital presence.

There are two forms of your digital presence. The first one is connected with mobile app development and the second one is about websites. So, in this article we are going to consider how to improve your web presence with the help of real estate live chat.

Building the bridge from doubts to deals

All customers are seeking answers especially when it comes to such a serious thing as property purchasing. They want all the aspects to be covered in a convenient and fast way. Unfortunately, even a detailed website in most cases cannot answer all the customer's questions and that in turn decrease the trust level towards your company.

Undoubtedly, taking no actions at all may also get a certain result as well as have a negative impact on your business. So, why to hesitate if you can double the number of leads by adding simple real estate chat?

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Live business chat on your real estate website, means that your clients are no longer in the dark and they can get a proper consultation at any time. Just think about how many clients are browsing your website at the moment but face certain barriers preventing them from contacting you via phone call.

That's a gap which needs to be covered for a successful digital presence. Live chats are building the bridge intended to help you cope with this task.

From the web development point of view - integration of a live chat for real estate website is not a time-consuming task. Moreover, industry leaders such as Intercom, provide the real estate website owners with detailed statistics and 24/7 support. That will definitely help you to understand your audience better.

Practical usage of live chats

Let's practice and consider 5 examples of business live chats within the websites of various businesses.


This company uses live chats instead of not found pages. Instead of giving links to the content they possibly wanted to reach - SnapEdge gives them a personal consultant that is able not only direct them to required content but answer any questions as well.

Live chat for business: SnapEnage example

Creative live chat application


This company's business is present in multiple countries. So, they have implemented intelligent live chat software for business allowing customers all over the world to communicate with the company's team members who speak the same language.

Live chat for business: Canyon example

Multilingual approach to customers via live chat


The website specializes in dog clothing and uses business live chat to gather information and fulfill customers' requirements. The live chat icon appears as soon as you get to the shop tab. After that, the customer has to enter his email and question. A few moments later you will get the answer directly within the chat window. If you have no time for waiting - choose the option that allows you to get the answer by email.

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It seems like a pretty simple chat solution but in fact, it works and increases not only the percentage of successful purchases but their average amount as well.

Live chat for business: Ruffwear example

Simple live chat example

Aid in Recovery

The services like this one demand great attention to details. In this case, attention was given to the live business chat. It is really easy to find and it is present within every page.

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This way, people who need help can get it any time.

Live chat for business: Aid in Recovery example

Live chat example for specialized medical service

Maids In Black

This website also uses a simple pre-chat form. However, it also offers it's visitors the option to choose between ways being contacted. So, it can be a simple email or a chat with an agent directly.

Live chat for business: Maids In Black example

Pre-chat form example

You might notice that live chats differ depending on the kind of services you provide. Talking about the real estate industry, it is hard to say which chat for real estate will fit your business better without knowing any details. Contact us to get your free consultation.

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