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Updated 10 Aug 2023

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There are no second chances in the world of online services since customers will demand any digital product nowadays. It seems like the creation of a web service is a pretty easy task to handle but in fact, it's almost like a jigsaw puzzle. I mean if all the pieces do not fit each other perfectly - you won't be able to rely on an efficient digital presence. 

As I have already mentioned, all the core components should fit and complement each other. Thus, your UI/UX design should emphasize the marketing component the same as how the features of a website have to guide users towards making a purchase.

It is hard to balance all these components from the very beginning. So, it is a good idea to consider the solutions of the industry leaders. In this article, we are going to discuss the peculiarities of the top 7 world's most popular real estate websites.

Diving deeper into ratings

Before we move to the websites, let's look through the cities that are promising from investors' points of view. You can see them on the picture underneath.

Cities of interest for real estate investors

The most promising cities for real estate investors

Based on this rating we have prepared a list of the top 7 services in real estate for you that are currently the most popular.

Top platforms from Western Europe

Let's look through the best real estate services that are based in Western Europe. 


Daily visits: 1,222

Total visits: 49.6 millions

Real estate platform: Rightmove

Rightmove real estate platform

It is a top real estate platform in the UK that earns profit by offering different kinds of promotional products for agents. It's advertising model is built in a way that allows the increase of demand for both real estate agents and the company's services. To be exact, the advertisement of property within the resource is forbidden for any person who does not use the service of an estate agent.

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Talking about a website's design - it is as simple as convenient. The main page contains a search that allows users to start a property search with a simple click. This solution is able to minimize the bounce rate since clients do not waste their time by browsing through multiple pages to discover this vital feature.

After the location is entered - the platform proposes different filters to search for what you really need. This way, users do not have to deal with random proposals but get only filtered information and that also affects bounce rate a lot.

Interaction with a map allows customers to single out a certain area and get proposals that are available there directly by email. It increases the number of successful deals since customers who didn't even find anything in their preferred area are aware of all the up-to-date offers.

To other features aimed at making a purchase, we can refer to the mortgage calculator and virtual tours over the properties.

So, by cooperating closely with your web developers and marketers you are able to provide your users with a unique experience and in turn to get a response from them.

The sources of Rightmove's traffic

Percentage of Rightmove traffic by categories


Daily visits: 2,892

Total visits: 23.3 million

Real estate platform: Zoopla

Zoopla real estate platform

The fact they have developed a mobile app for Android and iOS, automatically makes Zoopla a multi-platform solution with over 5 million downloads.

It has a similar structure to Rightmove. This service is intended to connect estate agents with customers looking for such property as houses, flats, farms, and land plots to rent or buy. In addition, the website allows users to access information like prices, trends, statistics, area information etc.

The same as in the previous case, the design is simple and convenient combining flexible search features and well-planned map interaction including the feature that allows you to outline a certain area. All these, increase total amount of users' engagement.

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It is worth noting that a feature called 'Travel time search' makes it easy to learn how much time it takes to reach a certain place, be it a school or work. Calculations are based on how users intended to reach the place: by car, by foot etc. A similar feature provides potential home buyers with more understanding of the place they are going to live in and make them involve deeper into the platform interaction.

We could not miss such features as investments where you can invest in real estate as well as 'Find a Pro' where you can inquire about the services of a gardener, painter etc. They extend beyond the core service and bring additional profit to the company.

The implementation of complicated projects demands a complex QA testing approach in order to make sure everything works as it should.

The sources of Zoopla's traffic

Percentage of Zoopla traffic by categories


Daily visits: 1,274

Total visits: 28.4 million

Real estate platform: Immobilien

Immobilien real estate platform

This real estate web service is intended to form a ready-made client base. I mean customers fill in their profiles where they specify the type of housing they are looking for as well as some information about themselves. In turn, the landlords will receive proposals from potential renters or buyers.

All the previous real estate services have armed themselves with flexible searches and the company Immobilien is not an exception. Estimation of the real estate and mortgage calculators are also present. They help customers to calculate affordable property costs and that may greatly influence the final decision.

Additionally, this service helps it's customers find a company that will help them move without any undue efforts. Another service is dedicated to SmartHome adjusting. The IoT made it possible to control the washing machine via a smartphone and Immobilien has used this as an opportunity to get some extra profit as well as grab an additional niche in the market.

The sources of Immobilien's traffic

Percentage of Immobilien traffic by categories


Daily visits: 8,540

Total visits: 10.7 million

Real estate platform: Funda

Funda real estate service

It is a multi-purpose real estate service that allows it's users not only to find properties for rent or sale but also discover housing for travelers or to rent a house in some European country. Customers may search on the map or find an estate agent.

The distinctive feature of this service is property for businesses and farming. As for business, clients can rent or buy offices, shops, warehouses, garages etc. While farmers are able to find appropriate land (depending on the kind of business) or rooms. These two categories contribute to the service's expansion into other niches within the real estate business.

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Except for the usual real estate websites features such as 360 degrees photo and videos, we are faced with feature that we have never encountered before. I am talking about property exchange. If two sides like each other's houses they can simply swap them by just using the Funda service.

The sources of Funda's traffic

Percentage of Funda traffic by categories


Daily visits: 3,935

Total visits: 12.8 million

Real estate platform: Seologer

Seloger real estate service

This service has also developed it's own mobile application for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Concerning it's web version, on the main page, customers may start searching for properties that are for rent or sale at once and calculate all the financial aspects as well as using the built-in calculator feature. The functional map is also present allowing home buyers to look through the area in details.

Seloger may also help it's clients move to another property, providing it's users with specialized service aimed at helping with packing and transporting different things from clothes to furniture.

The sources of Seloger's traffic

Percentage of Seloger traffic by categories

Top platforms from Southern Europe

After the western part, it is high time for moving to Southern Europe in order to get acquainted with it's prominent real estate platform.


Daily visits: 2,030

Total visits: 17.2 million

Real estate platform: Idealista

Idealista real estate service 

Idealista provides a wide variety of different property types for rent or sale including houses, flats, penthouses, offices, warehouses etc.

Users are able to start searching right from the main page, and as it was mentioned before this declines the bounce rate. Besides, the website has a convenient interface, good categorization and an opportunity to calculate property prices and that in turn makes it easier for potential buyers to come to the buying decision.

For features that stand out of the crowd we can refer to searching for neighbors or for co-habitats. This feature is focused on the attraction of a target audience that is looking for affordable apartments.

The service gives it's users an opportunity to publish 2 proposals for free. It is an interesting marketing step that is leading to increased customer loyalty since they may try the product before paying for the services it provides.

Talking about additional services, we can figure out that Idealista offers software for real estate agents. This service does not only bring additional profit but also establishes mutually beneficial cooperation for both sides.

The sources of Idealista's traffic

Percentage of Idealista traffic by categories

Top platforms from Eastern Europe

Let's move to the latest part of our real estate top - Eastern Europe. There are a variety of startups related to real estate but they only start gaining popularity. So, we have prepared the most popular one for you.


Daily visits: 6,733

Total visits: 13.8 million

Real estate platform: Otodom

Otodom real estate service

The service has it's own mobile application for iOS and Android and that fact makes it a multi-platform. The application is able to show users how to reach a certain property, search for a property and add it to the favorites list.

It is worth mentioning that modern customers already prefer mobile applications over browsing. So that a decision to develop app like Otodom helps to retain old customers and attract new ones.

In general, the service is simple, beautiful and convenient. It it is a proven fact that simple and convenient interface leads to increased conversion and the results of Otodom can be seen on the graph underneath.

The sources of Otodom's traffic

Percentage of Otodom traffic by categories

Final tips to succeed

Based on the research of big real estate services, we can conclude that it is not necessary to have dozens of features to attract the audience but you should have a great UI/UX design.

The practice shows that there are some must-have components to provide your users with great experience. For example, simple navigation and a flexible search can definitely be referred to such components.

Do not make your customers waste their time - provide them with everything needed from the first page. A well-structured website will make it easier for clients to make deals and, in turn, make them come back one more time. Also, it is good idea to implement a feedback along with a FAQ section.

Do not forget about the visual component. Your customers want to see qualitative pictures and virtual tours, so why not provide them with such an opportunity?

Since purchasing property is a long process it makes sense to think about email subscriptions in order to remind users who you are from time to time.

One more thing, everything goes mobile and you have to keep up with this trend to achieve a successful digital presence. Pay attention to the mobile version of your website and think about creating mobile app.

Our team will be glad to help you in all your endeavors. Contact us to get your free consultation.

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