A Comprehensive Guide to Website Maintenance Costs

08 Apr 2024

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Do you know how much it costs to keep your website running smoothly? The web maintenance pricing ranges differently, encompassing the factors like security measures, updates, content management, performance optimization and other customizations.

But you should understand that the above list of maintenance enhancements is individual for each website. Dive deeper in our guide to find out the price-building factors for your site upkeep and consider how much does it cost to maintain a website tailored to your specific needs?

The Cost of Website Maintenance: Price Constituents Breakdown

How much does web maintenance cost for your site? According to the website type, monthly prices will be the following:

The average web maintenance cost for different site types

Website typeRough maintenance cost (month)

Personal website (blog)


Websites for hobby representation


SMB websites


Enterprise-level web resource


Ecommerce website


Let’s look at the major constituents of website maintenance price to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing overall maintenance plan cost and make informed decisions regarding budgeting and resource allocation for website upkeep.

Website domain

Domain management involves the registration, renewal, and administration of a website's domain name, which serves as its unique address on the internet. The domain registration costs vary depending on factors such as the domain extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.) and the popularity of the domain name. Domain privacy protection and the multiple domains/domain variations management can also contribute to maintenance costs.

The main domain management prices are:

  • Domain name registration. Such initial prices typically range from $5 to $20+ per year.
  • Domain name renewal. The annual renewal fees are usually similar to registration costs, though some registrars might offer discounts for multi-year registrations.
  • Domain privacy protection (optional). It typically costs around $10-$15 per year.
domain costs include

Domain management price constituents

Security measures

Robust security measures are essential to protect websites from cyber threats, data breaches, and malicious attacks. This is a deal of a web development company, experienced enough to care about how to make your website secure during maintenance operations. Investing in overall web maintenance costs during website design and maintenance can mitigate the risk of costly security incidents and safeguard sensitive data.

Here are some major security costs to consider for website maintenance:

  • SSL certificates typically cost around $8 to $60 per year, depending on the level of validation.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) cost changes from $10 to $100 per month.
  • Security monitoring cost can vary depending on the features and the size of your website, but can range from $50 to $200 per month.

Website hosting

Website hosting means the service that provides the infrastructure and resources necessary for a website to be accessible on the internet. The cost of hosting can range significantly based on factors such as the type of hosting, resource allocation, and additional features offered. The hosting resources allocated to a website include storage space, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM, directly influencing hosting costs, too.

Here's a concise breakdown of hosting-related costs:

Web hosting plan

Costs vary depending on website functionality and security options (shared vs. dedicated servers).

Security software

Some hosting providers offer pre-installed security tools for an additional monthly fee.

SSL certificate renewal

Renewals typically range from $8 to $60 per year.

Patch application

Complex sites might require developer time (hourly or project-based) to apply security patches.

Content management

Content management tasks include creating and updating content, adding new pages or sections, optimizing content for search engines, and moderating user-generated content. The complexity and frequency of content management tasks influence the cost of maintaining a website, as more extensive content management requirements may require additional resources and support.

Website maintenance doesn't have separate and direct costs for just managing content. You can pay for tools and services to keep the website running smoothly. These tools might indirectly affect how you manage content (like backups or using a special content management system).

Custom integrations

Custom website integrations with external systems (e.g., payment gateways, CRM platforms, or marketing automation tools) require implementing APIs or other integration methods to exchange data. While customized integrations can enhance website capabilities and streamline business processes, they may incur additional costs for development, testing, and ongoing maintenance.

Expect to pay by the hour for developers to make integrations. Upfront rates vary, but think about $50-$200 per hour. You might also have fees to use the other system's tools.

Read our guide on how to build a custom CRM that you can integrate with your website

This is not the entire list of the constituents the overall website maintenance price includes. However, they form the foundational elements that significantly influence the overall cost, with additional factors such as content updates, software licensing fees, and ongoing technical support also contributing to the comprehensive maintenance expenses.

What Factors Influence the Website Maintenance Costs?

To find out how much it costs to maintain a website, you should analyze some more key factors forming its overall price.

Complexity of updates

Your website's security can be improved by regular monitoring and testing, but this may require additional resources and expertise, resulting in higher website maintenance costs.

Particularly, the web resource maintenance costs are also affected by:

Plugins and APIs. Various plugins typically cost up to $50+ for a month. The price of API integrations may vary from vendor to vendor. For example, Amazon API Gateway offers RESTful APIs, WebSocket APIs and other range of APIs, cost to which you can consider on Amazon’s website.

Content Management Systems (CMSs). As to the cost of CMS to maintain your website, the expenditures depend on what content management system you choose. For example, some companies choose custom CMS, when the others utilize the ready-made ones, like the following:

  • Joomla CMS: has free pricing plans
  • WIX: $75-$150/monthly depending on the chosen pricing plan
  • Sanity: from $0 up to $15+ for a month
  • Shopify: $29-$2300 depending on the chosen pricing plan

Frontend/backend maintenance cost. The cost of your frontend or backend maintenance services may depend on skills and seniority level of the website developers that work on your site upkeep. Kindly note that the developers familiar with the website's initial development process are better equipped to navigate its intricacies and efficiently address any maintenance needs that arise.

Discover how to hire web developers with our guide!

Performance optimization

Optimizing web resource performance is crucial for delivering a fast, responsive, and user-friendly experience to visitors. Website performance optimization techniques include optimizing images, minifying code, leveraging caching techniques, and improving server and database configurations to reduce page load times and improve overall site speed.

Implementing performance monitoring tools (e.g., Datadog, Zipy, Ahrefs or Sematext) allows for ongoing evaluation and optimization of website performance, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring consistent performance across devices and browsers. However, performance optimization efforts require regular monitoring, testing, and adjustments to maintain optimal performance levels, contributing to the average cost of website maintenance.

The cost for website speed optimization during upkeep operations ranges from $50 to $12,000+ due to your web resource size, service plan or your service provider skills.

Backup and disaster recovery

It is crucial to have regular backups and disaster recovery plans in place to safeguard the website against data loss, server failures, or other unforeseen events.

  • Backup solutions cost up to $500+ monthly.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) plans may cost $5,000-$100,000+ on average yearly.

Implementing reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions ensures business continuity and minimizes downtime, reducing the risk of potential losses or liabilities associated with data loss or website downtime.

Cooperation models

The choice between in-house and outsourcing cooperation models significantly impacts the website maintenance costs. While in-house site upkeep may seem initially cost-effective, it often entails hiring specialized staff, investing in training, and acquiring necessary tools and technologies, leading to higher long-term expenses.

On the other hand, outsourcing website maintenance operations to specialized service providers offers numerous advantages. Accessing a skilled pool of professionals for website maintenance via outsourcing is cost-effective, without the overhead costs of in-house hiring and training.

How much will your web upkeep cost?

Contact us! Our experienced web developers will overview your existing website and offer you a detailed maintenance estimate considering your specific situation

The Average Website Maintenance Pricing

How much does it cost to maintain a website? The average yearly costs for website maintenance start from $6,000+, and we’ll talk more about it taking only business websites of any complexity into account.

The small website maintenance

Some small business websites examples are car repairing services, beauty salons, online training courses, etc. The average cost for website maintenance listed below pertains to a website with basic security measures, that does not process customer payments or store sensitive data.

The small website maintenance price

Maintenance price constituentsAnnual website upkeep costs



Domain renewal


Shared hosting cost


SLL certificate price


Website maintenance package


Content writing (about 10 articles)




The calculation in the table above does not cover SEO services typically ranging from $1,500 to $4,500 monthly. The cost of website backup has been included in a website maintenance package; however, some website maintenance services may not include this feature.

Nevertheless, you can save your site maintenance costs on the SSL certificate by bundling it with a hosting or domain name package.

Medium-sized website upkeep

If your mid-sized website handles payment transactions, it is important to have robust encryption in place, particularly, an Extended Validation (EV) SSL security certificate. Domain renewal fees can vary depending on the commercial value of your chosen website name. Finally, increased hosting power is necessary to prevent website crashes during peak traffic times.

Cost for a mid-sized website upkeep

Maintenance price constituentsAnnual website upkeep costs

Domain renewal


SSL certificate


VPS hosting


Plugin cost


Site maintenance package




SEO marketing services are not included in the previous overall average estimate, as well as product copywriting and photography. The requirement for extra payment from you as a website owner may be influenced by the availability of skills and time within your maintenance team.

Large-sized website maintenance

Maintaining a large website requires a comprehensive approach to ensure stability, security, and optimal performance. We've calculated the price of other aspects influencing the average cost for website maintenance.

Large-sized site maintenance

Maintenance price constituentsAnnual website upkeep costs

Web Hosting


CMS Maintenance


Security & Backups


Performance Optimization


Content Updates


SEO & Analytics


Support & Troubleshooting




Kindly note that all the above tables provide only the starting points, but the real website maintenance cost may vary depending on your own site upkeep business needs. The skilled web experts can definitely help optimize your essential website maintenance costs. For instance, they’re able to make content updates might be more manageable, or tailor a site upkeep plan that prioritizes your needs within your budget.

You can also have a mobile application along with the website, since this is always a winning strategy for the digital presence of a business. That’s why you should also consider the mobile app maintenance costs from our guide.

Why to Choose an Outsourcing Vendor for Website Maintenance?

Here are TOP-4 key reasons to consider IT outsourcing as the perfect option for your website upkeep tasks and to reduce your overall web maintenance cost.

1. Leveraging specialized expertise

Outsourcing web development firms employ specialists in security, performance optimization, and content management, ensuring your website remains secure, up-to-date, and functioning at its peak. This dedicated expertise not only enhances the overall quality of your website but also provides tailored solutions to address any specific challenges or requirements unique to your business.

2. Optimizing costs with advanced tools

Outsourcing web development companies leverage cutting-edge technological tools and frameworks to streamline operations, minimizing expenses while ensuring optimal performance. By employing sophisticated analytics platforms and cybersecurity measures, they not only mitigate the risk of costly downtime and data breaches but also continuously refine their cost-saving strategies for sustained efficiency.

3. Proactive maintenance for long-term savings

Outsourcing experts can beforehand identify and address security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and other issues to save money on reactive repairs and crisis management, leading to improved long-term website health and cost efficiency. By instituting regular check-ups and preventative measures, companies can ensure sustained functionality and minimize the risk of unforeseen disruptions, thereby fortifying their online presence and enhancing customer trust.

4. Economizing your team time

By economizing your team's time, you enable them to allocate resources more efficiently, allowing for enhanced productivity and innovation within your organization. This streamlined approach empowers your staff to delve deeper into critical business endeavors, fostering creativity and agility to adapt to market demands swiftly.

Outsourcing service prices for website maintenance are typically calculated based on the hourly rates for the services of IT specialists. We’ve prepared ones for most popular outsourcing regions:

Outsourcing web maintenance costs per region

Popular outsourcing regionThe outsourcing web developers' hourly price

Central/Eastern Europe


Western Europe


North America






Here you can see that the most expensive outsourcing regions for web development and maintenance tasks outsourcing are Western Europe and North America. However, the expensiveness doesn’t mean the quality, as well as the lowest hourly costs doesn’t imply the better services. That’s why Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is the optimal region for outsourcing your website upkeep and optimizing your common website maintenance costs.

Tips To Reduce The Website Maintenance Costs

Based on our experience, we’ve prepared for you a bunch of the site support and maintenance tips due to which you can make cost-effective budget expenditures while maintaining your business web resource. It will also be beneficial if you follow these tips while cooperating with a web development and maintenance provider to effectively manage expenses and optimize the performance of your online platform.

Choose hosting provider

Opting for a reputable hosting service ensures stable performance and uptime, reducing the likelihood of costly downtime or technical issues. However, it's equally important to consider affordability to avoid overspending on unnecessary features or resources.

To help you save your time, we’ve conducted our research of the most reliable hosting providers:

Well-known hosting providers

Famous hosting providers and their service plans

Prioritize website maintenance activities

When planning operations to maintain your website, it's essential to prioritize tasks that directly address known failure modes or potential vulnerabilities. Avoid scheduling maintenance activities arbitrarily or based on arbitrary timelines, as this can lead to unnecessary downtime and increased website maintenance costs without addressing critical issues.

You should focus on proactive maintenance measures that target specific areas of concern, such as security updates, performance optimizations, or software patches. By aligning maintenance efforts with identifiable failure modes or potential risks, you can optimize resource allocation, minimize disruptions, and effectively reduce overall maintenance costs while enhancing the reliability of your website.

Opt for a preventive upkeeping strategy

By proactively scheduling, tracking, and reviewing all technical operations, you can identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly problems or downtime. Utilize maintenance management software or tools (e.g., Asana, GTMetrix, SolidWP or Pingdom) to streamline the preventive maintenance process, enabling efficient scheduling, tracking, and documentation of maintenance activities. Regularly review and analyze maintenance data to identify trends, patterns, or recurring issues, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimizations to further reduce maintenance costs and improve website performance over time.

Cooperation with a skilled web development company

When you choose a tech partner from the CEE outsourcing region, you need to also consider: the website maintenance should be directed to the company that initially developed your website. They already know your site's architecture, codebase, and functionalities, which leads to faster and more efficient maintenance, seamless communication, and reduced onboarding time. Consequently, it saves you time and expenditures for paying website maintenance fees throughout the entire upkeep process for your web resource.

As Cleveroad provides web development services and the following maintenance, we want to offer you our help. We are a skilled web development company from Estonia, CEE existing on the market since 2011 and providing our clients with end-to-end web development services and maintenance operations of high-class.

With our team's experience and commitment to quality, you can be confident that your website will get the best care and consideration possible. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our site upkeep services to fulfill your specific needs and keep your web resource running smoothly and securely for years to come.

Summing Up

So, what are the average monthly website maintenance fees? They’ll range from $500 to $5,000+, taking into account that the yearly maintenance prices start from $6,000+.

Website maintenance costs are influenced by factors like website size, complexity, and security needs. A skilled web development and maintenance vendor can help you find the right balance of features and security to optimize your website's ongoing costs.

Our team of skilled web experts at Cleveroad is dedicated to not only creating exceptional websites but also providing ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your website remains robust, responsive, and protected against emerging threats, thereby safeguarding your online presence.

Learn the cost of your web maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much should it cost to maintain a website?

The average website maintenance cost ranges from $6,000 to $60,000+ yearly, according to our experience of web development and subsequent support. The said price encompasses the factors like security measures, regular updates, content management, performance optimization and other necessary customizations.

How much do you pay someone to manage a website?

When looking to build a website, make sure your website aligns with your specific needs and the type of website you aim to create. The cost of hiring someone to then maintain it can vary significantly, ranging anywhere from a $500 to $5,000+ per month.

What is usually included in website maintenance?

The cost will depend on factors such as the complexity of the website, the range of tasks included in the maintenance plan, and the level of support provided. Typically, website maintenance encompasses a range of tasks aimed at ensuring ongoing functionality, security, and performance.

What is a good hourly rate for website maintenance?

In the CEE region, hourly rates for website maintenance typically range from $50 to $80, making it a cost-effective option compared to rates in other regions.

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