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One codebase, two mobile applications

Flutter is Google’s SDK that lets developers build cross-platform apps with a single codebase.

With this SDK, you get more for less. One Flutter developer will build a solution for two platforms (iOS and Android)


  • Development time
  • Costs
  • Lines of code
  • Number of developers

Popular projects built with Flutter

Cross-platform development for startups and enterprises from different industries.

Validate your idea and build MVP faster

Using Flutter, we’ll help you reduce time to market releasing apps and their updates faster and bringing a native-like performance to end-users

Business benefits

  • ● Quicker time to market
  • ● Fewer resources spent to validate ideas
  • ● MVP development goes faster
  • ● Native-like app experience for users
  • ● Beautiful User Interface on any screen

Tech benefits

  • ● Impressive performance
  • ● Approximately 50% less time on testing
  • ● One codebase for iOS and Android apps
  • ● Support for Apple and Google design guidelines
  • ● Faster production of new features
Doing the math

Discover how Flutter app development services can help you save on app creation for your industry.




You spend on Uber-like app built on Flutter

Development time

Android + iOS

One Flutter dev equals Two native devs

Optimize your team in an effective way

Our experience with Flutter

We offer Flutter app development services to clients and create open-source projects to support the community.

GitHub open-source library

We’ve updated our warmly welcomed Sliding Tutorial library with 2,5K stars on GitHub to support Flutter.

This open-source library will help you create onboarding screens for iOS and Android using the parallax effect. The library was built with the support of Flutter elements in mind to look natural in design.

Сrowd-sourced review app for travelers
App Store
Google Play

This Flutter app is called Travel Time. We’ve built it at Cleveroad to show you the Flutter’s performance and User Interface.

The app comes with a flexible search with filters and commenting options. It also allows iOS and Android users to log in using Facebook or other social networks.


We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software

Our Clients Say

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CTO at Blockbuster, TDC

“We’re very happy with Cleveroad. They seem to work in the way that we do, and we have a close collaboration with them. Every day we talk to the developers and outline what needs to be done."

Flutter app development insights

Questions you might have
Learn more about our Flutter app development workflow.
Flutter development stands for developing mobile apps with a single codebase. One codebase means that a resulting app will work on both iOS and Android.

Given that you don’t need two separate developers, the development goes faster and is typically cheaper compared to native apps. It usually takes 40-50% less time to build apps with Flutter than developing a native solution for iOS and Android.
Flutter lets developers build cross-platform, single-codebase apps that work on iOS and Android. It’s a great technology if you need to validate your idea or quickly launch new features.

The SDK has a set of ready-made widgets for faster UI coding and the hot reload function. Those are two of the many features that let developers code faster with Flutter.
Flutter is one of the technologies pushing forward cross-platform app development. It already has a lot of fans and a strong community, which makes cross-platform solutions more widespread.
Flutter developer is a programmer working with Flutter to build a cross-platform app with one codebase available on Android and iOS.
Flutter is great when it comes to MVPs. With its cross-platform capabilities, you’ll be able to get two apps (iOS and Android) spending 40-50% less development time compared to native development.

It means your MVP will be cost-effective, and you’ll have something to show to investors or release to gather user feedback.
Yes, it is. Flutter is very cost-effective when it comes to MVP development. You’ll have an app for iOS and Android built faster than using native Kotlin and Swift for each platform. It means that you can save 40-50% using Flutter.
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