Pet Monitoring App Development: Hints To Make Your Software Engaging

Updated 28 Oct 2022

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Pets help us relieve stress, forget about failures and in some cases restore our taste of life. They love us regardless of our appearance, position obtained, and our success. They love us simply for what we are. Therefore, they deserve a good treatment and a separate app.

Pet owners bear responsibility for their junior family members - it is an established truth. In other words, it means that pets should be in a good physical shape, consume appropriate food and live in appropriate conditions. Taking into consideration a fast rhythm of modern life, some pet owners experience difficulties keeping an eye on all their duties and changes that may arise while they treat their furry (or not so furry) friends.

So the common efforts of veterinary institutions, manufacturers of tracking devices, and owners of nurseries and pet hotels resulted in the mobile app development services and digital products that can help pet owners monitor the state of health of their cats or dogs and call the veterinarian for help. Such apps turned out to be more effective than we used to give it credit for. We'd like to tell about ready solutions as well as spell out how to create an app for your cat or dog monitoring.

Types of pet apps

Apps related to the pet health monitoring and veterinarian recommendations serve the following aims:

  • Pet care;
  • First aid; 
  • Veterinarian recommendations. 

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Pet care

Dog Health is the app that allows users to monitor dog's health condition. This dog monitor app also helps to gather the information about the periods of your pets as well as recent vaccination results. You can simply create there a list of necessary medicines, plans of visits to the veterinarian. Using it's paid version, for example, the owner can track changes in dog's weight and growth.

pet medical records app

Dog Health app for health state monitoring

As for Pro Plan 5 app - it will help you feel as a personal trainer who teaches dogs various tricks and makes them obedient. App gives the cues for basic commands and hard techniques. The results of training are displayed on the screen of your electronic gadget. It is one of the best apps for dog owners.

dog command app

ProPlan app to teach your dog with new commands

First aid

For instance, Pet First Aid app gives a piece of advice and recommendations for pet first aid, and not only for dogs and puppies but also for kitties. Detailed articles, videos, and pictures will help you find a quick solution in a difficult situation and even save the life of your furry friend. The app contains information how to calm down your anxious dog (these tips will not work if your pet is infected with rabies!), tie up wounds correctly or put on the muzzle. Animal care apps like this can be useful for all pet owners.

best apps for pet records

Pet First Aid app to ask for recommendation in case of emergency

PetCoach makes it possible to call a veterinarian 24/7 in the case of emergency. Apart from this, such app gives a veterinarian a set of recommendations on how to improve the state of pet's health on the basis of information that user pointed out in the app. Furthermore, such pet healthcare app will help you successfully adjust the pet's diet.

apps for cats android

Pet Coach app to help you coordinate pet's diet

Veterinarian recommendations

Group of veterinarians created their own software for consulting with the doctor via the mobile phone. Regular veterinary check-ups can cost a penny, whereas Ask a Vet app makes it possible to contact a licensed veterinarian and get a good reply for the acceptable amount of money. The first question will be for free, but you will need to pay for further ones. The user sends accompanying materials - x-ray photographs, printouts of analysis or even short video with pet symptoms description. The pet health record app processes it and helps find a good specialist to resolve the difficult situation.

Vet Calculator Plus is a kind of veterinarian assistant that calculates the doses of drugs as well as makes calculations regarding the amount and components of food. In addition, it can convert scales of temperature, determine the pain barrier etc.

You can develop your own app that combines all these types considered above. It will make it possible to envisage all aspects of pet care and call for a help in case of emergency. The app will be useful both for pets owners and business owners that want to automate their business and add something new.

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Let's consider what features will help you build an amazing pet monitor app and app for receiving veterinarian recommendations.

MVP features to be integrated

Pet profile can include the following information: breed, color, sterilization data, weight, particularities such as food preferences, favorite delicacies, allergies.

A hint of Cleveroad: keep in mind to create several profiles of pets since many people have more than one pet in their dwelling.

Food monitoring

Some pets have excess weight that leads to unwanted diseases. In this case, a diet monitoring can be a solution. And since apps for pet owners include a table of calories and list of allowed products, it will be easier to look after your most devoted creature. This feature can be represented in the form of calculator that is calculating daily nutritional standard for animal and portions size.

pet record keeper & organizer

Check how many calories your pet consumed

Exercises and walk monitoring

GPS is often built into the majority of smartphones. So why not to create a MapMyRun app but only for dogs, including exercises monitoring and walk plan arrangement to make your pet walk a lot for losing it's excess body weight. For example, distance traveled, time and speed will be displayed on the screen of pet tracker app after each walk.

Official medical documentation

This feature includes a history of already made pet vaccinations. You can leave a mark in the app about results and vaccination doses that allow you to manage a medical card and monitor pet reactions.

Notification system

It can notify pet owners about forthcoming vaccinations, breakfast, dinner, activity reduction, necessity to take medicines or location of a pet far away from home. For example, when the time to vaccinate your pet has come, users will be notified via push-notification displayed on their smartphone screen.This feature is necessary for apps for dog owners, especially when some injections should be made every three years, for example.

Integrated search

A search of veterinarians, nurseries, groomers, dog parks, emergency centers nearby or in other selected world regions on the basis of user location.

Keep your vet on speed dial

Everything is clear here. You can always contact the veterinarian or any other pet service.

animal apps for android

Call your vet if something is wrong with your pet

Here it is necessary to think about connections arrangement between app and veterinarian clinics, and how users and doctors will interact - using chat or speed dial.

Communication with the veterinarian

Veterinarian notes and records can be added via pictures and medical docs import, that can be uploaded and exchanged via e-mail or built-in messenger.

In addition to basic feature kit, additional features can modify veterinary apps together with tracking devices attached to pet's collar.

Activity monitoring

GPS tracker together with tracking collar can track the physical activity of your pet via the mobile dog walking app. The accelerometer in the device is detecting motions that help identify whether a pet is playing, running or has a rest. Activity and the information about the quantity of burned calories will be displayed in pet's profile every day. Furthermore, this feature will help find animal if it runs far from home and loses it's way back.

dog walk app android

Activity tracking is highly required

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Also, together with services that offer you to install cameras at user's dwelling, it is rather easy to build in live video streaming feature when the user can monitor what his or her pet is doing when they are away. This feature is also necessary for nurseries and pet hotels.

Health condition monitoring

It will make it possible to detect the first symptoms of the disease that declares itself in the reduction of food and water consumed as well as in activity reduction. The tracker can detect problems with the health of your pet far before it will become a serious disease. Comparing activity tendencies like dream, rest and physical exercises, such app will display statistics and alert notification. If tracker has been built in Bluetooth in addition to GPS, it will allow the user to measure pet's temperature.

A hint of Cleveroad: also, in order to fill the pet care apps with the useful content for pet owners, integrate recommendations for daily care or emergency cases.

Integrated care recommendations

Depending on what pet type you want to develop the app for (for example, exotic animals, cats, dogs, birds, fish), recommendations may vary. Also, there can be answers to general questions like how long rabbit's pregnancy lasts or what temperature of chinchilla's body is considered as normal.

First aid

Apart from it, the app can include first aid recommendations with media files that serve as an example of how to make a bandage, stop bleeding etc.

Pet monitoring app monetization

It is worth creating the business plan while developing the best apps for dogs and other pets, and it will help your app function properly. Since expenses will be related to payment for veterinarian services after the app development. Some of the already existing apps made this service paid or they provide the opportunity to have one free consultation, but you will have to pay for further ones.

For example, if your business is connected to veterinarian aid, you can set paid filling of the app for earning and expenses covering related to doctors consultations.

Partnership advertising also can become an additional solution, there are many variations - companies that offer animal food, toys, tracking collars and so on.

In paid version users can have more benefits. Like in Dog Health app, users can track changes in weight and pet growth. The main thing you must follow is the usefulness of additional paid features. Users should want to pay for them. So it is necessary not to forget about the golden middle.

Also, you can earn money selling real products offered by you or partnerships companies.

Expertise of Cleveroad

Our experience has been connected to pets but it goes beyond the veterinarian subject. We had an amazing experience of the You Love My Dog (YLMD) app development for iOS. Men and women can choose a new love partner to one or another dog's breed. The main condition in the registration process is to upload a photo with the dog. If interests unite, why it cannot be love to dogs? Main app features include the opportunity to join group chats for discussion of various topics related to pets. It allows dogs owners to know each other better, ask for advice or go for walk together. Apart from it, YLMD has video and audio chats, and you can add video avatar imaging your pet. So this is one of the most interesting dog apps for iPhone.

pet care services app

YMLD app from Cleveroad

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We listed all important issues that need to be considered while developing the pet monitoring app. We are responsible for what we have tamed. This saying will always be topical and we can not forget about pets. All the more so they, unfortunately, can not tell us if they feel ill. So if you make a decision to develop such app, remember that it could help many people save their lovely animals. We are always at your disposal to help with the app development, so just write us a word! And don't forget to subscribe to our blog and follow all interesting news!

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