Mixed Reality In Education: Efficient Way To Reinforce Teaching & Learning Experience

02 Mar 2018
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Sergey L.

Have you already experienced all capabilities of VR and AR? Considering a rapid development of these two technologies, soon they will enter all fields of our activity. According to Statista, it is expected that the market size of augmented reality and virtual reality will reach $215 billion by 2021. That is why it is not a surprise that an educational field also fell under the influence of VR/AR technologies.

Today you can already order an educational software development with both VR and AR features that will make your software really amazing. But let's consider how the educational field is benefiting from mixed reality and what additional tools it can get. First things first.

Why does education need for AR and VR technologies?

Of course, the education industry is unlikely to be a field you think about when you hear something about mixed reality. Yes, education is not the first industry that moves towards all new technologies. But anyway it was supposed to face VR and AR eventually since these technologies can change every aspect of the educational process. Using mixed reality, it is possible to integrate it into special tutorials and improve the way people learn. Virtual reality and education can be mutually beneficial for each other.


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In fact, there are many ways of VR/AR application in education. Therefore, many software development companies are creating augmented reality and virtual reality educational apps, Cleveroad also contributes to this process. The demand for such apps is growing, and you will see now why.

What you should start with or why AR is a solution

World statistics has it that mixed reality can be considered as a real breakthrough in the educational industry. Such innovative approach helps students acquire information in a better way, remember all information, and it can be equally useful for students at the university and at school. Numerous experiments showed that students acquire new material much better if it is provided using AR. Moreover, they didn't learn for show, they were interested in learning. Whereas an old good approach to teaching wasn't so popular.

AR technology may become much more efficient in terms of learning of some specific tasks children deal with every day. It doesn't require a bunch of expensive hardware, unlike VR. Smartphone or tablet is everything you need. That is why you can upgrade a learning process if you create AR app. It has the following pros:

Replace paper textbooks

I bet you agree with me that children will prefer using a smartphone than open a boring math book. Thus, you can use it in your favor. AR-based app will help immerse children and elder students in learning process much faster. Using 3D color objects of historical heritage or geometric figures, you will let your students delve into a specific subject much better. 

Expensive equipment is not required
Huge banners, stands, whiteboards and other visual aids will not need you anymore if you have an AR app. It can contain all necessary educational information, students just need to have their mobile device. Moreover, AR app makes it possible to perform learning process without the Internet connection. Whereas VR will require it if you want to do teamwork in VR environment. 
Better engagement

With AR, students can learn subjects everywhere they want just using their smartphones. In addition, each student can delve into a certain subject as deep as he or she wants. Studying the construction of reactive airplane or traveling to Coliseum in 3D environment. 

As an option, if you still want to mix AR and VR, then you can pay attention to Google Cardboard glasses. This device is rather cheap and it can give your students VR experience as well. It will be not so immersive as it can be using expensive Oculus Rift or HoloLens, but it can be enough to make students learn with better engagement 

Do you plan to add augmented reality to your app, but you are not sure whether you need it? Watch this video to find out how AR can help you:

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Main benefits of VR/AR in education

There are many advantages of VR/AR and we would like to list some of them as follows:

Full immersion

Imagine 3D modeling as an example. Two-dimensional paper projection can give students a full comprehension what this object is and what it does, but they cannot view this object from all sides, look at all separate elements. Three-dimensional way changes it, virtual reality used in education helps a future specialist see all details, they can delve into it's structure and the working principle, implement virtual modifications and changes.


This approach is especially useful if it comes to teaching children. Virtual reality in classroom changes everything. Children acquire all information with the help of their eyes, they don't know what abstract thinking is and how they should learn it. Visualization of theory with the help of AR learning simplifies the process of memorization and they become more hungry for knowledge.


Do you remember your school years? Flipping through pages of a textbook is not the most captivating process in the world. But just imagine that pages of textbooks become alive, characters can speak with people, they explain to students some complicated elements, they help immerse in the main point of the material. This approach is much more interesting and comprehensible.


A student can do heart surgery, control super high-speed train, space shuttle, truck, fight a fire and so on - it is possible to let students perform any task without the least bit of harm for them. Climb the mountain while sitting on the couch - that is really fantastic.


Using virtual reality in the classroom, it makes it possible to change scenarios, solve math tasks, engage in archaeological excavations etc., and you can do it combining game and science. During the virtual lesson, it is possible to see what the world was like many centuries ago, study anatomy of the human body or sail on a medieval ship to encounter America. Everything can be achieved just with a VR/AR software and you can order the development of such app from a company like Cleveroad.


A virtual world with virtual education systems surrounds the user for 360 degrees, and it allows them to focus on learning a new material and nothing will affect the attentiveness of the student.


Collaboration in virtual reality bring people together and it allows them to do teamwork efficiently. A teacher can involve students in the learning process and have more productive lesson than usual.

benefits of virtual reality in the classroom

Strong sides of VR and AR in education


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The use of mixed reality devices in education becomes more diversified from year to year. Mobile apps turn into a really amazing experience, and they can be developed to teach people to do something they haven't done before. Today some educational establishments in developed countries install holographic stands, transparent touch screens, buy VR glasses and so on.

Popular educational MR projects on the market

There are the majority of projects that made use of VR and AR for educational field, and we would like to emphasize on a few popular ones.


The project is created by the company of the same name. Unimersiv virtual reality education software is developed for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR devices, and the main goal of the software is to provide users with historical and educational experience. Unimersiv is considered to be one of the largest breakthroughs in education, especially because virtual reality facilitates the learning of new material.

virtual reality learning

Unimersiv app to learn the history

Unimersiv offers three ways to use it at the moment:

  • An individual can immerse in historical places, visit locations of Ancient Rome or any other place in the world;
  • Fly to space and find out everything about particularities of other planets and stars;
  • Journey inside the human body - users can see how the heart and brain work, structures of the circulatory and cardiovascular system and so on. 

Unimersiv app is free to download in Google Play store, but if you need additional types of VR experience, you should buy it.

Unimersiv developers strive to support schools, colleges, and other educational centers to promote their projects and bring them to the mass. The project shows obvious benefits of virtual reality in education.


This amazing startup has already conquered the minds of people despite the fact it was released a few months ago in 2017. This startup consists of T-shirt and AR mobile app that together make it possible to see all internal organs of the human body.

augmented reality in education and training

Curiscope app for medicals

The shirt is covered with QR code that a corresponding app can read and turn into functioning human internal organs. Using AR in the app, medicals can use this app to learn the anatomy of the human body and make it in an entertaining form.

The startup was crowdfunded with Kickstarter campaign and now the kit with the shirt and AR app is available for $30 per kit. Now medicals can see how heart, liver or kidneys are functioning and learn it's right location in the body due to augmented reality in education. Do you need your AR app? Cleveroad is waiting for your requests.

EON Reality

This startup serves as a mixed reality software that works like a construction set. Using this software, students and teachers can create different 3D objects in the virtual environment without any limitations. Also, it is possible to add notes, video and sound effects to your virtual session. This startup can be ideal for future engineers, architects, and other specialists as well. It is just like one of VR educational games.

best vr apps for education and augmented learning

EON reality - a virtual construction set for adults

Apart from all mentioned above, users can share their objects to explore them with other teachers and students. There is a feature that allows all users meet each other in the virtual environment from any location. That is one of the best advantages of VR educational apps - the lesson can take place even if all students are at home. They just need EON Reality software installed, Internet connection and VR helmet.

EON Reality has internal web search where you can look for something from Wikipedia, for example, and then insert this information directly in your object. If you need a similar software to work with 3D objects, Cleveroad can help you do it.

How do VR and AR enhance educational process?

Why will mixed reality change education forever? There are a few reasons for it.

Immersive experience vs boring lessons

Everybody knows that young people of today are living a large part of their lives in the digital environment, interact with each other with the help of Facebook or other messengers. That is why the educational process should eventually be reformed to make students learn everything with the interest, not under the whiplash. So mixed reality became is the best option to be integrated into the education field. It gives a more personalized and immersive way for teachers to involve students in learning process. Using VR in education together with AR, students and teachers can work with each other efficiently even if they are physically far away from each other.


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All children like to play. And VR/AR software is the best option to make children learn and play simultaneously. Also, learning what prevention of accidents is, they will be able to know how they can deal with electricity or fire. Everything depends on what software you need, and development company will do it for you.

Technologies become cheaper

Of course, AR/VR learning apps in combination with VR devices cost rather a lot, but now many big companies start manufacturing affordable VR devices like Google Cardboard, for example. It will not give the user a super duper realistic virtual environment, but it will be enough to get students interested. Therefore, VR/AR software developers also offer different types of apps where you can add a basic set of features only to teach students about the history of Middle Ages. Thus, the development cost of such app will be not very high.

Practical use

Theoretical learning of any subject is required. If a student doesn't know the theory - they cannot use in practice, but these two conceptions are inseparable. And mixed reality for education helps teacher solve this issue once and for all. Using theoretical knowledge, teachers can give students the opportunity to use it in practice without any possible harm to them.

virtual reality in education and training

Reasons why MR is necessary in education

Practice helps them consolidate all knowledge they gained during the learning process. If something goes wrong - students can start again. That is the large difference of software from a real-life application - everything can be changed or ceased whenever you want. That is why digital technologies like educational VR content are in the top today. Our company can prove it on our experience.

Drawbacks mixed reality has in education

Despite the fact that advantages of VR/AR are prevailing and they can beat almost all drawbacks, but anyway some disadvantages exist and we cannot ignore them. As all technologies, mixed reality is not perfect yet.

disadvantages of mixed reality in education

Cons of VR and AR in education


Any discipline is rather large, so it requires a lot of resources to create content for each class. Thus, it should be a large set of lessons and it is quite difficult to place them in one app without lowering the quality of images. Moreover, the development of such educational virtual reality apps will take much time.


Yes, we mentioned that technologies are developing and they become cheaper and affordable every year, but anyway the high cost of VR/AR integration into the education industry is still actual. If it is a distance learning, then the student should buy VR headset by himself. But educational establishments need to buy VR kits on an industrial scale, and the government should make large investments in it, but their state budget simply cannot afford it.


 It is highly important to find right tools to involve students and get their interest. So, the content should be immersive and interesting. Unfortunately, not all educational apps are really captivating so they cannot find their audience and fail eventually. Therefore, if you plan to create augmented reality apps for education, you need to determine what you really need in it. Then software developers will do the rest.


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Well, that is what wanted to tell you. VR and AR are leading technologies, and education industry is the one where you can find how to use mixed reality wisely. You just need to study all aspects of VR/AR integration into educational apps. We can help you solve this problem, contact us to find out all information and click a Subscribe button on the right side to get our newsletters with interesting information.

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