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02 Sep 2020

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It’s hard to find the right tech talents due to the ever-rising demand for IT services. (Especially if you’re limited in time and money). A dedicated development team for hire may be the way out of this situation.

Many software development vendors can offer you to hire a dedicated team from their staff. There’s no need for countless interviews and lengthy onboarding.

Another reason to hire a development team is a low budget. There’s no need to pay for office rent, taxes, software, and hardware. Besides, you only pay when there are tasks to assign.

Let’s find out how to hire a dedicated development team.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team stands for hiring tech specialists from vendors to do a particular job. For example, you need talents for a side project, yet you don’t want to distract the core team from their tasks.

Dedicated teams don’t usually cooperate with in-house programmers and are managed on the customer's side. When the project is over, the cooperation also comes to an end.

Big enterprises tend to hire dedicated development teams since they need specialists for new projects or tech tasks where they lack experience.

There are several reasons to hire dedicated teams:

  • Cut expenses. It depends on the region, but this approach is often more cost-effective in comparison to in-house developers.
  • Find qualified specialists. The dedicated model brings an opportunity to hire experienced developers worldwide and avoid the war for talents in local markets.
  • Shorten the hiring time. The process of hiring a dedicated team usually takes less time.

Looking for a tech partner?

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Why hire dedicated development team

Reasons to hire a dedicated development team

How to Hire a Dedicated Team: Members to Consider

What IT specialists can you hire as members of your dedicated team? There are a bunch of specialists, from developers to UI/UX designers.

Here’s a list of talents you can hire and their responsibilities:

Front-end web developers

Front-end or client-side development is the process of converting data into the graphical interface to let users interact with the product. Such developers tend to work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back-end developers

Backend of the project is where developers build the business logic. It consists of a server, an application, and a database. Back-end developers usually have experience in Node.js and MongoDB and SQL databases.

Mobile developers

There are two main operating systems — iOS and Android. Developers should know different programming languages to create apps — Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android).

UI/UX designers

Design is vital for your app success. UI/UX designers create screens and their conditions and hand over the design to developers. They tend to use Sketch and InVision.

QA specialists

Quality assurance services focus on releasing bug-free products. QA engineers perform manual and automated tests to find bugs and inform developers about them.

DevOps engineers

DevOps specialists are responsible for identifying the right tools, set processes, and automate the code flow from development to production.

Study the web development team structure: team members and their responsibilities explained.

Hire dedicated development team: Members

Dedicated development team members

Of course, it’s not a full list of IT specialists you can hire. The choice always depends on your project requirements and business goals. If you’re hesitating about what specialists to hire, it’d be better to consult with a vendor.

Where to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

There are several points to consider when you hire dedicated teams. You need to pay attention to their location because it affects the price. Also, it’s better to consider the platform you can use to find the required specialists.

Regions to Hire Dedicated Teams

There are several popular destinations to hire dedicated teams:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia

Why outsource software development to Ukraine? We’ve revealed seven reasons.

Number of software developers by region

Software developers by region

However, the price and qualification depend on the region. For example, companies from North America charge the highest rates. On the contrary, Asian software development companies have the lowest rates, but their customer service is often questionable.

Here’s a brief overview of dedicated development team’s rates by members for various regions:

IT specialists' rates by regions

Specialist/RegionNorth AmericaAustraliaWestern EuropeEastern EuropeAsiaSouth America

Front-end developers







Back-end developers







iOS developers







Android developers







UI/UX designers







QA engineers







DevOps engineers







There are a bunch of platforms where you can find a dedicated team.

Clutch is a well-known B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform. The service lists over 7,000 companies working in a variety of IT fields. The platform offers a lot of clients reviews and feedback. As a result, you can choose a reliable vendor.


One more popular platform to find a dedicated development team for hire is GoodFirms. It provides many experts within software development fields from all over the world.

GoodFirms has a bunch of cool features like research on various topics related to outsourcing development.

IT Firms

The service offers to find top vendors to create excellent IT solutions. IT Firms creates different lists of leading developers in various categories and regions. For example, you can find top e-commerce developers from all over the world.

Companies That Hire Dedicated Teams Successfully

The IT services outsourcing market is expected to reach $531 billion by 2022. Enterprises and SMBs are active consumers of software development outsourcing, making this market grow year-over-year.

There are several examples of companies that have cooperated with dedicated development teams:

  • Google. This giant outsources parts of its projects like IT management and back-end development to reduce expenses.
  • Slack has outsourced the development of their mobile app and marketing website. A dedicated team created the project’s MVP.
  • Expensify cooperated with an outsourcing company to develop a back-end part of the project.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team: Steps to Follow

Hiring an experienced dedicated team requires some preparation. Below you can find tips that can make the hiring process more comfortable and profitable.

Tip #1. Do the Market Research

You need to check the companies that have the required expertise. Also, it’s good to study how many years they’re in business.

Another vital factor to consider is the company’s growth. In most cases, good service providers tend to scale their business. As a result, the number of employees is growing.

Tip #2. Study the Company’s Reviews

There are a bunch of platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms where you can find the clients’ reviews. You have to study the customers’ feedback to avoid mistakes.

Review platforms tend to verify customers’ feedback, so you can be sure that all the comments are valid.

Tip #3. Look Through the Previous Projects

Every reliable vendor has a portfolio with previous works. You can look through the released tech products on the company’s website. By the way, you’re welcome to study Cleveroad’s portfolio.

Studying the company’s portfolio, you can find similar projects. It approves the vendors’ expertise in the required field.

Tip #4. Protect Your Data

How to protect your project idea? It’s better to sign an NDA agreement before discussing the project.

NDA agreement covers such aspects of the development process as the procedure of data collection, transfer, access, and more.

Also, software development companies should follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Note! Cleveroad has already developed the system to comply with GDPR.

Tip #5. Check the Transparency

Having a dedicated development team for hire, you have to pay attention to the company’s transparency. You can manage the team yourself or hire a project manager. In both cases, you need to use project management tools.

Utilizing project management software, you can see how the software engineers work, how much time they spend. The most popular tools for tracking are:

  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Kantree
How to hire dedicated development team

Steps to hire dedicated team

How to Interview Dedicated Development Team for Hire

Interviewing your dedicated development team, you need to consider the communication channel. It’s common for the first contact to send an email to schedule a phone or video call.

Phone Call

The first meeting is all about sharing your expectations, business goals, and project requirements. Also, you can ask about the developers’ CVs, skill level, and more.

During the phone call, you need to arrange a time for a video interview to test the candidates’ skill level. You can send some practical tasks to solve.

The first phone call takes 20-30 minutes. This time is enough to draw up the first impression of the candidate.

Video Interview

During this interview, you need to test the candidates’ hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are vital for the developers’ job. They include the demanded knowledge and experience to create tech products. It’s common to list these skills in the job description.

It’s impossible to test the developers’ hard skills without a technical background. So, you need to cooperate with a tech consultant like a CTO specialist.

To cooperate with the team effectively, the candidate should have good soft skills.

There’s a PDF file with interview questions to ask a dedicated development team for hire.

You need to check the following soft skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Conflict management
  • Work in a team
  • Adaptability
  • Dedication

Signing Documents

The last step is signing a contract to start the development process.

A valid contract should contain the following data: full name of the services, price, payment, and delivery procedure. You also need to sign an NDA agreement (if you haven’t yet) to protect your project idea.

Why Hire Dedicated Team at Cleveroad

There are several reasons to cooperate with Cleveroad:

  • Dynamic change of plans.
  • No recruiting, administrative, and training expenses.
  • Extensive experience in offshore and nearshore development for startups and enterprises.
  • Flexible and adaptive way of communication that meets your requirements.

Ready to hire a dedicated team?

Contact us to know more about our development team and ask questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a bunch of cool platforms where you can find a dedicated team. The most popular are Clutch, GoodFirms, and IT Firms.

There are three main benefits of cooperation with a dedicated development team:

  • Reduced expenses
  • Qualified specialists
  • Reduced hiring time

There are several reasons to hire dedicated teams:

  • Reduced expenses. It depends on the region, but in most cases, such an approach is more cost-effective than in-house developers.
  • Qualified specialists. An opportunity to cooperate with talented and experienced developers.
  • Shorter hiring time. The process of hiring a dedicated team may take less time. Also, you don’t need to consider hardware and software for software engineers.

There are several steps you need to follow to hire a dedicated development team:

  1. Do market research.
  2. Choose the Region to hire a dedicated team.
  3. Study the company’s reviews and previous projects.
  4. Conduct interviews with candidates.
  5. Check the transparency.
  6. Sign a contract and NDA.
  7. Start the development process.

A dedicated development team stands for hiring remote workers to create a project. This approach is common for long-term cooperation. A dedicated team is perfect if you need extra developers to help your in-house software engineers or if you require a full project team.

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