Guide for Hiring a Dedicated Development Team: Insights from Cleveroad

01 Mar 2018
6 min

It's clear that well-managed businesses tend to grow rapidly. However, you never know exactly how fast it'll be. So it's easy to underrate the number of technical staff you need. If deadlines are coming and you simply don't have enough time to find the right talent -- a dedicated development team is your way out. 

There are many situations when you may need the service of a professional dedicated development team. That's why in this article, we'll tell you how we coordinate our customers who hired a dedicated software development team in our company.

Generally, there are two scenarios for hiring a dedicated development team we're faced with most frequently. In order you could find your concrete case -- let's consider both of them in more details.

Dedicated development team to build product from scratch

This scenario implies you're a startup or company which already has one or more tech specialists (e.g. CTO, lead engineer), as well as certain workplace hierarchy. However, you lack specialists to complete your project. Therefore you decided to hire Cleveroad for providing you with a dedicated development team and form a project team.

The first thing your software development team needs to learn before is all information about the product you can provide us with. In case you don't want to reveal details without signing NDA -- it's not a problem as our team works with this agreement all the time. The only thing you should do is to inform our managers about it in advance.

Except for the common information, a tech representative from your side should be ready to tell about the project's tech peculiarities (if any) to dedicated team employees our company provides. For instance, if you want us to use the concrete programming language/library etc. Also, we'll ask you about the timeline of the project.

Based on project details, we can provide you with the rough estimate that includes minimum and maximum amount of hours we need to get this work done. This way, you'll see approximate spendings you need to pay for dedicated software team services. In addition, based on the deadline you expect to meet, we can suggest you the team for your specific case.

After all the peculiarities are clarified and both parties agree to continue cooperation -- we send our customer a contract and give some time to study it. As soon as it's signed we start forming your dedicated engineering team which will be engaged in the product development from the planning stage to its release

We should mention this scenario implies that Cleveroad takes all responsibilities for team management. Surely, your dedicated software development team will coordinate their actions with tech representative from your side but we take over the project management itself. If you have other vision -- we're always open to your suggestions. Just let our managers know about them.

It's important to know for you as a customer that at Cleveroad we usually start working on the project as soon as prepayment is done (within two weeks). You can discuss this point with our managers additionally.

Dedicated development company: Development from scratch

Dedicated development team: How we approach this process at Cleveroad

Dedicated development team for further development

This scenario implies you already have a ready-made product and a certain number of in-house tech specialists that worked on it. However for some reasons you experience lack of workforce or need a developer with certain skills (e.g. with knowledge of a concrete technology). Then, you just refer to a company that provides dedicated software team services and explain that you need, let's say, a web developer with good knowledge of AngularJS.

Generally, the main difference of this scenario with the previous one is that a dedicated remote team we provide will require more technical information to study the product's architecture. As a rule, we ask our customers to provide us with the access to source code so that we could gain the understanding of what technologies were used there and how it actually works.

In most cases, this scenario means that a customer intends to hire just one or several developers to form the dedicated development team for his/her project. This makes it hard for us to manage the project without being involved deep enough in the project. That's why management responsibilities fully or partially fall on the customer's shoulders. All these can be discussed additionally. 

Except for these, all other processes are pretty the same. Again, we're open to any your suggestions.

Dedicated development company: Ongoing development

Dedicated development team: How we approach this process at Cleveroad

Price for dedicated software team services

At Cleveroad we use two types of contract for IT services. This gives our customers an opportunity to choose the one fitting his/her needs. Let's dive into peculiarities.

Fixed price model

This model implies that you pay the set amount of money for the fixed scope of work. In other words, you address us your problem, we think of the possible ways how to solve it, and provide you with the final project timeline and price. This way, you don't put yourself at risk to overpay for extra development hours which may be needed in some cases.

This pricing model is suitable for smaller projects with detailed specification. So, this model may not be beneficial for you in case you want to hire a dedicated software development team to continuously adapt your product to the market needs or to test and then alter some features.

The changes are possible but they'll require recalculating the scope of work and some changes to management approach. Respectively, this process will influence the time we need to rollout the product, as well as the price you'll pay.

Dedicated development team: Price model

Dedicated development team from Ukraine: Fixed price model at Cleveroad

Time & Material pricing model

This is pay-as-you-go model which is a perfect pick for projects without clearly set requirements. Usually, it's applied when a project can't be estimated in advance because of some technical peculiarities. That also means the scope of work can change throughout the development.

However, if you need an estimate we can provide you with it. We'll specify the minimum and maximum amount of hours we need to cope with the set scope of work.

Concerning billing process, we have the set pricing (per hour) on various services, so we'll ask you to pay the weekly/monthly bill based on those rates.

In general, Time & Material pricing model can be more beneficial for you as a product owner. That's because you control the process on your own, understand the working speed of the team, and you are totally involved in the work on your product.

Dedicated development team: Price model

Dedicated development team from Ukraine: Time & Material price model at Cleveroad

Have some questions? Our tech-savvy managers can consult you concerning pricing model to choose, as well as answer all your questions. Talk with them!

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