The Fullest Guide to Offshore Software Development in Ukraine

Updated 06 Jul 2023

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Let’s face it: in-house teams are becoming less vital for business. A bunch of enterprises like Amazon, Google, and Apple cooperate with outsourcing companies on a regular basis to reduce costs and time to market.

Offshore software development stands for hiring companies from other countries for delivering software development services. It lets companies pick the hourly rate they can afford or find talents they lack in the region.

In Ukraine, offshore development is quite popular. Here is what statistics says:

  • Ukraine is among the leading countries for offshore development.
  • 20% of world-known tech companies have offices in Ukraine.
  • Skype, Bosch, Apple, Microsoft, and other companies chose Ukraine as a destination for remote cooperation and ODC offshore development center establishment.

Why pick offshore software development? Ukraine has many talented IT specialists and offers affordable rates. In this guide, we’ve singled out the top five reasons why choose offshore Ukraine software development services.

Offshore software development Ukraine: Talented developers

Quick stats

Reason 1. Talented Developers

Offshore software development in Ukraine starts with a pool of talented and experienced specialists.

4 years ago, 184,700 IT specialists were employed in the IT industry. Throwing back 3 years ago, this number rose to 192,100. The latest stats claim that this number will be growing and reach 242,000 by 2025.

These days, Ukraine has the third place in Eastern Europe for the number of IT workers, giving way only to Russia and Poland.

Many universities in Ukraine prepare qualified tech specialists. There are 20,000+ graduates each year from top Ukrainian universities with degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Ukraine offshore software development: IT specialists in Ukraine

Number of IT specialists in Ukraine

Reason 2. Education-Driven Companies

Ukrainian IT companies focus on the constant development of their workers. Tech specialists are encouraged to take part in various conferences to share their experience with colleagues and gain new knowledge.

Over 20 Ukrainian cities have IT clusters like Kyiv IT Cluster, Lviv IT Cluster, and Kharkiv IT Cluster. Such clusters tend to unite leading IT companies, local authorities, and universities to develop the IT industry in the region.

Also, there are various IT courses. For example, Kyiv alone is home for 120+ IT courses in such fields as front-end and back-end development, UI/UX design, QA testing, and others.

In addition, IT companies are striving to improve their employees’ skills. For example, at Cleveroad, we have a free English speaking club. Also, we regularly hold traineeship and education events where team members share their knowledge on a certain topic with each other.

Reason 3. Affordable Rates

Skills are essential, but the final price can be a decisive factor. Ukraine is a popular outsourcing destination thanks to good value for money.

Software development companies from Ukraine tend to charge from $25 - $49 per working hour. Let’s compare this number with other popular offshore software development destinations.

Developers hourly rates (Source: Clutch)

DestinationRatesCountries included

Eastern Europe


Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria

Latin America


Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Peru



Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa



India, China, Philippines

What about taxes?

One more point to consider discussing software development cost is taxes. Ukranian government supports the IT sector offering simplified taxation system, which results into lower prices for the end client.

Reason 4. 1,190+ IT Companies in Ukraine

According to Clutch, there are approximately 1,200 and 863 firms that offer web and mobile development services respectively in Ukraine. So, if you need for example offshore mobile application development company, you will definitely find one.

Ukrainian IT companies are constantly growing, hiring new specialists, and opening new offices. For example, Cleveroad has two offices in big Ukrainian cities — Dnipro and Kharkiv.

Most companies work with clients from the USA, Canada, France, and others. It’s quite comfortable to visit Ukraine for our partners and have an offline meeting.

Need a tech partner?

Hire an offshore software development team from Ukraine!

Here are the flight costs to Kyiv (one-way ticket):

  • Paris, France – from ₴5,742 – $230
  • London, UK – ₴6,104 – $244
  • Berlin, Germany – ₴3,329 – $133
  • Washington, DC – ₴15,749 – $629
  • Seattle, WA – ₴18,679 – $746
Offshore development Ukraine: Flights to Kyiv

Flights to Kyiv

Reason 5. The Combination of Hard and Soft Skills

Ukrainian developers' are experienced in various programming languages. Software engineers tend to choose Java and JavaScript to develop software solutions.

Usage of programming languages in Ukraine

Programming languagesUsage percent





















What about soft skills?

Let’s face it: you need specialists who can code, but can also communicate and solve your business problems.

Ukrainian development teams are client-oriented. They always try to look at the problem from the client’s point of view. They are interested in the product’s success.

Also, despite the time zone difference, vendors typically have a comfortable solution for both sides, like scheduling the meeting beforehand or using emails and messengers.

For example, at Cleveroad, we use Slack, Gmail, Skype to get in touch with our clients. During the project development, we set the meeting schedule to keep our client posted. The client needs to approve every development stage like wireframes, design, first sprint, and more. and

Discover the software development process at Cleveroad

World-Known Projects Developed in Ukraine

Apart from the experience and qualification of Ukrainian developers, there are a bunch of cool IT projects.

Here are the four projects built in Ukraine and used all over the world.


A well-known service for checking grammatical and syntactical mistakes. Among the advanced features, Grammarly can check the text for similar words and offers more appropriate synonyms. The service also provides an opportunity to find plagiarism in your text. Grammarly uses machine learning technology for checking text quality. Two Ukrainian developers Alexey Shevchenko and Maxim Litvin created Grammarly in 2009 and are improving the service up to date. The total funding amount in Grammarly is $200 million.


One more service from Ukraine. Dmitry Sergeev created Depositphotos in 2009. The service offers to sell and purchase stock photos. The service has a paid subscription for $9.99 per month granting access to over 150 million photos. The total funding amount in Depositphotos is $8 million.


Terrasoft creates CRM, BPM, and Service Desk systems. The company provides solutions for improving marketing, sales, and service processes. Terrasoft integrates CRM solutions and helps automate enterprises. These days, the company has offices in 6 countries and is growing rapidly.

Offshore development Ukraine: Popular projects

Projects developed in Ukraine

It’s possible to list a lot of projects that were created by talented Ukrainian developers. We’ve covered the most popular to show that offshore development in Ukraine is mature.

Why Choose Cleveroad for Offshore Development in Ukraine: Our Expertise

Cleveroad is an experienced software development company with headquarters in Eastern Europe, Ukraine. We’ve been providing startups and businesses of all scales with a custom-built software for more than 10+ years.

Our competence comprises a wide range of tech services and latest development solutions. Thus, our clients can maximize workflow efficiency, overcome many business challenges, and receive many other competitive advantages. When cooperating with Cleveroad, our customers receive a row of benefits:

  • Our Sales Managers make an initial project estimation free of charge, with no hidden extra fees
  • Three flexible partnership models: dedicated team, fixed price, time & materials
  • A cutting-edge solution stack and innovative development methods

We’ve been cooperating with customers from all over the world: USA, France, Sweden, and others. You’re welcome to check our reviews on Clutch and GoodFirms.

To prove our in-depth experience, let’s take a look at the latest projects from Cleveroad: Blockbuster and other portfolio cases.


We’ve recently helped our partners from Denmark improve their video-on-demand streaming services called Blockbuster.

The platform allows watching TV shows and movies via native apps for iOS, Android, Android TV, and tvOS. Additionally, the service has a web version.

Our team has added several exciting features like parental control, a list of favorite shows, and more.

Offshore development Ukraine: Blockbuster



This search-and-discover service was created for the Polish market. Foodito has iOS, Android, and web versions providing users with fast real-time search experience.

Google Maps APIs allow placing all the restaurants from Foodito’s database on the map. The platform lets users find interesting restaurants, reserve a table, and make an order. Besides, users can get a bill and pay for it via the app.

Offshore development Ukraine: Foodito


We’ve developed projects for various industries, from Streaming to Retail. Want to know more about our projects? Take a look at the portfolio!

Looking for a tech partner?

We’re ready to help! Hire an offshore development team from Ukraine.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is offshore software development in Ukraine?

Offshore software development stands for hiring companies from other countries for delivering software development services. It lets companies pick the hourly rate they can afford or find talents they lack in the region.

What are the main reasons to choose offshore software development in Ukraine?

There are three primary reasons:

  • Affordable rates
  • Qualified specialists
  • A bunch of IT companies
Why do companies choose offshore software development in Ukraine?

Let’s single out five main reasons why to choose offshore software development in Ukraine.

  • Talented developers
  • Education-driven companies
  • Affordable rates
  • The combination of hard and soft skills
  • Many IT Companies in Ukraine
What is an offshore software development company in Ukraine?

Offshore software development companies offer other companies to deliver software development services and reduce expenses.

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