Post Release Support - a Must or Wasting Money?

15 APR 2016


The world is changing at a rattling good speed and we just have to keep up with the times. We know fully well that to stay on top you need to work and improve your product over and over again. Of course, the same rule works for the mobile applications. Imagine if Facebook has been never updated since the stage of it's creation. There were just users' photos and a few lines about them. If there were no additional features only information, would you use it in 2016? I doubt it.

That's exactly why it is very important to modify your product and align it with the changing market at every stage of it's creation. And it is no less important to continue doing that after the first users download the application.

There are a lot of competitors in every niche on the market of applications. So, staying on the crest of a wave is possible only quickly responding to every sign from your users and the market in general.

This task is perfectly managed by the post-release application support services and ongoing mobile development. Many people think, 'Why do I need it? My product is great enough and it is able to surpass all the competitors and bring me income for a long time.' And this is the biggest mistake. We understand that ongoing improvement of the application doesn't mean that it was initially bad. It just means that every day it's getting better and better.

Become better

Imagine that you bought a phone. Of course, it gets out-dated over the time. Now imagine how cool it would be to text to the manufacturer's technical support something like that: "Hey, my phone is no longer fashionable, and not useful enough, want a new one", and then magic there is a brand-new phone in your hands . There is one problem your manufacturer can't do that. But you can! Use this advantage)

So, I propose to make sense of what post-release support is all about, how the process happens, and why some people consider it a waste of money? Also, you will understand what is the difference between post-release mobile app support and ongoing mobile development. After reading this article, you will be able to answer the most important question: 'Is it necessary for you personally?'

Post-release tech support and ongoing mobile development

Post-release mobile application support

It is a service that you order from a company that develops your application or another company that you trust. The list of services of post-release mobile app support includes:

  • fixing bugs detected after the project was set as done; 
  • fixing bugs that appeared after the deployment.

If you have a large and full featured application, the supporting strategy is built a little differently. From our experience, the best way to manage the post-release support is to appoint the same personal manager who was in touch with the client during the actual development of the project. In that case, you'll get a dedicated team of developers for your project to support your app. So, a personal manager, developer, and tester work with you. Or there can be a few of them to make your app perfect.

Perfect app

This team checks the application from time to time for whether all features work properly, not if there were any errors, and so on. They will tell you when the number of users will approach the critical and the work on scaling should be started. That is, it won't be a surprise when your app suddenly stopped working unable to bear the load of the number of users. You can order additional services from the same team, if necessary.

To build a correct line of post-release application support, a team needs to understand the business goals, objectives, target audience, it's modification, and personal desires of the client. Therefore, our account managers and project managers actively work in this direction. It is possible to create a successful product only by knowing all the requirements of the client in detail.

Ongoing mobile development

Undoubtedly, it's a great idea to order this service. Just imagine for a moment a situation. You have a fundamentally new challenge for your application or some feature has become unnecessary or even become an obstacle. In that circumstances, you need some urgent programmers' help to correct the situation. You start looking for someone who could help with this. Finding even the most experienced developer who is able to deal with your problem, for sure, you will come across a situation when you need to re-explain everything about your app. And it takes your precious time which you have to pay for.

Working with a company that has created your application, you can be sure that there are some people ready to work with you at any moment. And those people are aware of your requirements and objectives. Therefore, you don't need to spend any extra minute to explain once again in hand-waving terms what you want from the developer.

Team work

This type of mobile development includes a variety of services that can be listed endlessly. You only use those ones that are necessary for you. Among them, there are:

  • filling all the gaps; 
  • development of additional features;
  • scaling; 
  • implementing of new directions; 
  • redesign
  • and even full updates for your application.

How to decide whether you need it?

We are sure that you don't want your application to be completely alone floating around an app store. It's a doubtful perspective to be in constant fear that something can go wrong and you won't be able to fix it. We know what to do.

Our managers and developers will test your application for all the bugs and weaknesses. We'll show you what features need to be modified and lo and behold we can even do it for you.


Having contacted us, you can be sure that you no longer have to look for freelancer or team to tweak a little bug every time. With us, you get a team that will perfectly navigate through your needs and goals. Do you know what is the best of all? We will free your time that you can spend on your business and achieving targets instead of thinking of how to support your app. Lucrative, isn't it? Then contact us and our managers will go for an option which is suitable for you.

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