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Updated 26 Aug 2023

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How often do you use search engines like Google to find something you need? I think you are not the only person who does it since we all google something every day. You can search for some math tasks solution or sales of wedding dress, it doesn't matter. Or you can simply use it to find the place to eat pizza or the service to fix your car. And here we also made our contribution. Recently Cleveroad developers used their skills to create the project - search-and-discovery app to search for different services.

Upd: The platform has been recently rebranded into Foodito.

About the company

oMap Sp.z.o.o is the name of the Polish company that is managed by two Latvian businessmen. They are two co-founders of app. Andris Stinka, one of businessmen, has more than 20 years of experience in the IT business, he is also known as a co-founder of DAYPE and Addio Ltd. companies that are engaged in the Internet technologies. oMap company was founded in March 2018. 

Menu+ app

Menu+ app concept 

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This year the company plans to launch Menu+ - it is a niche app that will provide useful tools for small business marketing. It will be the app created on basis but it will be focused more on food and drink market. Cleveroad specialists already submitted a rough estimation and rough specification for a new project and the project is already under development. 

Main business objectives to achieve

Having conducted the market analysis, Andris came to the conclusion that there is a lack of search-and-discovery apps available on the Polish market. That is why he ordered the development of service from Cleveroad.

#1. The main challenge was in how various services can promote their product. Our customer noted that plastic business cards won't let companies advertise their product as efficiently as it was before. That is why app was developed to let service advertise themselves online and provide users with interesting discounts and loyalty programs. 

#2. Also, software has commission free ordering system, unlike other competitors. No money charges for each order or quantity of products. 

This tool helps you find different restaurants, car services, barber shops, and so on. In fact, the service makes it possible to find anything. Business owners can contact admin represented by our customer and agree about the placement of their enterprise in the app.

How we implemented development strategy

irst things first. Let's start from the very beginning.


Everything starts with the cost planning. We discussed all financial issues and, finally, we got the approval of the customer to start planning stage.

The precise estimation means a lot. See more in our video below:

How To Estimate Your Project Efficiently?

Planning stage

It's a very important stage that we cannot ignore. Planning can influence the development time that will be much longer than it was agreed initially. So, at this stage, we specify all details, assume what the outcome will be. Also, we determine the scope of work and type of work. Then we draft calendar plan specifying when each development stage is going to be finished. We evaluate what resources we will use on each stage and for the project in whole. Project manager coordinates the whole process with all participants of the development. We try to avoid all possible risks to create the app by the due date.

Design stage

Our UI/UX designers made wireframes to let the customer see how his app may look in future. Then we provided our customer with wireframes to get his feedback and to understand his vision of the future product. We discussed all changes that need to be done and the development process was initiated.

Initially, the customer told us that he needs the service on all popular platforms - web, Android and iOS. So to turn this product into reality, we involved the team of developers as follows:

  • 3 web developers (1 for back-end development, 2 for front-end);
  • 2 Android developers; 
  •  2 iOS developers.  

Then the development process started. We applied Agile methodology for the development of the mobile app and it helped us keep up with deadlines and fixed budget. Advantages of Agile methodology for mobile app development are obvious. 

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via Facebook

Create an account or sign-in using Facebook in

The target audience of app

The app was initially focused on two main groups - users and advertisers. 

Andris Stinka

Andris Stinka


The user of the app is an individual who is actively participating in loyalty programs and is looking for discounts (offers) and is comparing goods and services. For users the app is available for free. The advertiser is a small or medium-sized food company (restaurant) that doesn't have a loyalty program for existing clients or whose Facebook campaigns or other online activities are not producing good enough results. has two plans - free and paid premium version (20 EUR per month)

Capabilities of service

This project allows you to search various types of service in Poland.

  • You can sign-in via Facebook or register using your e-mail. Or you can use it without registration, but you will not be able to order the food if you need it. You read information about one or another service to make your decision.

It is worth noting that at the moment is used for food services search predominantly. But it doesn't mean if you have a hotel, you cannot add it to the search. It is up to you.

  • Now then, you can use maps to find the service you need. Interestingly, you can use web version for searching, but you cannot use it to make orders. You will have to download the app for iOS or Android depending on your smartphone. The web version is used for admin to customize the service settings and just as an interface for searching. Moreover, the web version is available only in the Polish language. web version

Web version allows you only to search for services

  • You can read reviews left by other users, look through photos and leave your comments. Also, each enterprise has it's rating and you can rate it as well after the visit;
  • If it is the first time you are in Poland, you can ask a local guide to advise you some good restaurants or hotels. He will do it using app.
  • Direct messaging with clients. Representatives of restaurants or any other services can speak directly with clients in the integrated chat. 

Paid premium accounts for Advertisers make it possible for them create preferences-based offers and be at the top of the list. 

What is special about

When you downloaded the app, it offers you to choose the language - Polish or English. Then, using the app, you can order the food using special integrated chat form to contact food service representative. Chatting and for ordering are advantages you can have using, unlike other available similar services like Foursquare, for example. search

Find the food type you like using

Also, you can get directions from you to the nearest cafe or any other place. The main goal was to create the service that is functional and has a minimalistic design. It is user-friendly, it doesn't require from anybody to investigate how it works. And you can register your own business if you want to.

Andris Stinka

Andris Stinka


The motto of our service is Local makes global. It means that the service created specifically for one local market can become not less popular than other huge worldwide apps for searching food service or any other products. Just one restaurant can simply attract a large user audience due to amazing discounts and well-thought loyalty programs.

Payment is made only in cash upon delivery. But in future, there are plans to integrate payment with a credit card as well. food ordering allows you to order the food

Testing process

This stage is also very important, especially in our specific case we paid much attention to this process.

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Since our customer had already a large listing of services he wanted to add to his product, our developers wrote a special script to add it all at once. Therefore, to test it correct functionality, our QA engineers also wrote scripts for automated testing to perform load testing and estimate the capacity of AWS servers.

There were some difficulties during the testing process since we needed to increase service performance in order to provide users with a high-quality functionality.

Technologies we used

We used many interesting tools and services to create and their role was really significant.

Technologies used by Cleveroad

Technologies used to create app


It is a search engine that is used for the high-loaded websites or corporate systems. This is flexible and easy-to-use service that was exactly what we needed. Since contains a large amount of data, Elasticsearch was the one to optimize searching process and reduce lagging. It allows the user to type first letters of the service they need and the engine is sorting all similar search requests.

Facebook API

authorization using Facebook.

Google Maps API

Integration of Google Maps to provide users with the location of all interesting places.

Google Directions API

A service that allows users to plan routes and see the distance between two points.


A payment system that will be integrated into the following update. Using PayPal, business owners will be able to pay for registration of their business in the app.


The tool that makes it possible to enable chat communication.


A programming platform for the development of back-end part.


JavaScript framework for building front-end.


Amazon Web Services is the infrastructure of cloud web service platform and we used AWS servers to store information.

Results and project's future

As usual, we did our best to submit a high-quality product to the customer. The development process took 3 months and soon we will add some changes and release a new update. Our specialists are engaged in maintenance and help the customer to customize some settings if necessary.  

The product hit app stores almost 9 months ago. As for total customers' feedback, our customers noted that first customers found app very attractive and interesting. More than 50% of the total interest concerns food sector since other sectors like auto repair or barber shops are not so popular. 

As for the main metrics, as of the beginning of July: 

  • the number of downloads is 763; 
  • the number of monthly visitors 4000.

Our customer expects these figures to increase higher with the release of the new update in September.

There are a couple of things customers plan to update in as follows: 

  • More detailed information about followers. Premium advertisers (restaurants, hotels and other enterprises) want to get more information about their followers to create an ad and offers based on personal preferences of each user. 
  • Add a detailed manual on how to use, why and what benefits you can get from it.   

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Also, as we noted above, Menu+ app will probably become a reality very soon. Just stay tuned!  

We are always happy to create something new for our customers and we hope that the next project will not be the last one. If you have any software idea but you don't know how to implement it - we will help you willingly. Contact us and subscribe to our blog!

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