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Take customer experience to the next level with user-friendly e-commerce apps and improve your back-office operations with custom software solutions.

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Boost conversion rates

We’ll help personalize the customer experience using BigData for more sales and repeat purchases.

Turn your data into insights

Benefit from Big Data and AI: analyze data from IT systems and customer touchpoints.

Manage your supply chain

Improve your processes with buying & selling automation, inventory management, apps for staff.

Analyze customer behavior

Get accurate insights on buying trends and demand by analyzing customer behavior.

Retail software solutions for your needs


Streamline operations by automating transactions and tracking sales data


is an average number of transactions processed monthly by retailers from n.america

Point of sale software can track price accuracy, buying trends and inventory to avoid out-of-stock situations.

Retail CRM

Attract new and retain old customers, get clear analytics, automate marketing


is an average number of clients retailers from n. america have in their database

Customer relationship management systems store data and analyze customer lifecycle to improve the service.


Operate daily processes of the company with more efficiency to improve service quality


a year brands lose due to poor customer service

Retail Management System can handle inventory, checkout activity, contain POS, CRM, and other modules.


Get a secure, converting e-commerce store with a personalized customer experience


of the budget americans spend online, the rest in physical stores

We’ll help you build a complex store with secure payments (PayPal, Stripe) and integrate it with CRM or ERP.

Stack of technologies we use for retail software development

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Case Studies
Video-on-demand platform
Video-on-demand platform

A large online video streaming service offering thousands of movies and TV series.

Working Since
Team Size
varied from 9 to 12
Core Tech
Kotlin, Swift, Node.js, Graphql
Social Business Platform
Social Business Platform

A P2P platform that allows to find and hire local specialists to do work matching their skills.

Working Since
Team Size
8 members
Core Tech
Kotlin, Swift, Angular, Node.js
SaaS Solution for Retail
SaaS Solution for Retail

A versatile SaaS platform for retail businesses offering WMS, IMS, PMS, and other solutions.

Working Since
Team Size
varied from 7 to 11
Core Tech
Swift, .Net
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Questions you may have
Take a look at how we solve challenges to meet project requirements.
Yes, we’ve been providing retail mobile app development and retail software development services for clients from Europe, North America, and Australia. To name one example, we helped RetailOps improve their SaaS platform for retailers and enrich it with new features. You may refer to our managers to learn more about our expertise in the field and ask your questions.
It's a piece of software that’s designed to improve workflows in retail business or improve customer experience (usually refers to mobile apps and websites).

Here are several types of retail software:
  • Inventory control
  • Payment processing
  • POS
  • Retail management
  • ERP
  • CRM
Almost every software product is built for three reasons: cut costs, reduce the time needed to perform a certain action, make workflows more convenient.

Here are some benefits of retail software:
  • Inventory management made simple
  • Automated tax calculation
  • Reduced time spent for administration
  • Clear reporting
  • No new hires thanks to automation
Here are several reasons why:
  • It allows you to track stock levels and make sure they’re aligned with demand.
  • It’s hard to manage omnichannel sales without software. As a result, you may be missing out on profit.
  • It lets you predict customer demand and avoid overstocking.
  • All these points combined make good customer service that means more sales for you.
There are two types of retail mobile apps: one is for customers and the other is for the company’s processes.

Mobile apps for customers are those like Walmart, Best Buy, and H&M have. Their main goal is to increase sales as 4 out of 5 customers buy something using their phones.

The second type is needed for employees working for that retailer. Such apps help to cut the time needed to perform an action and so reduce costs for the retailer. These apps are usually custom-built and may perform a broad range of functions: from barcode scanning to stock level tracking.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to answer that question without knowing any project details.

The price of a mobile application depends on the number of hours the team would spend on its development. At the same time, there are too many factors influencing the development time:
  • Requirements (number of features and their tech complexity)
  • Platforms (iOS, Android or both)
  • Integrations (payment gateways, ERP, CRM)
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