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Ways To Develop Engaging Food Delivery Websites That Can Compete With Postmates

23 Jun 2017
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A hungry belly has no ears. Do you want to argue? I am sure you don't. Because what can be better than a juicy steak or a large cheeseburger? We cannot refuse ourselves a delicious treat of food - this marvelous fuel of human life. Some people like cooking and can cook some refined dishes every day while others prefer going to a restaurant or ordering food at home. Moreover, the majority of people prefer to order food. 

Today everybody can use special food delivery websites or mobile apps. Very convenient, isn't it? And if you also want to engage in this food delivery business, you should know how to create food delivery websites. Reading this article, you will learn how to do it and what types of services exist.

Types of delivery services in food business

Raise your hand if you've never used online meal delivery service. No matter what you ordered - Chinese noodles or pizza. I'm sure, everybody's had this experience at least once. But was it successful? It depends not only on the service and quality of products but also on the website where you made an order. Even tasty food may seem unappetizing if there are no high-quality pictures, right?

So first let's see what types of food services are available in the market.


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Food for athletes

Your muscles require a constant supply of food high in calories. If you are engaged in building your body, you need to eat after every training session to replenish the lost energy. It may be difficult to find special food for athletes in a traditional supermarket, so there are an appropriate online 24-hour food delivery services for people leading a sportive lifestyle is a great idea.

Best home delivery meals

Website providing food for athletes 

Food for fans of cooking

You like cooking but hate shopping? Just order all the products online! Such services make it possible to order simple fresh products that you can buy but without having to leave your apartment. After you've ordered and received it, you can apply your cooking talent in the kitchen.

Healthy food delivery service

It is almost the same service as the above mentioned, but here you can find only healthy food. The company sends you products and recipes for cooking a good family meal for your loved ones. You just need to indicate what food you like or dislike, and your delivered meals will full of healthy ingredients.

For juice fans

Juice can also be related to food. And juice delivery services exist as well. You can buy juice wholesale or just a few bottles. It can be both fresh juice and a packed alternative.

Fast food delivery service

Order juice you like from the website

For those who are on a diet

These food websites offer you diet plans where you can find something applicable for you. If you need to lose weight, or you have some gastrointestinal diseases - there is a set of special meals to supply your body with necessary vitamins and help you recover as soon as possible.

Ordinary food services

The most popular and habitual services for the majority of people. Depending on the cuisine you prefer, there you can find everything starting from sushi to various kind of soups.

Things to consider while creating the food delivery service

It should be noted that you need to constantly improve your meal delivery service (acceptance and the processing of an order, terms of delivery, bonuses, loyalty programs) and products (food quality, its assortment and so forth). It's like trying to wallpaper over a decaying wall. The same concerns are with the website - you should improve it in all aspects.


From the very beginning, you must think about the website design. Everybody wants to surf websites with many drop-down windows and large colorful pictures. Food delivery service websites should be as simple and clear as possible for the customer - nothing should distract his or her attention from ordering the food. It must have common restaurant ordering system.

When you make the design for your website, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Color spectrum. The website should be easy on the eyes. Keep in mind that you are making this website primarily for clients;
  • It is better to use a white background - it will simplify the creation of product images for your catalog;
  • Information about goods in the basket should always be visible to clients. While scrolling, customers should be able to see what he or she ordered and the amount of the order; 
  • There must be an 'Up' button in the footer (you can call it whatever you wish);
  • Fix your main menu in the top of the browser's edge or to one of the sides. There you can place links to main informational pages (terms of delivery, payment, ad campaigns etc.) and information about goods in the basket;
  • Avoid heavy images! Slow loading website pages only alienates customers. Optimize graphic elements of the website for quicker page loading. 

Site information

The first and main rule of the best food delivery service is the topical information it has. Display all the information that may cause a rise in the customer's attention. This info can be the following:


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Delivery terms

The client wants to understand how much he or she will pay for the order including a delivery fee. If they don't find this info - they will start calling your manager and assaulting him or her with questions. It is better to create a separate section where they can find out the delivery fee. You should set up an automatic calculation of the delivery cost when somebody makes an order.

Meals delivered to your home

Delivery terms in food ordering website

Payment terms

By cash or banking card - here are two main types of payment. Cash is cash, it is clear. Let's consider the second payment type more thoroughly. Add the ability to pay for the order using Visa, MasterCard etc. There are a lot of systems for its implementation.


When you fill your catalog, use pictures of all your products. The client must see what he or she is buying. If the food your courier delivered significantly differs from the depicted, you may lose your client. Online food ordering system shouldn't be different from that common one client used to.


Everybody wants to know whether or not the food website's offer is good and tasty. So they want to check reviews from other users, and learn what they think about your home food delivery services. Don't forget to include this section in the to-do list.


In this section, it is necessary to indicate your service location for self-pickup, your address, and a phone number.

Ordering process

This process should be quick and simple. The customer shouldn't be overloaded with many fields. You only need main data: the customer's name, contact phone number, delivery address, the number of people and comments to order.

Also, it is preferable to make an online ordering form on one page.

The most applicable scheme:

1. Add a product to the basket;

2. Move to the basket; 
3. Select the payment and delivery type; 
4. Fill in the required fields; 
5. Payment with the card (if it is cashless payment); 
6. Thank you for your order!

Website statistics

Use statistics services to be aware of how many people made orders, and how many failed to do it. This statistic will help you reveal the strong and weak sides of your website and online ordering system in particular.

Benefits of food delivery website - how to acquire them

We listed all the main features to be integrated into your food delivery website. But there are also many ways to promote your service and make it beneficial. Do you want to know them to find out how to start a food delivery business in a correct way? Here you go!


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Advanced filters

The majority of such websites can offer you categories of the menu by types of dishes. But you can do more than that and make some new features. For example, you can make filters by tastes and ingredients - spicy, not spicy, with onions, without garlic, with mayonnaise, without meat etc. This filter makes it possible for new clients to select ideal dish for them. Thereafter, you will have more clients. This filter will help make the right choice.

Website that delivers food

Use filters to choose the food you like

Add ingredients additionally!

Offer your clients an opportunity to add additional ingredients to their orders. Every person has his or her own food preferences. So if you sell only standard dishes, you forget about gourmets that like specific combinations of ingredients. Satisfying all unexpected tastes of people, you can gain clients' loyalty and stimulate them to return to your site again. And meals delivered to home will satisfy even the most choosy clients.

Large photos of food in high-quality

You must find good photographers that will take pictures of prepared dishes. First, users evaluate the attractiveness of the dish by its picture. So it must be a large high-quality photo that will arouse the appetite of your potential clients and make them stay for a long in your online ordering website.

Find a skilled copywriter

Your website must contain delicious texts in a direct sense. You need to write a description for each dish - it must be short and appetizing. Use words that make users' mouths water And even in pages that are dedicated to the cooking process, explain everything in a clear way for people.

Online consultant

It may seem like a common feature, but in food delivery services you won't find this, as a rule. So your website can have a beneficial advantage if you add this feature in the ordering system.

Discount for the first order

Motivate your first clients to buy something with a discount. When it concerns food, it is very topical since we always have doubts whether we will like the food or not.

Loyalty programs

Involve your clients in new purchases. It is very important for your business. And loyalty programs with bonus points and discounts have big influence on users. Also, display all information on your website's homepage to let everybody get acquainted with it and join this program. The majority of food ordering apps and websites offer this feature to the client.

How-to-eat instructions

It concerns some exotic dishes and ingredients that are not so wide spread in the area you do your business. You'd better add detailed information about such dishes with a description on how to eat it and what you can mix it with. Don't be afraid to add something creative - sometimes it is exactly what people miss!

Make a mobile version

It will be rather expensive to create both a mobile app and website. But you can optimize your website for mobile phones and make a responsive design. It will double the number of users or even more in your online food delivery service.

Online food ordering software

Food ordering mobile app to find the dish on the go

How do food delivery services make money?

Of course, your first and logical way to earn is getting money for food and its delivery. But it doesn't mean that you cannot look for alternate and additional ways of monetization. Additional profit will let you expand your delivery network.

  • Apart from food ordering service, your website can offer hotel reservations, and this will let you earn a commission for this service;
  • Advertising. One of the main monetization types that is widely spread all over the world. You offer 3rd parties to place their advertising on your website. It is a win-win solution;
  • Selling gift cards for a certain amount of money that a user can buy and give his or her friend. 

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Here are only a few monetization types you can apply. But you should not confine yourself to only one way. You may get creative - people like it.

So just motivate people to order and eat it!

In the end of this article, we would like to add some of our ideas. Your food ordering and delivery website cannot be the same as many others existing in the market. It must be unique. Even if it seems impossible, it is real. You can always make use of our advice regarding factors that may allow you to benefit. New and fresh ideas can make your food service prosperous and popular.

But in the beginning, you need to create food ordering software itself. There are many companies that can build it on demand. We have a lot of experience in the development of apps and websites, so we are always at your disposal. Contact us and we will make your project on a turnkey basis.

If you also want to know how to create other apps, just visit our blog and sign up to it!

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