Email Marketing: A Useful Guide To Marketing Campaigns Promotion

12 Nov 2018
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Sergey L.

Everybody hates spam. You open your email and see there dozens of letters full of unwanted information that is absolutely not interesting for you. Then all these letters are deleted and they disappear. But if you are the business owner, you need to promote your app or website and mailing is one of the most popular ways to do it. So what is the solution? And here only email marketing comes to mind.

This clever approach can help you adjust your mailing to get reach all of your recipients. Upon app development, you should do your best to attract more users. How to apply email marketing wisely and what is it? Just read our article to catch on it.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an important tool for working with a target audience and promotion of your product on the Internet. It facilitates the direct communication between business and customers. Sales growth and loyalty increase are the main goals of this strategy.

Today email marketing is a cheap and simple way to inform users about commercial information. Email marketing is a writing of advertisement emails to your target audience. And don't confuse it with spam. Email marketing has a specific audience. And this method can be even more efficient than the placement of mass advertising, we show you all the benefits of email marketing.


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How does email marketing work?

As it was noted above, you should have the audience you chose that is interested in your offer. And users always should have an opportunity to unsubscribe from your emails.

what is email marketing and how does it work

How email marketing works

What should you do? Keep up with the following email writing tips. You need to write your letter creatively. Forget about stereotypes. You need to interest an individual and make him a customer. Write shortly, describe the main subject only. If you ignore this rule, your letter will be lost among many others.

Don't cheat people! It will cause nothing but annoyance only. So write only the truth, don't mislead people. Invite them to visit your website or download your app, so you will gain their trust.

How to create an email marketing campaign effectively

Great experience of online marketers shows that mailing can be effective only if it is the tool of complex marketing strategy that includes the following elements: search optimization, social media marketing, content marketing. Let's check it out how to do email marketing wisely.

Define goals

The arrangement of email marketing campaign ideas as well as composing of each specific letter should start from goals formation. If you formulated them correctly, your mailing will be efficient and fruitful. To make a correct formulation, your goal must be not only to increase loyalty or efficiency, you need to sell the product you produce, increase the revenue of the company - that is the final goal.

Processing of subscription database

Instant work with the database is the main condition of effective and creative email marketing. It includes the following:

  • Adjustment of subscription database. Remove old addresses, enter all information about your customers that can be useful for further segmentation: sex, date of birth, region, preferred products or services;
  • More detailed info about the customer. His or her interests, hobbies, preferences etc. You can do it when you start communicating. Thus, you will redirect your customers to target pages; 
  • Database expansion. Here it is better to use many different tools like special subscription form, ad campaigns, partnership programs, bonuses for registration and so on. But keep in mind that you need to develop a separate strategy for such customers;
  • Segregation of active and passive contacts. Emails content for these two groups will be different as well as a strategy. 

Landing pages for email campaigns

Email marketing likes landing pages - informative, bright, containing only the required information for the customer. Experience shows that the use of landing pages together with mailings makes it much more efficient. So that is what you should pay attention to.

email marketing landing page

Landing page of Cleveroad as an example

Letter composing

You must use good text to reveal all the strong sides of your product. You need to compose the text in the way that will be an answer to the main question of the customer 'What does it give me?'. And the text must contain a call to action. And also don't forget that the text of the letter should be oriented on your target audience first.

When you make an email list, there are 3 important points to consider:

  • Letter content, it's text, and subject;
  • It's structure - basic template, a number of pictures and their locations, links; 
  • Correspondence of letter content to the information customer will see on your website. 

Don't be afraid, you don't need to reinvent the wheel every time. You can just create a few templates in accordance with a mailing type, and it will be enough. Customers like to see something habitual for them. Moreover, use informative letters more when you create email marketing campaign. According to statistics data, open rates and click-through rates are much higher in informative mailing than in commonly used ad campaigns.

By the way, you can use special services for testing your mailing that makes it possible to create the best letter.

Personalized emails

Letter personalization means you should not only call your recipient by name and put your signature but also write a content that refers to hobbies of customer and describes his or her personality. Segmentation can be the best tool that will help achieve this effect.

A really successful letter is the letter that the recipient perceives as a personal, so personalized email marketing is a step you should undertake.

how to make an email list

Personalized email marketing

But, of course, you don't need to write each letter separately. It will be unreal if the number of your contacts exceeds a few thousand. So competent segmentation and special services will help you create good mailing for a large group of customers.

Email campaign strategy update and analysis

Upon completion of each email campaign, you need to set new goals and adjust marketing strategy. If you convince that everything goes well, a number of clients, as well as revenue, grows, you can invest more money in your strategies and implement new ideas.


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And the last but not the least tip - analyze all situation using metrics for easy email marketing. It is an individual subject and we will tell about it below.

Best email marketing tools for campaigns promotion

Before we speak about email marketing metrics, it would be better to mention the most popular tools that should become truthful assistants for each marketer. Using them, you can do all mailings effectively.


The most popular and multipurpose service. MailChimp allows to store up to 2000 of subscribers and to send up to 12 000 of emails per month. It can send your emails automatically, so custom email marketing can be performed efficiently. But it's cons include lack of mailings considering time zone, so if you have subscribers in various time zones, this problem can be topical. Also, there is technical support only in English that is not very convenient for persons that don't speak English.

email automation software

MailChimp for email newsletters


A popular solution for email marketing and mailings. This is an easy-to-use tool and email marketing automation platform, so there won't be any problems even for newcomers.

You can develop your own automated campaigns. Drag-and-drop builder makes it possible to create campaigns, segment contacts, and send unique content to various groups of subscribers.

best automated email marketing software

GetResponse software

The first month of use is free but you will have to $15 per month in further.


This tool is designed for sending transaction letters so there are some differences from similar services in an interface logic.

commercial email marketing

SendGrid software for email marketing

Payment amount depends on the number of letters and a number of subscribers. And this feature can be referred to cons since there is a complicated and unclear pricing policy. Also, there are a few ready-made templates.


This service is not so popular but unlike other email marketing campaign tools it is the only tool that makes it possible to record video in the process of letter composing in an online editor. Then you can send it together with email. Moreover, according to statistics, a video gets the largest conversion both in landing pages and emails as compared with banners, images, and even GIFs.

building your email marketing list

BombBomb software for email marketing

You can choose a tool that meets your need in your specific case. Or you can use a few of them at once.

Monitoring of all important email metrics

Now it is time to speak about email marketing metrics. Using them, you will always be aware of the situation regarding the attendance of your website, a number of subscribers and so on. We will list all metrics and describe how to use and improve them.

Delivery Rate

Deliverability of letters is one of the key metrics of email marketing that refers to the ratio of a number of delivered emails to a number of sent emails. If mailing service of recipient receives letter successfully, and there is no email delivery failure, it is considered to be delivered. But it is worth noting that letter can be sent to spam category and it still will be detected as delivered.

How to improve email deliverability?

  • Use Double opt-in system for subscription confirmation;
  • Clean your database: delete nonexistent emails, old contacts, passive subscribers; 
  • Monitor the IP address and sender domain reputation; 
  • Improve content quality; 
  • Don't hide unsubscription link, place it in the email footer; 
  • Send your emails with the same regularity. 

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Open Rate

Percentage of email open rates shows how many people opened your email. But if an email is opened, it doesn't mean it is read. So the final result of this metrics can be calculated with a low accuracy. Then you need to monitor dynamics. For example, if in the first quarter you had 10% of opened emails, and in the second one it grew up to 15% - then you move the right way.

How to increase email open rate percentage?

  • Delete passive subscriber from your database;
  • Find an optimal day and time of letter sending; 
  • It is desirable to send emails a few times per week; 
  • Segment your subscribers; 
  • Repeat your mailing to recipients that didn't read your mail. Mind to change the subject to make your email new.  

Click-through Rate

This metrics shows a number of emails where the recipient clicked at least one link. Information about the percentage of click-through rates shows what content was the most interesting to users, and how successful your offers were. By analyzing CTR, you will be able to optimize the mailing content properly and improve click-through rate.

How to increase click-through rate on email?

  • Optimize your letter for mobile devices to allows users to click the link easily;
  • Check all links to verify their proper functioning; 
  • Use active verbs in a call to action and don't use more than 2-5 words. 

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Unsubscribe Rate

Due to unsubscribe rate, email marketing can be improved for better, you can understand how interesting and topical your mailing is. As a rule, each separate email has it's own number of unsubscribing users. But this metrics can also be not very accurate since sometimes users are just getting tired of mailings, and they stop opening and reading your emails.

How to reduce the number of unsubscribing users?

  • Don't hide unsubscription link. If the user marks your letter as a spam, your next letter may fail to deliver;
  • Create interesting content for each group of subscribers; 
  • Find out what time is more appropriate to send emails;
  • Segment subscribers database; 
  • Use feedback system. If somebody unsubscribed, ask him or her why they did so and send them a small questionnaire; 

Bounce Rate

Email bounce rate shows how many letters didn't reach the recipient. It can occur if a recipient's address is invalid, such domain is not available, recipient's server cannot receive email.

How to reduce email bounce rate?

  • Clean your database and if you get failure information from the same address more than 2 times - delete it;
  • Reactivate your old subscribers and delete those ones who didn't respond;
  • Use double opt-in subscription form. 

Reactivate your old subscribers and delete those ones who didn't respond;

Complaint Rate

A number of users who marked your mailing as a spam. It is not good, but it can occur even when you already have gained a database of subscribers. Keep in mind that complaint rate should not exceed more than 0,1% at any stage of the campaign. Each complaint affects the reputation of the sender. 

How to reduce the number of complaint rates?

  • Use Double opt-in form when registering;
  • Explain to users what materials they will receive; 
  • Personalize the letter content - not only text and header but also the whole content; 
  • Don't be intrusive. Don't send too many letters in a short period of time;
  • Always place unsubscription link in the footer. 

Forward/Share Rate

A number of emails users shared in social media. You can determine how interesting your content is to stimulate users to share it. It is not the most important metrics but it is necessary to monitor. Sharing generates new contacts, so don't ignore it.

How to improve the forward rate?

  • Pay rapt attention to mailing content. Don't send only ad campaigns, add also links to articles, interesting facts, video, infographics etc.
  • Add social media buttons in your email to simplify the process of sharing.
email marketing campaign metrics

Crucial metrics to keep up with during email marketing campaign


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This article will be useful for anybody who created a new startup and plans to promote it. Advantages of email marketing really prevail. But our company also has a service that offers you post-release marketing support. Thus, we can elaborate a competent promotion of your new software and carry out an email marketing. It includes mailings via GetResponse, composing of the letter for drawing new users etc. Also, we can compose for your template of an email newsletter. Just contact us and describe what you need! And don't forget to subscribe to our blog - see the button on the right side!

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