How To Hire Dedicated Developers For Your Project And Manage Them Effectively

21 Feb 2019
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Sergey L.

Hiring an experienced programmer in your team always takes a lot of efforts and it requires a serious employer’s approach. But it also depends on how you need to hire a specialist - a local in-house specialist or dedicated developers that will work remotely. Today more and more companies give preference to hiring remote developers since it is a faster way and it also helps save on substantial costs for taxes, licensed software and so on.

So the question “how to hire dedicated developers” is quite obvious if you need to find a talented professional in web app development service or mobile app development. This guide will show you the benefits of hiring dedicated developers, how to find and interview them, define their qualities, and so on. Spend your 15 minutes for reading it!

Benefits of recruiting dedicated developers

First, you should understand WHY you need to hire dedicated developers and what advantages you get if you plan to enhance your staff and hire more specialists on a remote basis.

Hire dedicated developers

Why you need to hire dedicated developers


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Reduced costs

It depends on the country where you plan to find a developer, but in most cases, development outsourcing is much more cost-efficient. Lower labor costs in other countries lead to permanent hiring of dedicated developers for various projects created by IT companies.

Cooperation with first-rate specialists

An opportunity to outsource the development to other countries makes it possible for C-level executives to cooperate with experienced developers remotely if they cannot relocate but have enough skills to work on specified projects. Of course, it doesn’t mean that chiefs cannot find a good in-house developer, but “reduced costs”, remember?

Adaptable taxation

When hiring dedicated developers, you can get tax incentives that will help you save on additional taxes and you will also reduce your costs for taxes that you should pay for in-house developers.

Save your time

The process of hiring dedicated programmers may take less time, and especially organizational moments and issues related to various paperwork also come to naught. Moreover, you don’t need to think about a workplace for a developer, you can focus on more important business tasks.


Many countries have strong universities and colleges where students get a serious technical background. After graduation, students have enough skills to compete with specialists from other countries whereas their hourly rate is lower than of its competitors. Actually, when your project needs a couple of new specialists, it doesn’t matter where they are from if they are really proficient.

Higher output

As the practice shows, many software developers feel much more comfortable when they work at home or when they simply stay in their homeland. This is a big mistake thinking that dedicated developers will work less efficiently than those ones you hired on an in-house basis. That is why working remotely with developers can be much more productive than you may think.

Qualities of good dedicated developers

After you have studied all pros why it is beneficial for you to hire dedicated developers, you need to know what soft-characteristics you are looking for in candidates.

Hire dedicated programmers

Characteristics of good offshore developers

This is a very crucial factor since you need to know that the main qualities of a dedicated developer may be different from the qualities of an in-house developer. When you work with a specialist on a remote basis, you should keep in mind that you won’t see this person every day in your office. Remote work doesn’t give you a full control over an employee, that is why a dedicated developer should have the following characteristics:

Be self-reliant

Developers should be ready that they may face a challenge during web or mobile app development and they will need to solve this issue on their own. That is the quality to come across complicated tasks and find the right solution is highly appreciated.

Be self-motivated

When managers are abroad, some developers may be hard to motivate themselves to work on the project without a large staff that surrounds them. So when you hire a specialist, make sure that this developer will be motivated enough to implement the project efficiently and keep up with all deadlines.

Be demanding

Offshore developers don’t provide managers with the tasks they’ve implemented every day, and the lack of a permanent control can have a negative influence on the productivity of a developer. Therefore, demanding developers should always keep in mind that they create a serious product and they are responsible for quality, so they should keep up with all requirements strictly.

Be pushing

Any software development process requires developers to look for a problem and deal with it. Dedicated developers should be pushing to find a problem and solve it as soon as possible and share this information with a team. And they should do it without reminders from managers.

Of course, you may find some other useful characteristics in dedicated developers you plan to hire, but these ones are the most important and these qualities will ensure proper interaction between managers and dedicated developers. To find as much about persons as possible, you should interview them thoroughly. “How to interview dedicated developers” section will spell everything out, you will find it after you read about tips on finding developers.

Where to find dedicated developers

There is a wide range of ways and services you may use to find your dedicated developers. But what are the most popular ways in order not to fail and hire really talented developers? We will look through 2 best ways and single out their pros and cons.

Offshore software development companies

Even if you don’t know what country will become your choice, you can look through what offshore software development companies exist, which ones offer dedicated programmers for hiring, and how experienced these companies are.

First, you can use the following resources to find out what top companies provide their dedicated hiring services:

In addition, you can simply input in Google search bar requests like “ hire dedicated developers”, “hire offshore developers”, “outsource software development”, and so on.

When you chose one or a few companies you want to learn more about, you should perform the following actions to make sure that this or that company deserves attention:

dedicated programmers

Steps to hire dedicated devs

  • Input the company’s name in search bar and take a look at its position. If it appears on pages 1-2, it means that a company works seriously on SEO and it is interested in cooperation;
  • A website has a crowd-pleasing website and intuitive UI/UX, you can surf it with ease and pleasure, it is also a plus to this company. It means that a company cares about the first impression;
  • Check the company’s experience. It is better to cooperate with a company that is functioning for more than 1 year because it can show the real potential of the company;
  • The number of employees. A good offshore software development company should have not less than 30 team members since a large team makes it possible to perform various tasks and there is always somebody to replace a developer in case if they are on sick leave or vacationing;
  • Look through a portfolio. You can check reviews from previous customers on Clutch or GoodFirms that we mentioned above, see what pros and cons they specify when they have worked with developers. Also, check what types of apps or websites were created by a company, what niches they are experienced in.


  • No unexpected costs. You don’t need to pay for him additional taxes, pay for licensed software, buy additional hardware and so on. Only fixed and specified hourly rate for this project.
  • A wide range of specialists. Good offshore software development companies have a large staff of employees and you can always find an appropriate specialist for your project.
  • Lower hourly rates. You can find experienced dedicated developers in regions where hourly rates are much lower than ones in your country.
  • Proper communication. The connection with dedicated developers is always stable and you can always get in touch with your developers to discuss some specific issues.
  • Quality. Offshore software development companies that build a strong reputation offer only high-quality services and dedicated developers always keep up with deadlines and project requirements.


  • Time difference. Some regions may be located on other continents and you will face a large time difference.
  • Language barrier. Not all specialists in other countries are really good at the English language.

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However, a time difference is not a serious drawback since our requirements managers, for example, will contact you anywhen at your convenience. As well as there is no language barrier at Cleveroad - our project managers have a high English level.

Freelance services and conferences

Other option - you can look for freelance developers that work for themselves. They have their own profiles on various specific websites or you can even meet such specialists on some meetups, but first things first.

#1. There are many job boards and platforms that you can use to find good developers. The most popular platforms are the following:

dedicated hiring services

Where you can hire freelance dedicated devs

  • Toptal
  • Stack Overflow
  • UpWork
  • Codementor
  • Gigster

You can also sort out developers by their rating, experience, location, and so on. If you find developers appropriate for your project, you can contact them or post a vacancy with a project description.

#2. In addition to using freelance services, you can also visit conferences and meetups where talented specialists may be speakers and participants. Programmers should always spend time for self-education, they need to keep an eye on things, stay well-informed about new tools and modifications in the world of software development.

So good and responsible developers attend such meetups, and you should not ignore it, the number of skilled specialists out there is very high.


  • Low costs
  • Good for small projects


  • Freelancer may disappear and deadlines may be broken, so it bears high risks
  • It is more difficult to control the schedule of a freelance developer
  • If you are non-technical, you won’t be able to test a developer for hard skills. In a case with offshore companies, reliable companies will choose an appropriate specialist for you on their own.
  • Lack of commitments

Thus, it is up to you to make a decision on what option is preferable for you. Now, you should learn more about the interview process, how you will interview specialists for your project.

How to interview dedicated developers

Starting with this section, you should first determine how you will contact them and what is the best option for a first interview.

For a start, it is necessary to send email to your potential candidates where you indicate an accurate time and main particularities of an interview, ways of connection, and so on.

As for contact options, there are a couple of traditional ways:

Phone call

When you contact a candidate for the first time, you’d better contact them via phone and speak with them about their expectations, goals, ideas, how good they are in understanding of their field of activity, ask them questions about their CV, skill level etc.

In turn, let your candidates ask you what they want to know, give them more detailed info about the project, but don’t try to single out each detail. First phone talk should not exceed 20-30 minutes - this time is rather enough to draw up the first impression about your candidate.

Video interview

This type of interview is the one that you should dedicate to potential candidates that were sorted out during a phone interview. A video interview is more time-consuming, it may last from 1 hour and more.

This interview is important since you can speak with developers closer, see them in person, ask them specific questions about skills, experience, and even perform hard skills testing.

Hard skills testing

If you are not a newcomer in the world of software development and you are good at some technical skills, before you send detailed technical questions to find out skills of a developer, you can review their skills online during a video interview.

Questions for an interview will vary since everything depends on a developer’s position and specialty whether they are Android, iOS, JS developer and so on. Let us provide you with a sample of Angular developer Q&A guide or hard skills testing below.

Hard skills testing

Sample of Q&A guide - hard skills testing of Angular developer


Do you have any doubts concerning hard skills testing? Our developers will help you interview a required specialist and ask them the right question. Contact us right now!

It will let you understand what strong and weak sides a candidate has, how good they are in solving set tasks quickly. An online technical interview may be appropriate in case if you are able to assess the level of a developer.

Soft skills testing

However, if you are a non-technical specialist and you don’t know any particularities of that or another programming language or tool, mind to ask candidates general important question to test their soft skills.


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Soft skills testing is not less crucial than the understanding of hard skills. Ability to manage teams, work in teams efficiently, communicate with all other participants of the project is a must-have. Besides that, some technical issues like development stages can be discussed in plain words.

The list of soft skills can be the following as on the picture below:

Soft skills testing

Questions for soft skills testing

To finish your interview process, mind that you should come up with your decision quickly, especially if you have interviewed only 2-3 candidates. The longer you will think over your final decision, the greater your chances of losing a potential candidate.

How to manage dedicated developers

In case if you already made your decision and you hired dedicated developers you needed, you should know how to manage them when they are abroad.

Keep in mind that the management of software developers is quite different from the management of other employees. You cannot just track the time spent by an employee and feel calm that the job is done according to set requirements. Tracking of developers requires more focus and individual approach.

Software development process is not simple, it may include many pitfalls and challenges. Besides that, when developers fix one bug in one part, another bug can appear in another part of software built. And fixing a bug can take from one day to even a couple of weeks.

That is why you should set clear goals and deadlines with a margin for force majeure circumstances. Requirements analytics should provide you with a detailed estimation of the development process by stages and features.

How to track tasks

To stay updated and always know the progress, how the development process is going, it is highly recommended to use special tracking web applications like the following:

As for Cleveroad, we are using Jira for tracking the progress of all tasks. It has all the required features and convenient UX to monitor tasks of all departments. But it is up to you what tracking software you will choose, everything depends on your specific requirements.


Do you want to learn more about efficient management of remote team? Read our free book How to hire and manage a remote team

It will help you manage dedicated developers efficiently and see what they work on now. If it is necessary, you can ask for changes when it is not late yet, creating new tasks.

Which countries are the best for recruiting dedicated software developers?

The last challenge you may face is to choose the right country to hire dedicated programmers. You should determine a time zone that is preferable for you and an hourly rate of developers since each region has its own average hourly rate for software development.

According to Accelerance report, devs hourly rate in various regions can be the following as on the table below:

Dev hourly rate by region
Region Jr Developer ($/hour) Mid-level Developer ($/hour) Sr Developer ($/hour)


105 - 111

132 - 140

154 - 163

Latin America

35 - 44

30 -52

45 - 55


18 - 24

24 -35

30 - 42

Eastern Europe

25 - 42

35 - 56

45 - 70

Specifically, In Ukraine, an average hourly rate is $50, and this is a rate for Cleveroad developers’ services.

Key tips to consider when hiring dedicated developers

  • Get know more about their expertise. When you found a company that offers you dedicated developers, read more about the company’s expertise, what projects were built, the complexity of projects, results of these projects and so on. It will give you a full picture of the company’s expertise.
  • Interview developers properly. As we mentioned above, an interview should be performed in two steps and it is necessary to check the skill level of each developer you plan to hire and learn as much as possible about them.
  • Make sure the communication process is established. Numerous interactions are an integral part of the development process, you will need to communicate with offshore developers very often. So make sure that there is no language barrier, connections are tight, and no failures in Internet connection.

Cleveroad’s approach to providing best-fitting developers

Summing up, we would like to share with you how Cleveroad works on the quality level of services and why our developers may deal with projects of different complexity.

  • Our developers have a high level of English language and they can communicate with customers easily. The company provides employees with mandatory English courses so developers as well as project managers and requirements specialists are all good at English.
  • Even if you are located in another time zone, and there is a quite serious time difference, our dedicated developers are able to adapt to it, implement your project timely and keep up with all deadlines.
  • Our technical staff uses modern and known technologies to create apps and websites. It is important for us to let software developers visit meetups, workshops, conferences, and other events to stay always tuned. Thus, they always move with the times to remain competitive and experienced.

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Having read this article, you can start looking for a software developer that is needed for your project in the region preferable for you and keep up with all tips to hire the right developer. If you want to know more about our technical staff and ask more questions, get in touch with us. And if you subscribe to our blog, you will not miss interesting articles! Subscribe button you can see on the right side.

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