How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Project and Manage Them Effectively

Updated 06 Mar 2021

Published 21 Feb 2019

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Hiring an experienced programmer usually takes many efforts and requires a dedicated recruiting approach. But it also depends on the employment type you’re considering: freelancers, in-house specialists, or dedicated developers working remotely. An increasing number of companies give preference to hiring remote developers. It’s usually a faster and cost-effective way as you don’t pay for office space, software licenses, hardware, and save on taxes.

So the question “how to hire dedicated developers” is quite evident if you need to find a professional for web app development services or mobile app development.

This guide outlines the benefits of hiring dedicated developers, how to find and interview them.

Benefits of Recruiting Dedicated Developers

First, you should understand WHY you need to hire dedicated developers and what advantages you get.

Hire dedicated developers

Why you need to hire dedicated developers

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Companies almost always outsource software development to countries with lower labor costs. It means that outsourcing is more cost-efficient in general. Fewer expenses push organizations towards continuous partnership with dedicated teams.

First-Rate Specialists

Outsourcing lets you cooperate with experienced talents from all over the world that have the skills you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to find a good developer in your region, but it’s likely to cost more and take much time.

Adaptable Taxation

In many countries, including the US, you don’t pay taxes when outsourcing your project to a company that performs the work outside that country.


It usually takes less time to find and hire dedicated programmers. There’s no obsolete paperwork and minimum of organizational moments for you to settle. Besides, you don’t need to think about a workplace for developers so that you can focus on essential tasks.


Many countries have strong universities and colleges where students get technical education. After graduation, students have enough skills to compete with specialists from other countries, whereas their hourly rates are lower.

Equal Results

It’s a mistake thinking that remote developers would perform worse than in-house ones. Software development companies only hire reliable professionals with good hard and soft skills. Besides, wise management on your side or from the vendor should ensure timely task completion.

Qualities of Good Dedicated Developers

Now that you know all the advantages of hiring dedicated developers, it’s time to learn what soft skills to be looking for in candidates.

Hire dedicated programmers

Characteristics of good offshore developers

When you work with a specialist on a remote basis, you should keep in mind that you won’t be seeing this person every day in the office. Remote work doesn’t give you full control over the team, and that’s why dedicated developers should have strong soft skills.


Developers should be ready to encounter challenges during web or mobile app development and solve them independently. That’s the quality that’ll help find the right solution to complicated tasks.


When managers are abroad, it might be hard for developers to motivate themselves to work on the project. So when you hire a specialist or team, make sure that they’ll be motivated enough to efficiently implement the project and meet the deadlines.


Remote developers can feel left out. It can happen if there are some troubles with the schedule of meetings or other unpredicted situations where developers can’t communicate with the person responsible for management.

Therefore, insistent developers always keep in mind that they work on a serious product, and they’re responsible for the result, so they should keep on working.

Be Pushing

Any software development process requires developers to look for a problem and deal with it. Dedicated developers should be pushing to find a problem and solve it as soon as possible. And they should do it without reminders from managers.

The list goes on. Still, those are the primary soft skills to look for in dedicated developers.

Where to Find Dedicated Developers

There are many handy services you can use to find your dedicated developers. But what are the most popular ways to hire talented developers and not to fail?

We’re going to take a look at the two best ways and single out their pros and cons.

Offshore Software Development Companies

Even if you don’t know where to outsource development, you can look through top offshore software development companies and mark those offering dedicated programmers for hire.

First off, you can use the following resources to find out what top companies provide their dedicated hiring services:

Also, you can simply google requests like “hire dedicated developers”, “hire offshore developers”, “outsource software development”.

Once you chose one or several companies that seem appropriate, you should perform the following steps:

dedicated programmers

Steps to hire dedicated devs

  • Enter the company’s name in search and take a look at its position. If it appears on pages 1-2, it means that the company is continuously working on SEO, and it’s interested in cooperation.
  • A website has a good website with intuitive UI/UX. If you can easily navigate through the website, it’s also a good sign. It means that the company cares about your first impression.
  • Check the company’s experience. It’s better to cooperate with a company that has been on the market for one year and over.
  • The number of employees. A good offshore software development company should have no less than 30 team members. A big team makes it possible to deliver large and complex projects without recruiting additional specialists.
  • View a portfolio. You can check reviews from previous customers on Clutch or GoodFirms to see what they’re saying about the partnership with the company. Also, check what types of apps or websites were created by a company and in what industries they’re experienced enough.


  • No unexpected costs. You don’t pay additional taxes, pay for licensed software, or buy additional hardware. The project cost is usually known beforehand.
  • A wide range of specialists. Good offshore software development companies have many employees. So you can always find an appropriate specialist for your project.
  • Lower hourly rates. You can find experienced dedicated developers in regions where hourly rates are much lower than in your country.
  • Proper communication. You can always get in touch with your developers to discuss anything.
  • Quality. Offshore software development companies care about their reputation. They offer dedicated developers that always keep up with deadlines and project requirements.


  • Time difference. Some companies may be located on other continents so that you may face a large time difference.
  • Language barrier. Not all offshore specialists are good at English.

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Still, the time difference isn’t a serious drawback. At Cleveroad, we create a convenient schedule of meetings to always keep in touch with customers. Also, our project managers speak English fluently.

Freelancers and Conferences

Another option is to hire freelance developers. You can find them on numerous freelance platforms on the internet or at programming meetups.

#1. There are many job boards and platforms that you can use to find good developers. The most popular of them are:

dedicated hiring services

Where you can hire freelance dedicated devs

  • Toptal
  • Stack Overflow
  • Upwork
  • Codementor
  • Gigster

You can also sort developers by their rating, experience, location, and other parameters.

#2. In addition to using freelance services, you can visit conferences and meetups where talented specialists are often speakers or participants. Programmers should always spend time on self-education and stay well-informed about new tools and modifications in the world of software development.


  • Low costs
  • Good for small projects


  • Freelancer may abandon the project and miss deadlines
  • It’s difficult to control the schedule of a freelance developer
  • If you are non-technical, it’s not possible to test a developer for hard skills
  • Lack of commitment

Thus, it’s up to you to decide what option to choose. You should now learn more about the interview process and how you’ll interview specialists for your project.

How to Interview Dedicated Developers

Now that you know where to find dedicated developers, it’s time to start contacting the companies that match your needs the most.

First off, you can send emails to chosen companies with a project description and a list of necessary specialists in the team to initiate negotiations and pick the company offering the best conditions.

This is usually followed by:

Phone Call

To make the fits contact, it’s better to speak with company representatives via phone and ask with them about their experience, similar projects they delivered, and hourly rates.

In turn, let them ask you what they want to know, give them more detais about the project. First calls usually take 20-30 minutesand are needed to draw up the first impression about the company.

Hard Skills Check

Once you figure out the company with the most experience and good conditions, you can ask them to assemble you a team and interview each individual candidate if necessary.

If you’re not a newcomer to software development and you’re good at some technical skills, before you send detailed technical questions to find out the skills of a developer, you can review their skills online during a video interview.

Have any doubts?

Contact us to get free consultation from our tech specialists concerning your project.

Questions for an interview can vary since everything depends on a developer’s position and programming language (Kotlin, Swift, .NET, JavaScript).

Note that it’s nearly impossible to properly test developers for hard skills without technical background. So it’d be better to hire independent technical advisor or ask your in-house tech specialists to do it.

Here’s a sample of Q&A for Angular developers to test their hard skills.

Hard skills testing

Sample of Q&A guide - hard skills testing of Angular developer

Soft Skills Check

However, if you’re a non-technical person and you don’t know any programming languages, you can still ask candidates general questions to test their soft skills.

Learn what steps you need to take to hire Angular developers in our detailed guide.

Soft skills aren’t less important than hard skills. Teamplay and effective communication with other team members are a must-have.

Underneath you can find a list of questions and answers that’ll help you check a candidate’s soft skills:

Soft skills testing

Questions for soft skills testing

How to Manage Dedicated Developers

If you've already made your decision and you dedicated developers you needed, you should know how to manage them effectively.

Keep in mind that managing software developers is quite complex. You cannot just track the time spent by an employee and feel calm that the job is done. It requires more focus and an individual approach.

Software development process is not simple, it may include many pitfalls and challenges. Besides that, when developers fix one bug in one part, another bug can appear in another part of software built. And fixing a bug can take from one day to even a couple of weeks.

The software development workflow isn’t simple. It may include many pitfalls and challenges. That is why you should set clear goals and deadlines with a margin for force majeure circumstances.

How to Track Tasks

To stay updated on how the development process is going, it’s highly recommended to use special work management tools:

As for Cleveroad, we use Jira for our software development workflow. It has all the required features and convenient UX to monitor the tasks.

Do you want to learn more about the efficient management of remote teams? Read more about it in our free eBook “How to hire and manage a remote team”.

It will help you manage dedicated developers efficiently and see what they're working on right now.

Dedicated Software Developers Rates Across the Globe

It can be challenging to choose a region of the world for outsourcing. You should determine a time zone that’s preferable for you and an acceptable hourly rate since each region has its average hourly rate for software development.

According to the Accelerance report, the hourly rate in various regions looks as follows:

Dev hourly rate by region

RegionJr Developer ($/hour)Mid-level Developer ($/hour)Sr Developer ($/hour)


105 - 111

132 - 140

154 - 163

Latin America

35 - 44

30 -52

45 - 55


18 - 24

24 -35

30 - 42

Eastern Europe

25 - 42

35 - 56

45 - 70

In Ukraine, the average hourly rate is $37 per hour.

Things to Consider When Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Get to know more about their expertise. Once you find a company offering dedicated developers, read more about their expertise, view the portfolio, the complexity of projects, and results of these projects. It’ll give you a full picture of the company’s expertise.
  • Interview developers properly. As we mentioned above, an interview should be performed in two steps. It’s necessary to check the skill level of each developer you plan to hire and learn as much as possible about them.
  • Make sure the communication process is established. Numerous interactions are an integral part of the development process, you’ll need to communicate with offshore developers very often. Make sure that there’s no language barrier, connections are tight, and no Internet connection failures.

Cleveroad’s Approach to Providing Suitable Developers

Summing up, we’d like to share how Cleveroad works on the quality level of services and why our developers may deal with projects of different complexity.

  • Our developers have a high level of English language, and they can communicate with customers easily. The company provides employees with mandatory English courses, so developers, and project managers aare all good at English.
  • Even if you’re located in another time zone, and there’s quite a serious time difference, our dedicated developers can adapt to it, implement your project timely, and meet the deadlines.
  • Our tech staff uses modern and known technologies to create apps and websites. It’s essential for us to let software developers visit meetups, workshops, conferences, and other events to always stay tuned. Thus, they always move with the times to remain competitive and experienced.

Find out how to choose a tech partner from Ukraine. Read a guide on how to select a tech partner from Ukraine making no mistakes.

Having read this article, you can start looking for a software developer for your project in the chosen region. If you want to know more about our technical staff and ask more questions, get in touch with us.

Let's talk about dedicated teams

Contact us to learn more about dedicated teams at Cleveroad and get free tech consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Reduced costs
  • Cooperation with talented specialists
  • Adapted taxation
  • Time saving
  • High quality
  • Higher output
  • Offshore software development companies. You can cooperate with a reliable vendor to hire dedicated developers and create your project.
  • Freelance dedicated developers. Find freelancers on the platforms like Toptal and Codementor.

There are two widespread options — offshore software development companies and freelancers. It’s up to you to decide what option to choose. You should consider your project requirements to pick the right option.

You can hire dedicated developers from various regions. However, their hourly rates can vary.

To give you a hint, there are rates of a Middle developer in different regions.

  • USA. $132-$140 per hour
  • Latin America. $30-$52 per hour
  • Asia. $24-$35 per hour
  • Eastern Europe. $35-$56 per hour
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