10 Top Healthcare APIs: Services To Upgrade Your Software And Make It More Secure

23 Nov 2018
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Sergey L.

Healthcare sector ranks one of the first positions in the world of software since many critical issues concern this field and digital solutions were designed to solve challenges. There is a large number of healthcare apps available on the market today but not all of them can offer you a high security and HIPAA (or GDPR) compliance that are key factors when you choose the right app.

We will single out the most popular third-party services that healthcare app developers may integrate into your existing healthcare app and enrich it with necessary security features.

Security is a must for your healthcare app or what you should start with

First, let's determine why a security is the first step you should consider during app development. Because if a healthcare app is not secured properly, it may lead not only to financial losses but also to health problems and even to death. That is why it is highly important to know all key tips that will help you make your app highly secure.

healthcare app security

Issue to know about during healthcare app development


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Mobile device security

Some healthcare apps can be designed specifically for medical mobile devices, not smartphones. Some hospitals and clinics can rent such devices to their patients, and it leads to the risk of hacking or data loss. That is why, before you release an app to the public, you should inform your future users about the necessity to block the device, use PIN code and so on. In turn, you should add a capability to block the app remotely and track it using GPS.

Data encryption

I am sure everybody knows how any app works - when you want to perform some action, a necessary data is sent from the server upon the request. Healthcare app is not the exception to this rule, and when a patient requests the data, it can be stolen by a hacker. That is why all data should be encrypted since personal medical data hacking is very dangerous for patients, as we noted above. When an app is encrypted, all data will be transferred in the form of unclear tokens and malefactors won't be able to read it. At Cleveroad, our developers use TLS protocols to encrypt all data. Thus, it is the next step you cannot ignore since security comes first.

Limited access

The app should have limited access since it is the app where personal data is stored. That is why it should have a login and authorization screen that will make it possible to get access to all information only for authorized users. Moreover, when you order a healthcare app development from software developers, mind to add that your app will have a restriction for simple passwords. It will make users create more complicated passwords and it will help prevent unauthorized access. Also, two-factor authentication will also be a good option for additional security.

HIPAA / GDPR compliance

Of course, data security regulations applied by different countries cannot be ignored if you create a medical app. That is why you should make sure that compliance with all regulations is available.

  • If your target market is the USA, then you should make app compliant with HIPAA. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability of Act). Simply put, this standard requires all healthcare app providers to secure their app properly and protect all personal health information (PHI) from any third parties;
  • If Europe is the main arena for your app, then GDPR is the main regulation you should take into account. General Data Protection Regulation is a new data protection protocol that entered into force on May 25, 2018, and it stipulates new rules concerning personal data protection where healthcare app ranks one of the first position. So GDPR compliance is a must.

Proper testing

Although a thorough testing process should be performed by a software development company, and it is their responsibility, you should keep it in mind as well. Our QA engineers and developers create load testing and security testing to find all holes in the app if they exist and fix it immediately. Effective testing is very important since the app with bugs and defects will not be accepted by the public.

Updates are welcome

If your app will be updated according to set schedule (once per month, per two weeks, or per six months), it will also be an additional guarantee that all small holes in the app will be fixed on a regular basis and the app will be enriched with new security layers to prevent outdated protection. Our detailed article will help you choose the right moment when and how it is better to update the app.

Well, these are all simple steps you should undertake to make your app secure. Now let's proceed to third-party healthcare services that may be used by developers on your demand and they make your app stronger.

HealthTech third-party services that work with Big Data

Big Data and healthcare apps have already become a good combination that is mutually beneficial. Healthcare apps process a huge amount of data and they require strong support to work with all personal medical data. That is where additional healthcare APIs from other services will help you.

healthcare apis big data

Healthcare APIs that process Big Data


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Human API

Human API is the company that created a platform for a transparent and secure exchange of personal health information. It is a kind of patient-centric health data network. It processes Big Data to retrieve and analyze data, then structures it in specific forms. Also, it uses machine learning pipelines to extract right data from a million files. Human API secure cloud is HIPAA-compliant.

API is available for free.


The service for data tokenization and pseudonymization. This service provides with security features different types of apps, but due to HIPAA compliance, it's healthcare APIs can be used by developers to make healthcare apps secure. Using TrueVault API in healthcare, developers make it possible for patients and doctors to build more trustful relations, monitor health condition, drug regimen and so on. All personal health information will be protected from any hackings. Due to TrueVault APIs, your app can become HIPAA-compliant with a few lines of code, you don't need to build a new app from scratch. It saves time and money.

TrueVault API pricing is not specified.


DrChrono is SaaS patient care platform that works with electronic health records, medical billing, mobile e-prescribing procedures, and other medicine-related issues. It is fully HIPAA-compliant. The service is developed specifically for doctors, they can check prescriptions, handle them, find more detailed information about other colleagues and patients.

Healthcare API from DrChrono is available for free.


It is a cloud platform that provides HIPAA compliance for web and mobile apps. It gives patient-generated data to pharmaceutical companies, researchers, health startups. It has a customer base of over 15 million patients. Medable is used for predictive analytical research and it allows physicians to study different diseases. Medable platform will make it possible for you to enhance your app and add new useful features for analytics.

iOS SDK is available for free, pricing for Android and web is not specified.


BlueEHR is a health IT as a service platform (HITaaS) that processes a huge amount of data that allows you to work with your EHR and EMR. Using BlueEHR APIs, developers can customize the way how you work with electronic health and medical records. Also, BlueEHR offers revenue cycle management solutions, inventory management, e-prescribing for patients, doctors and healthcare providers. HITaaS allows developers to quickly build HIPAA-compliant apps or websites using this innovative technology.

By the way, read our article on how to build an EHR system from scratch.

Pricing for BlueEHR APIs is not specified


BetterDoctor is developed for finding doctors as well as it allows patients to find a more detailed information about the doctor, his/her location, and specialty. BetterDoctor APIs are also HIPAA-compliant. It will be a good option if you need to build a custom interface, add additional categories for searching or simply improve your app with new features.

BetterDoctor APIs offers a free trial. Further price is not specified.


Lexigram provides medical data and data processing services to healthcare providers, doctors, and patients. Also, it offers predictive analytics, machine learning to turn unstructured medical data into a structured one. It is also HIPAA compliant and it is easy-to-use.

Pricing for Lexigram APIs is not specified.

HealthTech third-party services for payments and medical insurance

Having listed the main health APIs that process Big Data, we should also show you a few services that help integrate payments and insurance.

healthcare apis payments and insurance

Healthcare APIs for payments and medical insurance



This API makes it possible for users to look for insurance companies and select an appropriate one for your specific case. Eligible service provides insurance and patient billing APIs. Thus, patients and healthcare providers have an opportunity to connect their apps with required insurance service to make quick payments. Also, patients can improve their financial processes.

Eligible API pricing is available on request.


Vericred service provides developers with universal medical API that connects your healthcare app and insurance services and submits structured insurance data. There is a large number of health insurance data solutions available in this service. Using Vericred API, you can structure all insurance data that was aggregated from multiple resources.

Vericred API pricing is available on request.


It is a handy service to integrate insurance support into an existing app or into a new app. Developers will need just to use a few lines of code to integrate Getsafe API. It is a digital insurance platform that works not only with all sectors, but the healthcare field is more popular in Getsafe. This pharmacy API is more oriented on healthcare insurance providers that allows them to offer patients insurance products and plans easily. Developers can use a free trial to test and learn more about APIs.

Pricing of Getsafe API is not specified.

Create healthcare apps with Cleveroad

Well, now you can choose one of the best healthcare APIs you need and our developers will help you integrate it into your new app developed by us or already existing one that you developed before. And I think you need some strong reasons why you should hire Cleveroad for healthcare software development.

Cleveroad experience

First, we have enough experience. Doctoring app is the proof. This app was developed for iOS operating system, but there are plans in future to build both Android and web version. Doctoring app goal is to connect doctors all over the UK. Doctors can create their profiles, unite in communities, discuss some medical issues and so on. Also, RSS feed allows doctors to read the interesting healthcare-related news.

Do you have any idea on how to build the right fitness app? This video guide below will help you:

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Cleveroad knows how to build healthcare apps and we can do everything from scratch on a turnkey basis. Our developers will integrate all key features for healthcare service such as chatbot, timeline scheduler, HL7 support, billing support, EMR modules and so on.


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So let's draw a line. Your app should be secured and that is what you should consider first. Additional listed APIs will serve a good role for your app as they will enhance it and give your users more freedom and loyalty. Do you still have any questions? Contact us right now! Also, click on a Subscribe button on the right side, all hot news will be available for you immediately.

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