Efficient Tools And Techniques To Build A Viral Video Chat App

22 Jun 2018
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Visualization means a lot, especially when it concerns human relationships. The conversation can become much brighter and more comprehended when people do it in video chat, not via usual text chat. There are many video chat apps available on the market but no all of them can boast about high quality and good connection. So this niche is the one you can occupy and increase your profit.

A video chat app development process requires some special particularities you should know about. Enjoy the article!

Why you need a video chat app

First, our goal is to find out what challenges video chat application can solve and why it is a good choice for your business.

Improved customer service

Using video chat app, customers can contact support team if they have any questions regarding the service they use. Any issue can be solved much faster, and customers like when interaction is performed in real-time mode, they can see support manager. Moreover, if customers cannot understand how to do something, they are confused, useful tips from support managers via video chat app will help users delve into all issues. As a result, users are satisfied.


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The growth of sales

When customers use e-commerce websites, many questions may arise when people surf online stores and they cannot decide what product is better and what to choose. Video chat helps sales managers convince users to make the right choice and find a good product they need. A customer can describe his or her requirement, and managers will guide them to select the right stuff. And don't forget about the individual approach, managers see their customer, and they can guess what this or that person wants.

Minimizing costs

If we speak about online support again in any special online store, then imagine how much money company can lose when they have to explain to customers the way how to solve the problem twice. Using common chat system, customers don't always get necessary information and it can be difficult for them to explain the problem. And video can solve this problem since visual information can be much more clear than long text explanation. In addition, if it concerns business meetings, video chat allows business people to conduct meetings with all employees no matter how far they are. No need to spend additional costs to make people travel from one city or country to another.

Enhanced teamwork

In any kind of business, video chat app for Android or iOS can serve as a good platform for fruitful business collaboration and training as well. A more experienced employee can teach newcomers how to deal with that or another issue. During meetings, everybody can share their opinion concerning specific idea, show how they see it, discuss everything and brainstorm if necessary.

create a video calling app

Benefits video chat app gives you

In fact, video chat app can help your future users solve many challenges they face when doing their business. So you should pay more attention to this app idea. Ok, now, how to make a video chat app? We will proceed to the steps it is necessary to undertake when creating a video chat app.

Steps to create video chat app

There are a few important steps we cannot ignore when we create a video chat app.

Back-end development. First, it is necessary to create server part for the proper functioning of your video chat app. Some apps can use ready-made BaaS solutions, but video chat app requires more complex technologies and it is better to create its own server from scratch. It is the first step programmers should do, and Cleveroad company can offer you high-skilled backend developers to do it.

UI/UX design. Then, it is necessary to think about good and attractive user interface and user experience. Keep in mind that UX should be intuitive in the first turn. Your future users shouldn't spend a lot of time to understand how they can perform one or another feature. As for UI, it should have catching design to make people feel interested towards your web or mobile video chat app.

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Development process and tools to use

Development process itself is a bit tricky and we should pay more attention to it.

Sockets integration. Socket is the technology that makes it possible to create an interactive connection between the client (app) and server for real-time information exchange like live streaming. So it is a necessary part of video chat application development to arrange good connection. Our developers usually use Socket.io library when creating video chat application. Besides that, our developers built a Starter or BaseProject kit which includes all required features for many apps. Thus, Socket.io is one of tools that can be integrated much faster today due to our kit.

Messenger and video chat development. The main step which includes the development process requires from you to determine what platform you plan to create an app for. Let's consider both options:

iOS video chat app. To create iOS-based video chat app, it is better to use Swift language. It is much simpler than Objective-C so today Swift is more widespread than Objective-C. To build a video chat app, our iOS developers may use such third -party services like Twilio, Agora, Vidyo. These services have almost identical functionality, they help developers build video chats and live streams. As for SDKs, we may use Bambuser tool and its SDKs. In some cases it will be enough to use native HLS methods. In fact, it is easier and faster to build video chat apps using third-party services since they simplify the process drastically.

Android video chat app. The principle of video chat app development for Android is almost the same, but third-part tools may differ. You will find a more detailed information below.

The main tool our web and Android developers use to provide users with video communication is WebRTC. This abbreviation means Web Real-Time Communication. It is an open source technology that makes it possible to arrange real-time communication using simple APIs.

WebRTC gives an opportunity to perform audio/video communication and data transfer without the necessity to use additional plugins. Ful WebRTC package can boast about such features like peering, streaming, video/audio codecs for communication arrangement between two or more users in online mode.

There are 3 API interfaces in WebRTC:

  • MediaStream.A client can get access to chat from webcam or microphone;
  • RTCPeerConnection. Audio or video data transfer can be activated with encryption support and access control;
  • RTCDataChannel. Provides with a P2P communication network for data generalization.

OpenTOK. A cloud PaaS platform which is a wrapper library that you can find in WebRTC tool. It is an open source library that makes it possible to create cross-platform video chats on WebRTC API basis.

In addition, we can use Wowza. It is a quite popular powerful media server that is aimed at audio/video streaming. It is a reliable and high-tech service.

But it is not a full list of tools to create video chat app. Everything will depend on your specific requirement, and we will help you choose the best tool especially for you. However, this item can help have a vision on how to create a chat app.


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how to make a chat app

How to build a video chat application

Now you see how to build video chat app. Our next stage is to provide you with all required MVP features that video chat app should include without any doubts.

MVP features of video chat app

Basic features help you create a skeleton of your app. If your app will become a shot in the dark (i.e. you will succeed), in future you can update an app and add more interesting features. But main features are the ones your video chat app cannot exist without, and you need to understand how chat application works.

User registration

It is possible to add two ways of user registration. A registration from scratch that requires e-mail, name, surname and other contact details. Or it can be a social sign-in - quick registration using such social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Each user can choose a preferable way to register.

User profile

To perform easy chatting, everybody should have their own user profile where all information about them will be stored. Users can upload and change avatars, manage their profile when necessary.

Search and add friends

These features allow users to find people they need, send them an invitation to join the chat or simply add them to contact list.

User status

It is very convenient when you can see that your chat companion is away, or on a mobile phone, or non-available at the moment. Users want to see the status of other users to understand whether they are available to chat or not. Take into account when you want to create a video chat app.

how to build a chat app

Status of a user in chat app

Text chat and delivery status

If video connection is not good, text chat should always be available to exchange messages when necessary. Although not all large and famous messengers have this feature, we recommend you to add it since users want to see how their message is delivered and seen.

how to develop chat application

"Seen" status in Viber app as an example


This feature will help users choose their country quickly - the app will read GPS data automatically and it will detect users' location. Also, they can show other users what country or city you are now. Geolocation integration is important for many apps, follow the link to read more about it. 

Video and voice calls

Well, video chat cannot exist without video calls. But voice calls should also be available to replace phone calls for people who want to contact somebody abroad. Ordinary phone calls can be very expensive if you call somebody who is in a foreign country right now.

how to create a chat application

Voice and video calls in video chat app

Group chats

When chatting, users may need to create a large private chat for a specific group of people, where they can discuss their personal issues.

how to build a chat application

Group chats with a few persons simultaneously 

End-to-end encryption

This is the type of encryption where devices of recipient and sender are a final transfer point. The message is encrypted on the device of the sender and decrypted only on the device of the recipient. Nobody can read this message when it is being sent. So add this feature to ensure that all conversations will be confidential

Synchronization with cloud service

It is necessary for storing user files like pictures, docs, videos and other information that people usually exchange in the chat.

Automatic backup

If the user deleted an app accidentally or it was a forced step, they shouldn't lose their data in chat like correspondence and sent-received files. So automatic backup ensures that everything will be kept safe and sound.

Push notifications

Users will receive notifications about new messages or new changes in chat.


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As you can see, the list of MVP features is not so short. Also, if your budget is rather large, you can think about two additional features like self-destructing messages (this feature can be activated optionally) and integration with other media resources.

What about a profit?

The main goal you want to pursue when you order the app development is to gain a profit. And what is the best way to earn on video chat app? Let's consider main monetization ways.


One of the most widespread ways to get money on the app. Integrated advertising in your chat app will give an opportunity to provide people with a free app that doesn't require any additional costs.

Paid voice calls

Video calls and text chats should be available for free otherwise people won't see any interest in using your app. But voice calls can be available on a paid basis only.

Premium stickers

Users often send different stickers and GIFs to each other, and some branded premium stickers can become available only if they pay. But it will allow them to make their content really awesome.

If you don't know what ways of monetization are applicable in your case, you should watch our video below: 

App Monetization. How to monetize your app? Vol. 1

So that is what video chat app development requires from you. Also, we would like to advise you not to forget about the target audience. What do you plan to build mobile chat app for? Because video chat app for teens or for serious business people will differ from each other by its structure and design.


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Do you need any help? Contact us right now! Our developers will be able to implement all technical tasks you intend to make a reality. Subscribe to our blog as well - a button is on the right side!

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