Guide to Create a Competitor-Killer Video Editing App and Make it Viral

28 Mar 2018
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Even five years ago we had to download videos from our digital camera to a computer and only then edit them using desktop applications. Now, modern smartphones can easily beat most cameras of a primary and secondary segment. Today there is no such necessity to transfer files from one device into another because of cool video editing applications which are available on smartphones. Such applications become more and more popular every day, so why don't we use it to create our own video editing mobile application and make it viral?

Best mobile video editors

To understand what feature set you need to include when you make your own music/video app, you need to make a precise competitors analysis. So, let's take a look at the best video editing apps for Android and iOS platforms to understand what features are keenly sought after in public.

what is the best video editing app

The most popular mobile video editors 


Splice was created by GoPro Inc and is one of the best Apple video editing apps. Besides, it's free! It's a powerful but basic video editing software tool. The app allows users to record videos, add headings and greetings to their movies recording their voices and synchronizing sound effects with the actions on the screen. here's a short overview:

GoPro: Introducing Splice

Splice is a great video editing app that helps users to create home videos, working project documentation or presentations because of it's simplicity and a minimal set of features. The app provides customers with a range of different filters (including filters that imitate various objects) and sound effects.


Need some help with a budget planning? Here's a free app cost calculator to help you estimate your app development!


iMovie is an Apple video editing application which a user can get for free. It's one of the flagship Apple products which was created by AVFoundation. Some of the best features are video filters, ability to add animated title or soundtrack to the video and even 14 templates for trailers, which were designed by the world's leading movie producers. The iMovie updated version offers users a feature to slow or speed up videos and easily extract audio with the further ability to edit it.

good video editing apps for iphone

iMovie - video editing apps for iPhone

What we really enjoy about iMovie is that users can store video clips which they created with the help of iMovie app in their library of photos or to transfer videos throughout various Apple devices using Airdrop or iCloud Drive. After the video has been uploaded to the cloud users can finish editing it with the help of iMovie on their iMac or MacBook.


This application is a project of Magisto Ltd and is a great example of an Instagram video editing app and for those who have no time to edit their own videos. Magisto can work on iOS and Android platforms.The editing logic of the app is implemented on a backend that's why Magisto doesn't allow to cut or edit video files. A user simply chooses a theme and the app does all the rest by itself and returns a ready-made movie.

easy to use video editing software Magisto

Magisto - easy video editing app

Viva Video

Developed by QuVideo Inc it's probably the best alternative to iMovie and apps like Magisto. The app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. Here a user will find multiple filters, stickers, themes, text schemes and transitions for the further processing.

vlog editing apps  Viva Video

Viva Video  - app to make good video edits

Yet, we believe that the user interface of Viva Video can be improved. While using it we've noticed that it's very inconvenient to switch between different menu sections for various tasks. As a plus of Viva Video, it is needed to be mentioned that this great video editing software app is free. Yet, here's a premium account which allows you to shot unlimited videos and remove watermarks.

Of course, there are many more great mobile video editing apps which you can find on Apple Store and Google Play. The other trend that we see in this niche is an entertaining user interface that helps new customers to edit videos or create new cool movies easily and fun. More and more special effects, filters and stickers are added to these applications to attract customers. It all helps users to record amusing or touching moments and share them with friends immediately.

Features to make your own movie app

How many features should a video editing app have? Well, there isn't a correct answer. As an option, you can start with the minimal set of features and check the reaction of your users. Then you can add more and more features (filters, for instance). Such approach saves your money and allows attract investors when you already have some group of attracted users.

Having this niche analyzed, we selected the main features which are absolutely necessary for users when they download a mobile video editor:

make a music video app for iphone and anroid

Basic functionality of a video processing application

Fragments combination into one file

In such a way, your customers will be able to create video clips from vocations, interesting trips, or even to make video presentations for work just like in professional video editing apps.

Filters and stickers

Nowadays, if you compare best mobile video editing apps, you will understand that tonnes of various stickers and filters are absolutely necessary today in this application.

Social features

An ability to record and cut videos to upload into Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo and other services is one of the most important for the modern video editing apps, in such a way, your customers will not only use your app but also advertise it by sharing it's content with friends.

Sound effects

Your app should also have features to add a soundtrack, add your voice to the video, and audio filters, like rain and others.

Recorded and old video editing

The app you are developing should have a functionality to work with some old videos and record new ones via the app.

You are not limited with this list. These features are basic. However, you can change it adding anything you want according to your idea and the format of your future application (entertaining or professional tool). One more detail, you shouldn't copy existing successful apps. It's clear that you want to repeat the success of some popular apps, yet without a distinguishing feature, your product will not capture the market. It means that you need to add a unique feature that can be interesting to a user, like streaming, broadcasting or AR/VR, for instance.

Tools to create advanced video editing software

The variety of modern tools and development tools allows you to choose the one which could fit all the needs of your project. Here are the three main methods that are used by developers to create a video editing application:

best professional video editor - development options

Approaches to use while a video editing app developmnet

1. Native tools

An app can be created with the help of native tools of a specific platform. Each platform has a special toolkit which means there is no need to use any additional services.

iOS options. The original infrastructure of iOS AVFoundation offers main services to work with audiovisual environments. Using AVFoundation you can easily play, create and edit movies QuickTime and MPEG-4 files, replicate HLS flows and create powerful multimedia files in your applications.

Android options. Despite the fact that there are more than a million applications for Android platform it is still difficult to find a decent tool for video editing. Android doesn't offer any native solutions for these tasks. As an option, you can use third-party alternative service. But, the lack of built-in libraries and frameworks supported by Google makes it's even more difficult to create video editing apps for Android. Here are some of the solutions you can use:

Open CV

Open CV is a framework for Computer vision. The opportunities of the platform are limited as you have to write code for each filter by yourself. Nonetheless, the service offers a few methods to blur images, change contrast, flip, cut, erosion, expansion, size changes, turn, highlighting and many other features. If you aren't familiar with coding, you can hire a developer to help you with this task 


Do you want to reduce your app cost and time development? Then read our article about open-source Android libraries which can save you a fortune!

FFmpeg framework

FFmpeg framework has a few filters and is a cross-platform solution for recording, converting and audio and video files transfer. But it still doesn't have many effects for video processing.

VCamera SDK

This SDK performs video recording, real-mode filtering, static and dynamic watermark, local image and video, music import.

API Animato

This service is a significantly new. As the previous platforms, it also gives you an opportunity to create new videos and choose images, create video clips, has some automatic effects. Here you can also add audio tracks to your videos.

Another great technology that can really help you to create a nice with filter collection is ImageMagick. Pay attention that this platform does not process video files, that's why you still need to choose an API for Android, whether it would be OpenCV or FFmpeg.

2. Cross-platform options

An app can be developed on the base of a cross-platform solution, for instance, using HTML5 or C language. But we need to warn you that such a development process is very complex and expensive.

3. External video processing

Such an approach implies uploading of a video to a cloud, further processing and downloading it back on a device, just like it all happens in Magisto app.

We believe that the first option is better than the rests. It guarantees that your app will work seamlessly on a platform you've chosen. External video processing is also a nice variant for an app with heavy functionality and complex architecture.

Steps to acquire customers

In our articles, we like to remind you that the development stage is not all. It's only a start and the most interesting phase is yet to come. Once you've launched your coolest video editing app you may notice that people abandon it or simply ignore. To avoid such a frustration, we offer you simple advice to help you acquire and keep clients:

video editing app - how to make it popular

Hints to make your app popular

Add value

Remember that the functionality of an application has to serve it's purposes. So if your aim is to get to the market of video editing applications it needs to include all sorts of editing features. If your target auditory is young people you can place emphasis on the entertaining part of your app and easy interface.

Making it Social

It should be easy to invite friends to your application. It means there have to be a lot of social features to make it more convenient for sharing.

Include unique features

Copies usually stay unnoticed. Only unique solutions hit the market. Make a research on your competitors and find out what they've missed.

Motivate users

There should be a reward for sharing, some kind of motivation which will stimulate customers to get back to your app. For instance, unique filters and stickers for a friend invitation.

Social media is extra popular today, people spend more time on the Internet than in real life. Everyone wants to create fantastic photos and videos to fill their accounts. That is why video and photo processing software is highly required nowadays. If you have decided to get inside the growing market of video editing mobile apps, you can use our tips to bypass common mistakes and pitfalls developing your own product. Or you can write us and we'll fulfil your dream without delay.

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