5 key questions to ask before hiring a mobile app developer

22 SEP 2015


If your company doesn't have a mobile application yet, it is about time to increase your revenue by getting one. Consumers presently use their tablets and smartphones more often than personal computers, but they can do nothing without proper applications. Business apps offer great opportunities in simplifying various processes: profit-making, productivity growth, and promoting products or services. Push notifications, user accounts, booking forms, news feeds will provide more close interaction with customers. There's no doubt that mobile application is an advantage to your company.

Having made a decision to go Mobile, a question of choosing the proper development team comes up. Mobile app development market is growing day by day. Hundreds of developers claim to provide the best solution, however only a few are real experts. Deploying a business app demands great care, especially when you outsource the project to a third party a mobile app development company or independent developers. Here are 5 key questions to ask in order to hire the right mobile developer.

'Where can I check samples of mobile apps you have designed?'

Let apps that have been developed by a company speak for themselves. Qualified mobile developers are always eager to share the list of application they have personally created. Have as full information about the project as the company can provide. Also it will not hurt to check apps for number of downloads, reviews and ratings in online application stores Google Play, Apple's iOS App Store or Blackberry App World.

'Can I see the list of your current / past customers?'

Companies usually tend to provide testimonials from their satisfied customers. Still the only way to check the authenticity of them is personal contact. Checking references you may find those things that are normally sugar-coated whether the company meets deadlines and budget, how result & client oriented they are. Visiting LinkedIn profile to find current or former professional colleagues in common is a possible way of collecting references on your own.


'What is the price and payment terms?'

Development cost varies from developer to developer, moreover cost can increase when you add some extra features and functionalities in the middle of the development process. Therefore before hiring the development team make sure you have the full idea of the budget considering extra expenses. Despite the final budget decision is yours, have a written agreement that specifies the payment method, terms, prepay, and other details.

'How will we communicate through the development process?'

If you are satisfied with everything mentioned above and are ready to hire an app developer don't forget to check out the modes of communications. Remember that the quality of a final product depends on how effective the communication was during a development process. Through status updates you can know the progress and timely ask the company to make changes that will meet your requirements more.

'What extra features can you provide?'

Do not hesitate asking your app development candidates to suggest some special features to your mobile application. Boring and non-creative apps will never attract user's attention. Let professionals, if they are, recommend you innovative and useful functionality that matches your needs. This question also gives access to your candidate's capabilities if they can add GPS check-ins, social media sharing, and so on.

The list of possible questions can be rather long it depends on your own vision of the outcome. To make cooperation efficient direct questions should be asked at once. Apart from these key questions you may need to know technical or post-development details. The way candidates answer questions will help you to make a decision that will end-up with satisfaction of your requirements and as a result a long lasting relationship.

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