How to Outsource Web Development: a Complete Guide for 2022

Updated 10 Jan 2022

Published 13 Aug 2019

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Numerous resources are needed to develop a top-class software product, and your project may require a team with a specific skill set. But do you need to hire specialists to implement your idea properly? Not necessary - if you choose outsourcing web development services.

This model fits you if you are short on time, staff, and other resources, don't have deep technical expertise, etc. In all these cases, outsourcing web development services is the best way out. Offshore development costs less, there are more engineers accessible anytime you need them (in comparison with local specialists).

However, outsourcing may be complicated if you don’t know its details. This guide was prepared to clarify them, telling more about outsourcing, global hourly wages for 2021, and other essential things.

The Reasons to Outsource Web Development

Outsource web development services are beneficial for both major companies and startups. Why? There are several key reasons why offshore development is becoming more and more actual.

Outsourcing benefits

Why businesses prefer outsourcing website development projects

Cost reduction

This is the initial reason for software development outsourcing. For instance, website building in Eastern Europe will be 2-3 times cheaper than in the USA, Canada, or Australia (the global rates for outsourcing development will be considered later). You can cut expenses by delegating your project to outsource website development — whatever industry it belongs to. In any case, it can be more beneficial than recruiting an in-house team.

Better time management

Website development outsource will save the time needed to bring a product to market quickly or make urgent modifications. Furthermore, with the outsourcing company’s assistance, you can manage two projects simultaneously without financial losses.

Developers on demand

Interaction with webdevelopment outsourcing specialists allows you to recruit professionals skillful in different domains, even rare ones. For instance, outsourcing opens the door to finding ML and data engineers because hiring them for an in-house team may be difficult and expensive. As a result, you’ll obtain a top-quality final product meeting all the standards of custom development services.

Better team engagement

You may achieve the best business results by turning to an outsourcing company with well-established project management and hiring a dedicated development team. They will deal exceptionally with your tasks, striving to build a top-notch product for you. With that attitude to work, the specialists may speed up the workflow and meet the timelines. It is valuable because the faster you launch your product, the better.

Effective project management

When you request to outsource web development company, they form a project team and choose a person to manage the project and keep track of the workflow. The project manager (PM) also contacts a client reporting about the progress. All that makes the development process quicker and saves your time and money resources as well.

High flexibility

You can control the amount of work you outsource based on your company's needs. For instance, if the budget is reduced, increased, or redeployed to another project or if the existing in-house team grows. The outsourcing workload may be easily changed according to your current needs.

Low development risks

Cooperation with outsourcing specialists lets you obtain a reliable end product tested and fixed in its proper time. For this purpose, every offshore software development project has not only a PM but also a QA team caring about the written code debugging for flawless work of the future software.

Proficient remote work

Outsourcing software development requires dealing with remote personnel, but it should not confuse you. All outsourcing teams get used to working remotely, have internal control over all the processes, and it helps them achieve seamless results without delays.

There are several examples illustrating the outsourcing benefits:

  • The absence of sponsorship and technical skills was an issue for Alex Turnbull, a founder of Groove client support product. To solve it and launch a SaaS platform, he applied to an offshore outsourcing development service. The cooperation was so productive that Groove’s 3-year profit grew 391%, according to 2021 data.

  • Google, this tech-giant, has been taking advantage of outsourced web app development for years. The company delegates lots of side-projects to remote teams, one of them – phone and email support for AdWords. It's one of their top-growing products, and they are getting the most of it.

  • GitHub, the advanced software development platform, began its journey as a service to edit, store, and share saved documents. When the founders hadn’t got enough money for further growth and the server-side developers’ employment, they outsourced this part of the work. So, today GitHub is a successful and top-requested project with 40 million users.

Now we’ll discuss the parts of the software development lifecycle that can be outsourced, as well as the team composition. So, the most common outsourcing services are:

  • Development: mobile, web
  • Tech support & maintenance
  • Services: e.g., UI/UX design or QA
  • In-house team support: staff augmentation, etc.

Looking at the widely used outsourcing services, you may wonder what the list of the team that would be ideal for releasing such kinds of tasks is. It may contain the following specialists:

  • A project manager. A specialist responsible for running all the details (such as planning, organizing, or directing the completed projects to the client) connected to workflow, verifying the correspondence of the tasks completed to the customer’s needs.
  • A UI/UX designer. A team member who creates an intuitive and appealing website (or web app) design to help users easily use the product.
  • A server-side developer. An essential specialist that cares about backend development.
  • A client-side developer. An expert creating the app’s frontend.
  • Other specialists. You may need DevOps engineers, QA team, solution architects, etc.

This model is flexible: the IT company can provide you with experienced specialists, and you can hire web developer or outsource teams, when you need it.

Learn what specialists you’ll need to develop a website ready for immediate use in our 'Website Development Team Structure: Roles and Processes' guide.

Outsourcing Web Development Rates

Now, let’s find out the most attractive web developer outsourcing hourly rates. They are strongly influenced by the outsourcing approaches. It can be the following web development outsource models:

  • Onshore software development means cooperation with a service provider from your country without any hour zone or language issues. Running a company in California, for instance, you may choose a Las Vegas destination.

  • With the nearshore development model, you may order services in adjacent countries (2-4 time zones in difference). Having launched a US company, you may outsource software development to Mexico or Canada.

  • Offshore software development transfers the project building to a company situated far abroad (more than 2-4 hour zones). This approach is valued for the best quality-to-price ratio.

The key outsourcing destinations and average hourly wages for outsource web developer services are represented in the illustration:

global outsource hourly rates

Outsource website development world prices (Sources: Clutch, GoodFirms)

It is worth mentioning that Eastern Europe is an appealing outsource destination for foreign clients. It includes a huge IT community with a vast pool of tech specialists and budget-friendly hourly wages. For instance, product owners often outsource web development to Ukraine. Today 598 Ukrainian IT firms are registered on Clutch, and most of them have positive ratings.

The Best Places to Find Outsourcing Partners

Having covered the costs and the outsourcing best places, we’ll talk about where and how you can find trustworthy service providers for web development projects outsourcing.

You can look for companies that outsource web development on different hiring platforms. We’re going to overview the most popular ones as of the end of 2021.


150,000+ outsourcing IT businesses and agencies competent in more than 500 categories are placed on Clutch. To draw a comparison among different companies by their focus areas, domains, and quarters this platform uses its own ranking algorithm based on four criteria:

  • The amount and quality of customer feedback
  • Experience level of the company
  • A range of services
  • Market reach and certifications

Clutch offers hundreds of the best web development outsourcing companies worldwide

The rankings are updated according to new rewards or top-quality feedback received. Clutch also demonstrates whether a company is registered, active, and trustworthy. If you're a buyer, you may also take advantage of their free Matchmaking Program: provide your project information and wait for the bids of interested vendors.

Cleveroad has entered Clutch’s top list - learn more in our review!


GoodFirms offers you 6,000+ services & software firms, 9,000+ verified reviews, and 600+ validated surveys. It is a free hiring platform offering the best outsourcing IT companies rankings. GoodFirms maintains a list of software development companies specializing in mobile applications, web development services, eCommerce sites building, blockchain projects, and many more.

GoodFirms cooperates not only with companies but also with their clients, asking them for interaction feedback about one or another IT vendor. It is a benefit for both parties: the companies can promote themselves on GoodFirms, showing their portfolio. The clients, in their turn, can choose a reliable vendor to outsource web development projects.


GoodFirms is one of the best platforms for outsourcing web development projects


The operating principle of Upwork is the following: the recruiters should place a brief and understandable job post, waiting for replies from candidates after that. Then, the matches are checked, and the job seekers are interviewed through chat or video call. This way, every client can hire separate freelance specialists (or even agencies) to outsource web development services, design, etc.

Upwork profiles may be used to rate freelancers and businesses. The platform informs clients about the experience, comments, and many other facts. Besides, it gives an opportunity to use the Upwork Business package providing access to a dedicated advisors team. They will help you find top-notch developers quicker.

Having negotiated the price with an outsourced web development team, you can transfer funds right on the website via American Express, Visa, or Mastercard. The site collects a processing fee of 3%.


Upwork is one of the ways to look for outsource web developers on freelance


The Manifest is Clutch's sister website which also assists the companies in growth by connecting them with the customers. It represents how-to guides for clients, business news, company shortlists, etc. To be placed on Manifest rankings, you should have your company profile and clients’ feedback on Clutch. There are two parameters influencing the place in Manifest’s rank:

  • Amount & quality of customers’ reviews on Clutch
  • Essential services (such as outsourcing website development, mobile development, etc.) / amount of time and resources spent on separate projects or services.

Searching for web development company outsourcing services would be easier with Manifest

It should also be mentioned that from April 2020, the company rankings are not placed alphabetically by Manifest, as it was earlier. The website offers the most required services first to make the search easier for buyers.

How to Outsource Website Development?

Finally, we'll give you a framework to quickly and efficiently organize the development process.

Define your business goals

First off, understand your aims before interacting with a web outsourcing provider. You should decide whether you want to obtain a software built from scratch, a solution to maintain the existing business, or maybe something else. The vendor should understand what exactly they're going to deal with.

This is what you can do to speed up the process and reduce costs:

  • Specify your business objectives and features you intend to implement
  • Determine your budget and the funds you have to spend on the project
  • Discuss the future project with an experienced IT vendor

Find a suitable outsourcing vendor

Now it's time to choose an outsourcing web development company once you've decided what you want from a business and technological perspective. You can use one of the platforms mentioned above or look through our TOP-15 software outsourcing companies list. Having chosen one future outsourcing partner, analyze them according to the following characteristics:

  • The business portfolio
  • Tech expertise & abilities
  • Market presence, awards & ratings
  • Profiles of the company (such as on GitHub) for code samples review
  • Behance and Dribble for web design

Then, build a list of outsourcing web development companies of your interest and contact them. There are some more points to look at once you've decided on a vendor for a web project outsourcing:

  • Find out more about the company's processes: tools and methodologies, Quality Assurance services, maintenance, etc.;
  • Examine the communication flow: the English level, information delivery, etc.;
  • Check the feedback from other clients.

Here's a hint: you shouldn’t hire the first website development outsourcing business that offers to build your project in two weeks for two bucks. Before coming up with technical solutions, competent software engineers will ask a lot of clarifying questions about your product, providing you with a total estimation of website development costs.

After all the points above are agreed upon, draft a contract and sign an NDA to protect your funds and ideas as well as the company’s interests. You also should negotiate upon payment arrangements and discuss all other business issues.

Only have an idea?

That's enough to start working - we'll assist you in each step of the way.

Arrange a meeting routine

If you would like to contact your outsourced web development team during the workflow, there are many helpful tools (like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) However, they are not intended for tracking the building process and internal/external communication as well. With these aims in view, Cleveroad teams use the following instruments:

  • Jira. The tool for tracking the tasks in a team
  • Confluence. A workspace needed for the inside collaboration. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with Jira to serve as an addition to the workload tracker
  • Google Meet, Slack, Zoom. Communication services intended to contact the client/team members via text messages and video calls
  • InVision, Figma. Web design instruments for cooperation with clients and visual part’s creation

After all, most companies have a project manager who oversees the workflow and reports to you. Do not hesitate to ask this person if you need to.

The meeting schedule is the next issue to solve. For instance, you might limit yourself with daily meetings or regular reports at the beginning, but you should build your own communication approach with the team. Remember that web developers will be able to achieve the desired results only with effective internal and external communication.

Plan forward

Don't rush to break connections with the outsourced web development agency after the website is built and functioning. Things go wrong sometimes, and having stronger ties with your vendor would ensure that any issues like bugs are swiftly handled.

There's one more solid reason. Imagine that you decide to continue one or several web development projects — outsourcing companies you’ve worked with before will do it better than anyone.

web development process

Outsourcing web app development: step-by-step

Outsourcing Challenges: How to Cope With?

Despite all the comfort outsourcing development brings, there are several issues every entrepreneur faces. You should also know them and not be afraid of them.

Language barriers

If you’re in doubt about a team’s English level, you can discuss it with the outsourcing company representative during the first meeting or talk with each team member in particular. On our part, we can reassure you that language obstacles are not a problem for Cleveroad. All our specialists speak English fluently, and you’ll easily understand each other.

Project security

It can be guaranteed by signing an NDA (Cleveroad also provides customers with such opportunity) and other agreements. Being a product owner, you may also give the individual access to your website to each team member. Furthermore, don’t forget about such measures as the newest data security solutions and passwords to prevent your web project from any external risk.

Timezone issues

Outsourcing a project to a country that has different time zones from your one may cause discomfort. Imagine that you turn off your PC and leave the office, but your outsource team abroad just starts their working day simultaneously. To avoid such an issue, Cleveroad specialists arrange the meeting schedule comfortably both for clients and devs.

Remember that your partner’s competency in the domain you need and proper workflow management will help you overcome all the above problems. So, the question of how to outsource website development will be solved without problems.

Look through a detailed review of outsourcing strengths and weaknesses and ways to cope with them.

Why Cleveroad Is a Good Tech Partner?

Eastern Europe has become an IT outsourcing leader thanks to a multitude of benefits, such as a wide tech talent pool, optimal quality-to-price ratio, and high English level. It should also be mentioned that Eastern European IT specialists continuously upgrade their hard skills to be competent in different technical domains.

Cleveroad is an Eastern European mobile and web development outsourcing company providing high-end services with a reasonable quality-price ratio. We build software solutions of any size and aim at productive long-term relationships.

We offer:

  • An offshore and nearshore development competence for any-size companies and projects
  • A flexible communication model suitable for you
  • No expenses on training
  • Project teams following your business schedule
  • Competent IT experts striving to represent you with a top-quality end product according to the latest web development trends (or mobile app ones)

Look through our portfolio to learn more about our projects and services.

Want to know more about us?

Drop us a line! Cleveroad specialists will contact you in less than 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several steps that'll help you to outsource web development and make no mistakes:

  • Step 1. Understand what you want from the solution
  • Step 2. Look for a proper vendor
  • Step 3. Discuss a meeting routine
  • Step 4. Plan forward

Outsource web development can bring several benefits which you should be aware of:

  • Cost reduction
  • Better time management
  • Developers on demand
  • Better team engagement
  • Effective project management
  • High flexibility
  • Low development risks
  • Proficient remote work

There are several regions where you can start web development outsourcing projects:

  • North America ($100 - 149)
  • Central and Western Europe ($50 - 200)
  • Eastern Europe ($25 - 100)
  • India ($18 - 25)
  • Asia ($20 - 45)
  • Australia ($100 - 150)
  • Clutch
  • GoodFirms
  • Upwork
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