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03 May 2017
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We live in a busy world where time is money. Probably, you or some of your friends or relatives pursue their career in large corporations. Therefore, you should know how important it is to follow the strict schedule and do your tasks on time. As a rule, large companies suffer from bureaucracy so the administration of such enterprises is constantly searching for new ways to reduce the time of fulfilling the task. The way to reach this goal is to collaborate with your colleagues and implement all tasks in an organized manner. Is it possible to do? Sure. Find the answer in IT sphere. Enterprise application development can be your option. 

Today many companies use enterprise mobile apps that help both employees and clients keep the track of all events. But such app is not a common app we used to see. And enterprise app development has its pitfalls and particularities. What is the enterprise app about and how can we construct it? Read it in our detailed article.

What is an enterprise application?

Enterprise mobile app can contain tutorials, certification plan for employee, databases etc. So what is enterprise application? Shortly speaking, it is an app that has everything you need to make your job better.


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Mobile apps can be also developed for internal purposes. They are created for the optimization of the working process in business companies. Mobile apps for business can duplicate the main services employees use on their PC, or they can be the original solution of the current working problems.

Enterprise mobile apps let people work easily outside the office. As a fact, app using can indirectly influence the level of sales growth, competitive ability, communication improvement, negotiation efficiency etc.

Utilization of the enterprise mobile app usually has a direct positive effect on the business process provided that it is elaborated wisely. Such mobile apps provide you with serious advantages over your competitors since they significantly accelerate the working process.

Types of enterprise mobile apps

There are several types of enterprise mobile app. Let's consider them all.

Employee level

App only for employees has the shortest feature list since it is made for internal purposes only. It helps top managers, for example, to keep up with one project without delays and problems. With the help of such apps, they can always quickly check all important information. Due to it, business app development process will be quick and not very expensive.

Department level

As its name says, such enterprise app is developed for specific department whether it be financial or marketing department. Apart from the optimization of the internal working process, this app can be made for customers as well, to help employees get in contact with their customers and receive a feedback without delays.

Company level

This app should connect the departments of the whole company into a single network. In addition, with the help of such app employees can constantly be in contact with their chiefs. All of them have access to enterprise documents, database, they can receive notification about important corporate events. But access level may vary depending on employee's position. Also, people can use tutorials for the improvement of their professional skills.

Hint: if you are planning to create an enterprise mobile app, development company can always give you a good piece of advice.

Enterprise mobile apps

Types of enterprise mobile apps

Steps to create an app for your business

The main reason to create app for business is the profit increase by the means of the business processes automation and productivity increase. A mobile app has many important particularities like security, portability, for example, as well as compatibility with other apps and devices.

So how can your company benefit from your enterprise app development? Let's consider main advantages you can achieve using your own app:

Accounting and transactions/payments

The mobile app allows many companies of various activity to manage and conduct transactions and payments, control payment deadlines, send notifications about timely payment etc. Such efficient solution will let you keep up with the times and, what's more important, it will help you automate business processes. Business app developers know how to integrate such features into your app.



Modified data management

Data processing and management require much effort including permanent information analysis, verification, and corrections insertion. The development of a good app for business will provide you with data conformity, integrity and synchronization, data transfer automation, safety during the data exchange and so forth.

Main focus

When you run your own business, mobile app development for the company can help your company focus on your main goals and tasks. There are many ways to implement it. It deprives a working process of tons of papers and eliminates human intervention due to the automated launch of marketing campaigns, data processing, transaction control etc.

Mobile accounting

Not a new but very useful idea for the business development app. This solution makes it possible for you to collect employees reports, check and edit them via your smartphone.

Supply chain control

The development of enterprise mobile apps includes the creation and integration of products for the optimal planning, couriers' work control as well as transportation management. It can simplify the supply chain management and improve an overall efficiency. Today such apps are necessary for logistics companies.


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Thus, the development of the enterprise mobile app facilitates the promotion of the company and increases its profit by the means of automation and optimization of the business processes.

What business strategy should you implement?

During the development and integration of the enterprise mobile apps, you should consider the following important aspects and business app builder can give you a helping hand:

Employees requirements to apps

People often use their own smartphones and tablets at work. These devices can have already installed information services for the implementation of business tasks. To motivate people to change the app they got used to, you should offer something really interesting and efficient. You cannot forget about when you ask yourself: 'What should I do to create an app for my business?'.

Perspectives of app development

Mobile devices are changing with breakneck speed. Companies don't need apps that will become irrelevant in one year or they don't meet the standards of the mobile technologies. So development strategy and good development company play the important role here.

Integration with the popular software

The practical benefit of the enterprise mobile app often stems from the free access to the required software. For example, today developers can offer app integration with 1C, SAP, Oracle and others. So you should keep it in mind.

Security issues

When you made a decision to create an enterprise app, development company and you must pay attention to such important issues as the storage, transfer, and utilization of enterprise information. Apps are installed on personal smartphones and tablets of employees, so personal and corporate data is stored on one device. Simple passwords can be very dangerous since they can put the company's security and financial stability in jeopardy. So it is much more efficient to integrate available systems of information leakage prevention into the app.

Administration and control

Some people are misguided thinking that final app will benefit everybody without any efforts from the side of IT specialists. The software requires attention as well as mobile devices. Training, administration, IT policy of the company - everything relates to tablets and smartphones equally.

Agile development strategy

It is one of the methodologies of iterative and step-by-step software development opposite to the conventional linear waterfall methodology. Flexible development type determines designing, development, and testing methods system over the whole software lifecycle. This development strategy allows quickly return to the previous development stages, fix something if necessary and keep on the development process which is conducted on the basis of short cycles or iterations. This method is very popular and it is used in many modern software development projects whether it be small business app development or something else. It is based on the mutual fruitful job first. So for the development of your enterprise mobile app, it would be better to apply the Agile strategy. Moreover, due to this method, you will be able to get the first MVP of the new app to test it.


Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is designed for the simplification of the development process of enterprise software for employees who use various mobile devices. The main particularity of MEAP platform is its cross-platform feature. For instance, having developed the app on the platform basis, one can develop the app for any mobile devices with various operating systems without additional costs and change of business logic.

Business strategy

Business strategy

Enterprise mobile app development stages

Mobile apps development process is a labour-intensive. The successful result depends equally both on the developer's professionalism and on the customer's concernment. Qualified enterprise app developers confirm that a good app cannot be developed at once, it is developed over several stages.

Stage 1. Specification drafting

Everything starts with the idea. You should define the app goal clearly as well as it is necessary to make the analysis of the target audience. All this information should be displayed in the specification. Specification spells everything out.


Stage 2. Consider your platform

This is a common stage for any mobile development because you should choose the platform for your work. Mobile enterprise application development is not the exception to the rule. But in this case, you must choose minimum two platforms at once - iOS and Android. Why? Because if you create an app for your employees, they are unlikely to have only Android- or iOS-based devices. So you should consider this factor and be ready to dip into your pocket.

Stage 3. Prototype designing

The prototype is a model of the mobile app that shows how the app can function and its capabilities. This stage is important since you have an opportunity to see how enterprise business applications will look in future, and you can always amend something on the development stage. Having tested model, you can save time and resources for the development.



Stage 4. UI and UX development

What are users expecting from the new app? First, they want to have a user-friendly and intuitive design. Without these two components, even a high-grade functionality won't be an option. You shouldn't overload design of your app for enterprise with redundant details, you'd better dwell on simplicity and obtrusiveness. This app is not for entertainment, it is for business, so keep it in mind.

Stage 5. Back-end development

It is the most difficult and the most important part of the development at the same time. If you are not a developer, you should find good and skilled software developer company that will be able to create a business app. You should use specific APIs, libraries and special tools for the construction of your app.

Stage 6. Testing

This stage allows you to involve employees for testing. They will the best beta-testers since you have created it specially for them. Of course, development companies usually have QA department where QA engineers will test and find all bugs in your app. But beta testing will make it possible for employees to immerse in the new app. What's more, subsequently they will use the new app with a greater enthusiasm since they tested it.

Our experience

It is worth noting that Cleveroad company had the first-hand experience in the mobile app development for business. We made the mobile app for HR department of one company that needed to calculate a number of working days every month, notify users about any important events, and use this also as entrance badge via QR code. Users had to log in every time they start working and log out by the end of the working day. In addition, we created a web panel for HR managers to check all statistics via PC.

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Summing up

That's all you need to start with. Of course, the process will be costly and time-consuming. But finally, if you do everything wisely using appropriate business strategy, you will succeed and development costs will be compensated. Your business process will be optimized that means success not only for you but also for all your employees.

Now you see that you should put much effort for the business application development. Meanwhile, you shall not create the app for the sake of it. Otherwise, you will fail and money will be wasted in vain. So be persistent and find the right software development company that has great experience and knowledge in the arsenal. As for our company, we already had experience of the enterprise mobile app creation so write us a letter and we will contact you immediately! We are always open to the new orders.

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