9 Mobile App Cost Calculators to Try and Find the Perfect One [Case Study]

12 Sep 2017
10 min
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Nataliya Kh.
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The advent and fading of apps everywhere and every day make people think that their idea is the next big thing. However, it's a long way before a startup idea finally sees the world. If you are reading this piece, you are on the right track that will bridge the gap between your idea and its actual implementation.

I suppose at this point you wish to know how much it will cost you to make a viable product without the necessity to contact potential vendors. You're absolutely right to give yourself some time to allocate your budget wisely. The lion's share of your budget is given to a website or mobile application development.

Thankfully, there are more opportunities now, than at any other point in time, for you to estimate your ideas. If you Google 'how much does it cost to build an app' to get some idea of price to build an app, you'll have a list of services that will help you make a rough estimate. Let's see how efficient they are.

Mobile App Cost Calculators: Finding the Perfect One

App development calculator: Who are the leaders?

Following the footsteps of anyone who is searching for a mobile app cost calculator that can give a brief insight into how much it will cost to build an app, I've selected 9 online services. I'm going to review the existing options and, afterwards, test them in a particular case to verify their efficiency.

To make our analysis more justified, we decided to assess the effectiveness and trustworthiness of the services under review. We are going to evaluate:

  • Fullness. The number of steps or questions that you have to pass before getting the result. It is the way to get a precise building estimate. Apps differ not only in size and complexity but also the business sphere they will serve and goals they will pursue. The more detailed information is processed, the more chances to get an accurate estimate.
  • Customizability. Every app is unique and even one and the same feature can have a few ways of realization. For example, authorization in an app can be implemented with the use of social networks, mobile phone, email or even biometrical data.
  • Validity. The app development estimate should be grounded on certain data. Usually, it's based on development time and hourly rate of the developers. This indicator shows how clear it is where the total sum comes from.

Let me introduce you the rating scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is 'Not very satisfying' and 5 is 'Very satisfying'. 

Calculator by Cleveroad

A relatively new calculator that shows an average cost to build an app has a very wide range of functionality and provides a well-grounded estimate. You can get a customary generated estimate according to the type of your app or find out the cost of building a mobile app like an existing one (Uber, WhatsApp, Airbnb, just to name a few). You can also make changes to the functionality of template apps according to your needs. You also receive a PDF document with a detailed estimate (every feature has its minimum and maximum value of required hours).

mobile app cost calculator Cleveroad

App price calculator by Cleveroad

Pros and cons:

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and both;
  • The choice of application type or a model app; 
  • Each feature has its time estimate; 
  • A convenient estimation document on email. 

By the way, we have conducted a massive research to find out the cost of European IT services. What country suggests the most expensive service?

Calculator by Otreva

The app development cost calculator provides two blocks of feature sets, major application features and admin features for the most frequent platforms. You can receive the result right in the right block of your screen. Each feature is estimated separately and below the total sum is displayed.

mobile app cost calculator Otreva

App price calculator by Otreva

Pros and cons:

  • It's a two-page app estimator;
  • The app features are presented on one page, which may be inconvenient for the user;  
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, iOS+Android, Windows Phone, Web; 
  • The company allows to see the statistical data of the previous estimates. 

Calculator by OOZOU

A 10-question estimation calculator for three main platforms. Each option is supported by explanatory comments. As a result, you receive a rough cost for an app and time required to implement it.

mobile app cost calculator OOZOU

App price calculator by OOZOU

Pros and cons:

  • Estimates for apps exclude back end development;
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web; 
  • Each feature has an estimated development time in days, which can be changed by the user. 

Calculator by VenturePact

This mobile app cost calculator provides a very wide range of an app development cost based on 9 questions you have to answer. The estimated cost ranged from $7,000 to $25,000. After you provide your email, you get a more precise cost that depends on the vendors' geographical location.

mobile app cost calculator VenturePact

App price calculator by VenturePact

Pros and cons:

  • You can't see the average price at once;
  • After you provide developers with your email, you can see the difference in prices for development services throughout the world;
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Hybrid (cross-platform using HTML5), Windows Phone.

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Calculator by Andreas Ley

A sole developer Andreas Ley has created a mobile app calculator that estimates the cost of an app within a limited set of features available. Each feature is estimated separately, so you can control the final sum.

mobile app cost calculator Andreas Ley

App price calculator by Andreas Ley

Pros and cons:

  • The list of features is justified with skills of a single person;
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Calculator by AnvilEight

The calculator consists of 6 blocks with suggested features grouped under the roles in an app. The resulting cost range is an approximation of your future development expenses.

mobile app cost calculator AnvilEight

App price calculator by AnvilEight

Pros and cons:

  • Predefined answers, which you can change according to your needs;
  • The language of a feature list may seem difficult for a regular person;
  • There is no platform division.

Calculator by App Press

11 general questions about your app allow this simple calculator to give you a very rough estimate of your app cost. The service provides very limited customizing possibilities, so you are unlikely to get a precise estimate. 

mobile app cost calculator App Press

App price calculator by App Press

Pros and cons:

  • A super-simple one-page interface;
  • Yes/No questions;
  • Platforms iOS, Android and both.

Calculator by Kinvey

It's a mobile app cost estimator for five popular platforms. With 16 basic questions, it allows to see the money you are going to save if you choose a cloud infrastructure.

mobile app cost calculator Kinvey

App price calculator by Kinvey

Pros and cons:

  • It allows to check out how the price was formed;
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Web.

Calculator by Crew

A simple 8-step online calculator created by a community of freelance developers and designers, known as Crew. The estimates are based on the project submissions by Crew and represent the ballpark average of those projects. The cost highly depends on the feature list but completely irrespective of the service providers.

cost of building an app by Crew

App price calculator by Crew

Pros and cons:

  • Each step has a short explanation to let you differentiate your choice;
  • Platforms: iOS, Android and both of them; 
  • The service doesn't require information about the type of your app and provides very general and inaccurate estimate.  

Choosing app price calculator: Signs of reliable online services

Let's summarize what result we can expect to receive when trying to assess the expenses on app development using mobile app cost estimators.

  • First of all, you should expect to choose a platform. You know, the price may vary, significantly in some cases, depending on the platform. Sure, if you want both Android and iOS, it would be convenient for you to get a concurrent estimate.
  • The cost of building an app should be justified. So, it's better to trust services that mention hours required to implement a feature.
  • The language should be clear and the interface - simple. It is a sign that creators understand their auditory and don't have a purpose to confuse anyone with unnecessary difficult terms.

Case Study: How much does it cost to build app for eCommerce? [Comparison]

I will try to estimate my app to make sound conclusions about each online calculator. I'm going to estimate is a simple Android-based shopping app that can process payments, supports user authorization and has an admin panel. How much does it cost to build an app, I wonder? Of course, my app is just in the form of an idea but I would like to have a general idea about the budget. So, having tried all of the 9 calculators, I received the following prices.

how much does building an app cost

How much does it cost to build Android app for eCommerce?


How much does it cost to create an app for your business? Check out the important price-determining factors.

Let's sum up the quality of the calculators under review. I'll remind, each of them got rates for fullness, customizability, and validity.  After trying to get my mobile app development cost estimate, the services got the following scores.

app development cost calculators comrarison

Comparison of app development cost calculators

Conclusion. The best Android-based or iPhone app development cost calculator

In case you don't have time to try all these 9 calculators but still want to have a trustworthy app development cost estimate, try one of these top tree.


Manageable and justified time estimation is the strongest point of the calculator by OOZOU. A simple and transparent way of calculation lets me put it in the top-3 list. Despite the lack of customizability and a scarce choice of features, we can make a general idea of the cost to build an app.

#2. Kinvey

This calculator is the right choice if you are planning to create an enterprise solution. The aim of the calculator is to show the value of mobile Backend as a Service. Using it, you can compare the cost to build a mobile app by yourself (DIY) and using their mBaaS. According to our assessment, Kinvey is good at justifying the price it presents. It is expressed in person days required to implement a certain feature. Moreover, you can find the project team composition for your project delivery.

#1. Cleveroad

The app development cost calculator created by Cleveroad has earned the right to be the best one for a number of reasons. First of all, I could choose the type of app I want to build and get appropriate questions to answer. Each app feature suggests a separately estimates list of sub-features. In case there is no category I'm looking for, I can leave a request for a custom estimation of average cost to build an app. Secondly, a PDF document is useful not only because I can see the justification of the price but also compare it with other estimates and use it while planning the app building. Thirdly, in compliance with the product I need, there is a development team structure I should expect.

These calculators will definitely help you get as precise app building cost estimation as possible. So, if you bear a brilliant idea in your mind, find out how much money you will need and let's build your project together!

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